How To Connect Google Analytics With Power BI?

In this article, I am going to discuss how you connect your Google Analytics Data to Power BI desktop application and Power BI service. Before going deep into the topic first we need to understand What is Google Analytics and what are the features which are provided by Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is a free web service and an analytical tool mainly used in different organizations for SEO(Search Engine Optimization) purposes. You can use this service by Signing IN on Google Account. By using this tool you get different reports based on your organizational data. It also creates different dashboards and also displays your organization’s worldwide ranking. What’s good with Power BI is that we can get the data from Google Analytics in Power BI and can create our own dashboards and reports. Power BI provides a connector to get the data from Google Analytics. This is our main goal and let’s start this.

Connect to Google Analytics to Power BI desktop

To connect Power BI Desktop to Google Analytics, we need to follow some steps.

1. First, we need to open our Power BI Desktop Application and click on Get Data as highlighted in the below image.

2. After clicking on Get Data, a dropdown appears and you need to click on More which will open another window as showing in the image below.

3. In this step, you need to enter Google Analytics in the search box and click Connect.

4. You need to enter the login details of your google analytics. In simple words, enter your Google authentication and if you are working in an organization you must have the credentials.

5. After Signed In, click Connect as shown below.

6. This will open a Navigator window which shows all the data tables and visuals. You can select any table and click on Load. You can Edit the data before loading if you want any change in your data.

Now, we will move to achieve the same result in Power BI online service.

Connect to Google Analytics in Power BI Service

In this section, we will connect our Google Analytics account to Power BI service. There is one advantage of importing Google Analytics in Power BI Service over importing Google Analytics into Power BI account which is when you import the data in service it will give you some insights based on data and also create a dashboard related to your site traffic and user dimensions. You need to follow some steps to achieve this which are listed below.

1. Sign In to Power BI service account by visiting this link

2. In the left sidebar, you need to click on Apps which is highlighted in the picture.

3. Click on Get apps as shown in the image below.

4. This will open up an AppSource window where you can easily detect Google Analytics. This can be seen in the image below.

5. Click on the Google Analytics card, it will redirect you to another page. In this page, you can read the complete overview and also read the reviews which can be shown below.

6. After this step, you need to click Get it Now.

7. It will redirect to sign in page. You need to enter your google credentials.

8. After clicking on Sign in it will redirect you to the Google sign-in page and then you will see this page where you need to import the data by clicking on Import.

9. You will see an app is added into your account named Google Analytics.

Note- If you click on Google Analytics it will create a dashboard and a report based on your data. In my case, the report which is created is shown below.

Report Explanation created By Power BI service

In my report, it divides the report into the following categories

1. Traffic
2. Users
4. Top Pages

Let’s understand these categories one by one.

1. Traffic- In the below image you can see the page is showing the site traffic ic for the last 30 days. It is showing the total hits, bounce rate, and total sessions. It creates a stacked bar graph which represents toal sessions by day. In the line chart, at the bottom, the line graph is showing total hits and sessions in a day.

2. Users- This page represents total users visiting on the website. Based on that, it creates different visuals like, in the first graph it is showing the new users added and total users. In the next visuals, it is showing average daily users and new users. You can add your thoughts and add in the report.

3. Performance- This page is showing that different pages of the website taking how much time in loading, as you can see from the graph. It will check if the performance is increasing or decreasing of your website.

4. Top pages- This page is showing the views of all pages of your website in decreasing order. It will help in detecting which page of your website users are viewed and which pages are less viewed. So, you can work on those pages which are less viewed.


In this article, I have explained to you how to connect your google analytics data with Power BI desktop and Power BI service and gave you a brief explanation about the report created by power BI service automatically. Also, I explained about the advantage in importing the report in Power BI desktop and Power BI service. There are so many connectors provided by Power BI and connecting to them is very easy. You can implement them easily. Thanks!

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