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Web scraping, web browsing, HTML scraping, and any other method of web data extraction can be difficult. There is a lot of work to be done by getting the right page source and translating the source correctly.

Rendering javascript and getting data in a usable form. Moreover, different users have very different needs. For all of them, there are resources out there, people who want to build uncoded web scrapers, developers who want to build web crawlers to crawl bigger sites, and everything in between.

Here’s our list of the top best web scraping tools on the market right now, from open source projects to hosting SAAS solutions to desktop software.

Top Web Scraping Tools


ScrapeStorm is an AI-powered visual web scraping tool that can be used without writing any code to extract data from nearly any website.
It is strong and very user-friendly. You only need to enter the URLs, the content and the next page button can be intelligently found, no complex setup, scraping with a single click.

Moreover, ScrapeStorm is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux users as a mobile app. The reports are available for download in various formats including Excel, HTML, Txt, and CSV. You can also distribute the data to databases and websites.

Features of ScrapeStorm

  • Intelligent Identification
  • IP Rotation and Verification Code Identification
  • Data Processing and Deduplication
  • Download file
  • Scheduled function
  • Automatic Export
  • RESTful API and Webhook
  • Automatic Identification of SKU e-commerce and broad photos

Advantages of ScrapeStorm

  • Simple to use
  • Fair price
  • Visual dot and click process
  • All compatible systems

Disadvantages of ScrapeStorm

  • No Cloud Services


Scrapinghub is the web scraping platform based on developers to provide many useful services to remove organized information from the Internet. There are four main tools available at Scrapinghub, Scrapy Cloud, Portia, Crawlera, and Splash.

Features of Scrapinghub

  • Allows you to turn the entire web page into structured content
  • JS support on-page change
  • Captcha handling

Advantages of Scrapinghub

  • Offer a list of IP addresses representing more than 50 countries, which is a solution to IP ban problems.
  • Rapid maps have been beneficial
  • Managing login forms
  • The free plan preserves data collected in the cloud for 7 days

Disadvantages of Scrapinghub

  • No refunds
  • Not easy to use, and many comprehensive add-ons need to be added
  • It cannot process heavy data sets


Mozenda offers technology, provided either as software (saas and on-premise options) or as a managed service that allows people to collect unstructured web data, turn it into a standardized format, and “publish and format it in a manner that organizations can use.”

  1. Cloud-based software
  2. Onsite software
  3. Data services more than 15 years of experience, mozenda helps you to automate the retrieval of web data from any website.

Features of Mozenda

  • Scrape websites across various geographic locations
  • API Access
  • Point and click interface

Receive email alerts when the agents are running successfully

Advantages of Mozenda

  • Visual interface
  • Wide action bar
  • Multi-track selection and smart data aggregation

Disadvantages of Mozenda

  • Unstable when dealing with big websites
  • A little expensive


To summarize, ParseHub is a visual data extraction tool that can be used by anyone to obtain data from the site. You will never have to write a web scraper again, and from websites, you can easily create APIs that don’t have them. With ease, ParseHub can manage interactive maps, schedules, searches, forums, nested comments, endless scrolling, authentication, dropdowns, templates, Javascript, Ajax, and much more. ParseHub provides both a free plan for all and large data extraction services for custom businesses.

Features of ParseHub

  • Scheduled runs
  • Random rotation of IP
  • Online websites (AJAX & JavaScript)
  • Integration of Dropbox
  • API & Webhooks

Advantages of ParseHub

  • Dropbox, integrating S3
  • Supporting multiple systems
  • Aggregating data from multiple websites

Disadvantages of ParseHub

  • Free Limited Services
  • Dynamic Interface

The API makes data and meta-data easy to integrate, high-quality data, from hundreds of thousands of global online sources such as message boards, blogs, reviews, news, and more. API, available either via query-based API or firehose, provides high coverage data with low latency, with an efficient dynamic capability to add new sources at record time.

Features of

  • Get standardized, machine-readable data sets in JSON and XML formats
  • Help you access a massive data feed repository without imposing any extra charges
  • Can perform granular analysis

Advantages of

  • The query system is easy to use and is consistent across data providers

Disadvantages of

  • Has some learning curve
  • Not for organizations


In other words, there isn’t one perfect tool. Both tools have their advantages and disadvantages and are more suited to different people in some ways or others. ScrapeStorm and Mozenda are far more user-friendly than any other scrapers. Also, these are created to make web scraping possible for non-programmers. Therefore, by watching a few video tutorials, you can expect to get the hang of it fairly quickly. can also be started quickly but only works best with a simple web framework. Both ScrapingHub and Parsehub are effective scrapers with durable features. But, they do require to learn certain programming skills.

We hope your web scraping project will get you started well with this post.

If you need any consultancy in data scraping, please feel free to contact us for details at Which is your favorite tool or add-on to scraping the data? What data would you like to collect from the web? Use the comments section below to share your story with us.

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