Big Data Services

An Arranged Extension to the Extended Data

Storing and managing the ocean of various information is a challenge, which is very well handled by Big Data Service. The proper follow-up of this profitable process can turn your huge data in an arranged and sorted manner.

Big Data Services: An Intro

Most of the organizations are loaded with various data files from various sources. It can be stated that the data is exponential in volume in comparison to its management. May be that is the reason why most of the firms are opting for the use of Big Data Service for better management.


At Loginworks, we are completely aware of issues faced while tackling such big data. To solve this issue without taking much burden, we have our experts with us. They work towards efficiently managing and decoding the enormous amount of data with the use of latest technologies developed in regard to this approach.

Big Data Implementation

The process of Big Data Analysis requires appropriate understanding and knowledge and thankfully, we are blessed to have such Experts by our side. They deal with this process in a precise manner

  • We provide Web Log Analysis or Social Media Analysis on platforms including Hadoop, Hive etc.

  • Measures like Analytic services and Visualization covering statistical programming, text mining etc. are also followed by our experts.

  • The management of Meta Data is also considered from our end.

Big Data Management & Support

Exponential volume data involves the use of better management skills and latest technologies and guess what…We know it all!

Policy Management Support

Real Time Preventive Maintenance Support

Robust Data Administration

Secure Backup & Data Recovery

Services That Make A Difference

We believe that valuable data or insights hold the power of transforming any business into a profitable source. Proceeding with this belief, we work towards digging out every possible approach required for the development of your data.

Data Modeling and Algorithm Development

Data Map Developments including Custom Code Development & Reduce Code

Data Quality and Meta Data Management

Data Integration Services, Search & Document Indexing

Reports/Visualizations & Analytics

Data Warehouse Modernization

Big Data Service Serves You in Many Ways…

Using Bid Data Service, Loginworks enables your raw and overloaded data to turn into a valuable one. We work from the scratch, that is, the Creation, Preparation and the final Consumption of the data. You are sure to achieve sky-rocketing results in just a go!

Ensures 50% faster business progress.

Makes the Analysts sound 99% more productive.

Lets your business achieve unprecedented ROI

Our Areas of focus

Market Research

Real Estate



How Can You Rely on Loginworks?

We Aim for it, Plan for it & Achieve it!


Saying a NO is not in our dictionary. We tend to provide you as much high volume data as you want from ‘n’ number of online sources.


Be it any data type, ads or non-ads, listings, images, descriptions or anything else, we do it all. We simply offer what you desire.

Fast Results

Maintaining our work speed along with the quality is what keeps us growing. Our experts ensure a quick project delivery with valuable insights.

Price Play

Availing our services start at an affordable price range of $150 only. We work towards providing worth for your every penny invested.

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