What Is the Importance of Scraped Social Media Data?

As we all know that usage of scraping tools is increasing day by day. Data scraped from social media is probably human behavior’s biggest and most complex data set. It provides brand-new opportunities for social scientists and business experts to understand people, groups, and society, and to discover the great wealth contained in the data.

Social media analytics study of methods, tools, and networks points out that early-time social media data analysts were traditional companies in the retail and finance industries that used social media analytics to leverage brand awareness, boost customer service, marketing strategies, and even detect fraud.

In addition to the above mentioned applications social media data set may also be used today for:

Measuring Customer Sentiment

After gathering feedback from customers from social media channels, you can evaluate the attitude of customers towards a specific topic or product by analyzing their language, meaning, and feelings. Customer sentiment tracking enables you to understand the overall customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, as well as their intent to engage. This offers insights into your upcoming marketing campaigns as well as present campaigns

Segmentation of the Target Market 

target market is a community of consumers (individuals, households or organizations), for whom a company plans, implements and manages a marketing mix customized to the needs and preferences of that group, as defined on Wikipedia.  Obtaining and analyzing social media datasets helps you to know who and when to sell your products or services in the market. By choosing more targeted markets helps you increase the marketing Return on Investment.

Identifying Market Trends

Identifying market trends is crucial for adapting your business strategy, keeping your company at the same speed as your industry’s changing changes in direction. Market trend analysis, with the assistance of big data analytics software, is simply comparing market data over a set period of time, by monitoring industry influencers and social media platform publications.

Tracking of Online Branding

Digital branding monitoring is not just listening to your consumers’ speech but also understanding what your competitors, the press, and even the KOL industry are saying. It’s not just about your product or service, it’s about your customer service, sales process, social engagement and every touch point that consumers engage with your brand.

For scraping social media data there are some best scrapping tools which are explained below:


Parsehub is another market-based coding-free desktop scraper which supports Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. It provides a graphical interface for selecting and extracting the JavaScript and AJAX pages info. Even nested comments, maps, images, calendars, and even pop-ups can be scraped.

In addition, Parsehub has a browser-based extension for instantly running your scraping job. You can export the data as Excel, JSON, or via API.

The controversial thing about Parsehub is about its pricing. The paid version of Parsehub starts at $149 a month, higher than most scraping products on the market.

Outwit Hub

Outwit Hub offers a simple graphical user interface, along with advanced scraping features and identification of data structures. The Outwit Hub began as a Firefox add on and later became an App that can be downloaded.

Also, OutWit Hub can extract and export links, email addresses, RSS news and data tables to Excel, CSV, HTML or SQL databases, without any previous programming context required.

Outwit Hub has excellent “Quick Scrape” functionality, easily scraping data from a list of URLs you are feeding into. But, for beginners, you may need to go through some random tutorials and documentation as there is no point-and-click interface for the scraping app.


Scrapinghub is a cloud-based web crawling platform that lets you scale your crawlers and provides a smart downloader to work around bot countermeasures, turn-key web scraping tools, and off-the-shelf data sets.

The program consists of four great tools: Scrapy Cloud to install and run Python-based web crawlers; Portia is an open-source framework to extract data without coding; Splash is also an open-source JavaScript rendering application to extract data from JavaScript-based web pages; Crawlera is a tool to stop blocking websites, crawlers from multiple locations, and IPs.

Scrapinghub is a fairly complex and powerful web scraping tool, rather than a full suite.


As a web-based program, Dexi.io is yet another intuitive commercially available extraction automation platform with a starting price of $119/month. Dexi.io helps create three types of robots: extractors, crawlers, and pipes.

Dexi.io takes certain programming skills to learn but you can integrate third-party tools for captcha resolution, cloud storage, text analysis (MonkeyLearn software integration) and even with AWS, Google Drive, Google Sheets. Addon (paid plan) is also a revolutionary function of Dexi.io and the number of add on is still increasing. You can unlock more features available in Extractor and Pipes via add on.


In addition to what automated web crawling software can do, many social media channels now provide paid APIs to consumers, academics, analysts and special organizations like Thomson Reuters and Bloomberg in the news service, Twitter and Facebook in the social networking field.

With the ever-increasing and thriving growth of the online economy, social media opens up many new opportunities for your company to stand out in its sector, by listening closely to your customers and engaging in brand new ways with your future and current clients.

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