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What is LinkedIn Data Scraper?

Just like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, OnlyFans, and many others, LinkedIn is a social media network. Its main purpose is professional networking and it is designed for people to share personal resumes, career experience, help people make business connections, find jobs,… Briefly, it is the world’s largest business-orientated networking site, with over 700 million members in over 200 countries.

LinkedIn business and employment-oriented online service Group of business people chat on mobile phone and laptop.
LinkedIn: Business and Employment-Oriented Online Service

A good LinkedIn profile allows individuals to create an online professional personal brand that helps to open doors for business opportunities, networks, and even education.

Many people still underestimate the importance of LinkedIn in today’s world when it comes to the job market, business networking, or building personal brands.

LinkedIn has evolved by adding new features (stories, live videos, etc.) and growing its user base in recent years. While LinkedIn users are still seen as career-minded professionals, the reality is that social media has enormous data and information on industries, interests, and demographics represented on the platform. Besides the user growth, it’s also continued to expand for advertising and marketing opportunities.

Why LinkedIn Data Scraping? 

Why would you consider web scraping LinkedIn? This social media is packed with data, and if you know how to use it, you can gain priceless insights for your business.

You have to understand the size of LinkedIn to understand why this social media is an important source of data for you and your business.

Here Are Just a Few Key Statistics

  • LinkedIn has more than 690 million active users.
  • LinkedIn was voted the most trusted social media in 2019.
  • During the first months of the Corona pandemic (March 2020), professionals watched over 4 million hours of content on LinkedIn Learning.
  • In 2019, over 4 million LinkedIn members were hired through social media.
  • LinkedIn’s Talent Insights service gained over 1,300 customers since its launch in 2019. 

LinkedIn Demographics

  • 25% of US internet users use LinkedIn. Approximately 34% are 25 to 30 years old and 33% are between 30 and 49.
  • 45% of internet users, who use LinkedIn make $75,000 and more annually. There’s only 25% of those, who earn between $50,000 and $74,999 annually. 
  • Half of the internet users with a college degree or higher use LinkedIn. 
  • Four out of five LinkedIn members drive business decisions at their companies.

Marketing Tactics and Lead Generation

  • LinkedIn is the second most popular platform of B2B marketers. The leading social media still remains Facebook. 
  • Since January 2020, 663.3 million users have been reached by LinkedIn Ads. 
  • LinkedIn’s lead conversion rates are among the most expensive ones. They can get up to 3X higher than other major ad platforms (Facebook Ads, Google Ads).

This is just one part of the bigger picture. There are millions of pieces of data on the platform, waiting for you to scrape them for your benefit. 

LinkedIn Data Scraper 

LinkedIn Data Scraper helps in automating data extraction from LinkedIn. It’s a software that extracts or takes a list of LinkedIn’s profile URLs as an input. It will visit each profile on the social media on your behalf and extract every single piece of publicly available information on it: 

  • Name, 
  • Title, 
  • Current Position, 
  • Company, 
  • Biography, 
  • Education… 
  • And professional emails with the Email Discovery option.

Data scraper will gather and visualize the information on dashboards in an understandable and simple way. 

Scraper bot color icon
Scraper Bot

But since LinkedIn operates with enormous amounts of data, data scraping is not that simple. But, it is possible. 

How to Scrape Data on LinkedIn?

There are at least four ways how you can scrape data on LinkedIn: 

  • Try LinkedIn’s Talent Insights
  • Do it yourself manually 
  • Program your own data scraper
  • Contact Loginworks that will do the work for you. 

LinkedIn’s Talent Insights 

In 2018 LinkedIn launched its own analytics platform Talent Insights. Its purpose is to deliver key insights into talent and markets, while delivering data in a simple and intuitive way. The platform allows analysts to run two different reports; the Talent Pool (you get information about good schools, talent, education…) or the Company report (you get information about company insights). 


If you know-how, you can scrape data from LinkedIn by yourself. The information is considered to be public. 

The simplest way, but also the most time-consuming is scraping data from profiles with your own personal LinkedIn profile. You are however limited to scraping 10 profiles a day. 

You can program your own and simple LinkedIn extractor with Python or Selenium. One thing to know is that the data you can scrape is limited to what is publicly available already. The first step is to scrape Linkedin profiles and save the HTML codes for processing in the next steps. The second step is to process the HTML code, turning raw HTML code into structured data that you can use in your application.

You can also scrape LinkedIn profiles in scale – anonymously as Googlebot, or via a larger number of workers logged into Linkedin with unique residential IP addresses. It is one way to avoid LinkedIn’s limitation of scraping at a larger scale. 

For example, you can run a program to capture a person’s name, location, number of contacts, skills,… all the information a person provided on his or her LinkedIn profile by himself/herself. The web scraper you set up will need to login to LinkedIn as you can not get this information without being logged in. 

The biggest benefit of LinkedIn extractor is in time. You save a lot of it. 

If you decide to scrape data on LinkedIn at a larger scale, LinkedIn is very likely to flag you as a “BOT” if you start scraping hundreds of profiles. The idea is to avoid getting flagged as BOT while scraping and running into problems. If you decide to do the research, mimic human behavior as much as possible. 

Contact Loginworks

Why take the chance of being flagged as a “BOT” if you can turn to Loginworks, which eliminates the risk for you and provides you over a million scraped data in a short period of time? We will also save you time and provide all the necessary information on simple and intuitive dashboards. 

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