Earn Money From Price Comparison Through Web Scraping

Many individuals discover the pot of gold just within their reach. They have realized that there is money on the web. Cyber technology has blessed mankind with so many benefits that make money very possible by just some clicks on the mouse and keyboard.

Building a price comparison website is an effective way of helping clients find their desired products while you as the owner earn money at the same time.

A price comparison website can be built using web scraping. Through this price engine, you can help visitors and clients choose the best products and services as you earn money through traffic such as Google Ads; and as you become an affiliate of the eCommerce websites that you scrape.

Building Price Comparison Websites

The cost of building a website infographic

There is indeed much money in building price comparison websites, but it is not an easy task, especially for a novice in maintaining a website of one’s own.

Since this entails some serious programming and ample familiarity with data feeds, you have to have a good working plan. In addition, what you are venturing into is greater than the usual blogs about just anything that you can think of. Furthermore, you are stepping into the vast field of electronic marketing, therefore you must be ready.

What to Consider when Creating a Price Comparison Site

The first point of consideration is to identify which products or services are you going to include in your website. Choose a product or service that you and a majority of clients are most interested in.

Suppose you want you to choose sports as your theme. You can include items and prices of sports gear, clothing such as uniforms, training videos, books, and other safety stuff.

You need to do some research and even a survey to determine whether the goods and services you are promoting on your website are in demand and are what most people want to know. Moreover, it is at this stage that you may need the help of experts and veterans in the field of building to be assured that you are on the right track.

In addition, be willing to change in case your chosen category is not gaining readership or visitors. Then evaluate whether you need to expand or to be more specific in your description of the products and the comparison of the prices. Make your site prominent by search engine optimization (SEO) and make sure to acknowledge also that not too many people visit a site that is not free.

Helping Visitors Choose the Best Product/Services

Choose the best product/services

Good marketing strategy starts with knowing who your target audience is. There is indeed a need to do a lot of planning and research in order to understand your client’s needs and preferences. Moreover, knowing them thoroughly leads to achieving 100% consumer satisfaction.

When you have provided everything customers need to know about certain products, they would not need to seek elsewhere, which will also gain you more regular visitors. Remember that your audiences are members of communities and social networks such that there is a great possibility that they would spread the word around about the good services you are offering.

Surveys Also Help

If there is a need to conduct a survey in addition to research, you should resort to it. In this manner, you can discover what goods and services are not yet completely exhausted by the other websites or web creators. Ample knowledge about your potential visitors and consumers will surely make you effectively provide them with adequate statistics for their needs.

Your site will then look like a complete guidebook for them that will give them the best value for their money. Therefore, it must be thoroughly filled with product details, uses, options, and prices.

Making Money as an Affiliate of eCommerce Websites You Scrape

Maintaining a price comparison website gives you less worry about getting paid or having your products bought and sold. This is true because income comes in through advertising and affiliate sales.

Affiliate marketing is a way of earning money online by serving as a publisher for the promotion of products, services, or sites of businesses.  The affiliate receives rewards from businesses for each visitor or client that comes to the business website or buys its product through the efforts of the advertising and promotion that is made by the affiliate.

This is the online version of the concept of agent or referral fee sales channel.  Aside from website owners, bloggers, as well as members of community forums, can also serve as affiliates. The affiliate earns money in three ways: through pay per link; pay per sale and pay per lead.

Another way of getting commissions is by convincing clients to take action or to sign up and for them to provide their personal details. This is what is termed as pay per lead. However, these things should be carefully executed in order to get the most from it. Consequently, consider the following tips when you intend to become an affiliate and promote products:

Trust in the Reliability of the Product

You should have a personal belief or confidence in the product you are promoting not only because it makes you sound more convincing, but also because you need to maintain your clients and establish credibility on your blog or website.

In other words, don’t just pick any product. If you cannot use them personally, they should at least have several positive reviews and no negative ones.

Maintain Credibility with Readers and Fellow Bloggers.

Befriend your readers and your co-bloggers by answering their queries sincerely and quickly. Your friendly attitude can win you their trust which is a very vital element of affiliate marketing.

Do Reviews

In addition to publishing price comparison, you can gain more visitors by writing about the product and do proper SEO (Search Engine Optimization). So the expected happens, the more prominent the product becomes online, the higher will be your income.

Maintain a List of Regular Clients.

You can show your sincere intention by sending out updates and promos or discounts and coupons to a list of clients through emails. This will ensure that you care about them and consequently, you will be rewarded with their trust.

Link with Friends via Social Media

Your friends have friends and their friends have also friends. Just think of how powerful your social media site can be when you post your link on your account on Facebook, Twitter or MySpace, and others.

Since trust is built on friendship, it is easy to get clients from among your friends and their friends.

Final Words

Overall, you get all pertinent information about certain products through web data mining or web scraping. All you need to do is to be keen on the needs of your clients and use web content extraction efficiently.

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