Common Methods Used in Web Scraping

Web scraping is the process of harvesting data from different sources found on the web. The data scraped should be from a proven website only. This harvested data can be used for many benefits depending on the industry in question.

When outsourcing web scraping services, it is important to hire a professional data mining company that offers quality services. The company should also have the required expertise and some kind of knowledge such as image scraping, web data extraction, data mining, email extract services, and web grabbing.

Who Can Use Data Scraping Services?

Data extraction services may be employed in any organization, startup, or company that needs data in a given industry. It is possible to get a lot of information from the internet and the information can be used as the basis for making decisions. For instance, a marketing company may use the web scraping process to undertake the marketing of a given product and therefore reach the customers on target.

Network marketing companies may also employ data extraction and web scraping services to find new customers through the process of extracting given data related to the customer. It is possible to get the customer contacts and therefore be able to contact the customer by sending a postcard, telephone, and email. In this way, a company is likely to build its huge network and build its own brand and company.

In the next paragraphs, we look at some of the processes used in web scraping:

Web Data Extraction

It is important to note that the web pages are built by the use of text-based markup languages such as XHTML and HTML. They also contain lots of data in form of text form which makes it quite useful.

It is quite unfortunate to note that most of the websites have been designed for human-end use and therefore pose problems when it comes to automation use. For the above reasons, toolkits that can be used to harvest the web content have been developed.

For instance, web scraper is just an API that is used to extract data from different websites. Companies can build their own API that can help them to scrape data from thousands of pages easily. There is a need to use applications that are of high quality and affordable.

Data Collection

Generally, data transfer among different applications is accomplished by the use of info structures that can be easily designed for automated processing by computers and not individual people.

The commonly used interchange formats are typically rigid, documented, and well structured. They can be easily be packed, parsed, and have minimum ambiguity.

The main difference between web scraping and normal parsing is the output. In web scraping, the output is meant to be displayed to the end-user.

Email Extraction

Data mining companies have developed tools that can help one to harvest emails only from reliable sources. The main function of this process is to collect business contacts from different websites, text files, HTML files, and any other format. With this service, the possibility of collecting duplicate emails is eliminated.

Screen Scraping

Screen scraping can be defined as the technique of reading the text information from a web page and then collecting the visual data from its source, rather than parsing the data as is the case with web scraping.

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