Gain Advantage – Data Scraping for Airline Ticket Websites

Data scraping has become a highly useful tool for businesses seeking to conduct productive market and competitor research online. It allows them to use more efficient and beneficial business strategies. The vast majority of people know that data is power in both private and business life. The Internet has created unparalleled opportunities to find data on almost every subject. Therefore, it becomes primarily essential to identify the exact details that should be obtained from online sources.

Modern data technologies give us diverse tools and methods for data extraction, where web scraping has proved to be the best choice. Most industries widely use web scraping, which allows them to extract the required information from an extensive web database. Therefore, the importance of data scraping for boosting a business cannot be ignored, especially for the travel industry.

Keep Up with the Rapid Growth

The travel industry is experiencing rapid growth. Therefore, businesses operating in this highly competitive market have to do their utmost not to lag behind competitors. Using reliable web scraping services, owners of airline ticket websites will be able to collect specific market data and set the best ticket prices. And thus, become more competitive.

Before digging further into how data scraping helps airline ticket websites achieve market traction. First, let’s see what is web data scraping and how to use it. As the owner of your business, you need to consider the basics even though you think your data scraping service is trustworthy and can handle anything for you.

What is Data Scraping?

Data scraping, also known as web scraping, is a method that helps extract the knowledge you need in large quantities. Simply put, it relaxes you from a tedious and tiring process of copy-pasting or having to go through several websites whenever you require specific information.

Therefore, a data scraping tool will automatically extract the required information from a particular website and import it into a spreadsheet.

Thus, data scraping has many other uses and is a perfect method to boost your business when used correctly.

Data Scraping In Travel and Tourism Data Scraping In Travel and Tourism

Now, you have a basic understanding of data scraping and how it operates. It’s time to see if it can help your airline ticket website become more competitive and more effective on the market.

As a business owner, the best choice for you would be to outsource your data scraping project to specialized data scraping services. This is a small but useful investment that will help you to have more organized and appropriate data for your business.

Data scraping services will do all the work you need to free yourself from having to face complicated encounters with data scraping software. Also, the sensitive ethical aspects of the process will be handled smoothly by experts.

Data Scraping: a Handy Tool

You probably are still apprehensive as to why you should outsource your market research project to data scraping services. Below are a few reasons to show you why trusting professionals, particularly the subtle subject of airline ticket pricing, is the best option for your travel agency.

Data scraping should be used wisely to help your business improve its position among competitors. Airline ticket prices always vary depending on several factors, such as tourist/non-tourist seasons, weather, the location of the destination country, holidays, etc.

Above all, different travel agencies and airline ticket websites keep changing their prices not only based on these external factors but also based on company-internal ones. All this means that the travel data scraping needs to be comprehensive and take into account a variety of different aspects of the travel industry.

With data scraping services, you won’t have to worry that any of the points mentioned above might be missed. They’re going to do this in a high-quality and thorough way.

There seem to be so many barriers to travel study, but what do we know about the actual efficiency of data scraping on airline ticket websites? What kind of data should be scraped, and how does it work? Keep reading to find the answers to those questions and more!

Travel companies may make use of such data as:

  1. Travel listing
  2. Profiles of reviewers
  3. Reviews of the hotel
  4. Flight details (arrival time, departure time, duration of flight)
  5. Ticket prices (changes throughout the year)

Advantages of Data Scraping Services

Still, it is most important to understand what are the real advantages of using data scraping services to get the data mentioned above. What can you do and achieve with the help of scraped data for the travel industry?

Find the Best Prices for Your Customers Using the Following Web-based Scraped Data

  • A comprehensive selection of flights and other modes of transport with timetables and rates provided by various companies.
  • Hotel and other accommodation data: ratings, price lists, information on hotel amenities, and additional services.
  • Lists of tourist attractions and/or recreational opportunities to choose from anywhere in the country.
  • All of the data, gathered from a variety of appropriate and accurate websites, can allow travel agencies to give their customers the best transport and accommodation packages, including, where possible, tours or excursions that may be of interest to the client.

Track Your Rivals and Use the Knowledge You Have Collected for Your Business Development

  • Getting price lists from different tourist companies, you’re going to be able to monitor your business.
  • Competition pricing and getting the following:
    • Based on information on the variety of products and services offered by your company.
    • You should make a comparative study that will assist with your process improvement plans.
    • Scraping customer reviews of rival companies, you’ll come to understand their strong and weak sides.
    • Data for monitoring your business rivals will provide the perfect basis for competitive research, which is very useful for gaining an advantage over competitors.

Monitor Customer Satisfaction

  • Data collection for the travel industry often involves:
    • Scraping the opinions of your customers and reviews from customer portals
    • Social media, online forums, and communities.
  • Extracting data from these sources will help you monitor and even measure your customer satisfaction and place more emphasis on the client in your business.

Keep Abreast of Industry Trends

  • Follow the tourism news that can be collected through web scraping from various internet-based sources, media portals, newsletters, etc.
  • Track market trends using data from travel blogs, newspapers, market research reports, and other web resources.

Data scraping makes you aware of market news and developments. Thus, you always know the market trends. This, in turn, can help you update your company policies in response to changes when needed.

What Data Scraping Services Provide?

Below are the benefits that come with data scraping services.

Saving Time

By getting your airline ticket pricing and other similar work performed through data scraping services, you can save a lot of time. Instead of doing the job yourself, you can trust the experts.


Web scraping services prices may vary depending on your project but are often affordable and typically pay you back by taking your business to grow. Especially where the service offers an automated data scraping tool, it also dramatically affects the overall process’s affordability.

Ease of Use

An excellent web scraping service can solve the “painful” parts of your data scraping process, such as authentication or any coding problems.

Data Extraction as Per Required Format

Data scraping services can provide your data in the file format, which is most convenient for you and your company.


The merging of the digital sphere and tourism will lead to increased profits for the travel industry. The data-driven approach to the delivery of customized services to tourist customers is spread all over the sector.

This consists of:

  • Industrial value from migration,
  • Cost reduction,
  • Increased value for society in the form of increased jobs, and
  • Improved consumer satisfaction, where time and resources are saved.

Wrapping Things Up

Applying advanced travel technology, Loginworks performs fairly extensive web-based scraping, which is expected to occur.

Give you access to any data you need. Valuable data extraction from many web pages will significantly assist you in identifying areas for improvement. It will give rise to the successful sale of travel & tourism products and services to your end-users.

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