How to Scrape Job Portal Sites Using Web Scraping Services

To begin with, the quantity of web data is increasing at an exponential pace. However, many businesses can not benefit from data collection, as finding accurate and useful data can be very time-consuming. The amount of data available on the Internet is enormous. Consequently, there are many web scraping service providers that offer efficient and time-saving scraping service. Job scraping is one of such services provided by the web scraping service providers. Job data scraping can be beneficial and valuable to many different companies. In this post, we will tell you why, how, and for what job scraping is useful.

What are Job Portals? portals for job scraping

Job portals are websites that help employers to connect with job seekers. Here, employers can post their jobs to invite applications from qualified job seekers. The essential advantage of a job portal is the vast number of job listings displayed. They collect it from organizations looking for employees. This data is what makes the site valuable and useful to its users.

How to Collect Volume of Job Postings? collect volume of job postings for job scraping

Here comes web scraping right to the rescue. It combines massive quantities of job listings from all over the Internet at one location. As a result, job feeds scraped from different websites can be viewed on a job portal that makes them rich with job postings.

Web scraping providers set up crawlers to crawl and collect data from source websites that provide job posting data. Therefore, newer listings do not get missed. Some job sites also use manual methods to collect data from the web that is not cost-effective at all. Therefore, the best option is to focus on a dedicated web scraping service to fulfill your data scraping requirements.

What is Job Scraping?

First and foremost, let us explain what do we mean by job scraping. Currently, there are many job listing portals available across the Internet. Therefore, finding a specific job that is up-to-date and credible can be time-consuming. With the help of data scraping, the overwhelming amount of job postings can be captured and filtered from all over the web in one place and in a format that suits your unique needs. This method of extracting job details is called job scraping. Extracting job data will give you and your company several benefits that we will address later in this article.

How Can Extracting Job Postings Help?

Web scraping service providers will take the pains of extracting, monitoring, and optimizing data from job posting sites and deliver this data to the job portals in a ready-to-use format. Most job portals use domain-specific scraping tools to gather data from thousands of job posting pages on the web. Mostly, job boards use this data when redirecting visitors to the original website by clicking on the links. Scraping job listings is a method that requires high-end technology expertise, making outsourcing a safer choice for most businesses.

Benefits of Using a Web Scraping Service

Complex technical skills needed by the web scraping procedure makes it difficult for a job portal to do this in-house. There are better facets of the market that the job portal should concentrate more on. Web scraping service can take care of all the challenges that come in the way of crawling and collecting data from a wide variety of sites, making it easier for a job website.

If you’re looking for more data to fuel your business, it’s time to talk to us about your requirements.

benefits of job scraping

In this hyper-competitive environment, the organization still needs data to remain on track. In particular, the advantages that web scraping can bring your business are as follows:


  • Outsourcing job scraping is going to help you use time wisely. It will ensure that the business focuses on more critical aspects of business operations rather than collecting data.

Quick and Accurate

  • A web scraping service provider can do job scraping faster than anyone else. They’re going to give you a ready spreadsheet by the due date as per the deadline. The service provider can extract new data from job websites regularly.

No Technical Errors

  • Performing job scraping in-house involves a high degree of technical expertise. This, in turn, makes the process challenging to implement. The web scraping service provider will ensure that it removes all the hurdles that occur during the web harvesting process from various websites.

Zero Maintenance

  • A web scraping service needs no maintenance, unlike the scraping tools or software, so working with a web scraping company is effortless.


  • Data mining can be costly for your company because the deeper you dig into the data, the more research you need to do. If you outsource the job to a web scraping service from the outset, the company can do all the tasks at a fixed price. You will then have the ability to manage your finances without any abrupt adjustments, even though your job with the web scraping service is on a long-term basis.

Specific Data

  • The vast volume of data available makes it difficult for a person to find very narrow job-specific information. With a web scraping service, a whole team can work on extracting data for your different needs and requirements, retrieving the most accurate job data for a particular location or industry.

Wrap Up

To summarize, our customized web scraping services can extract all sorts of job-related data. Such as recent job vacancies, hiring companies, skills in demand, and hiring locations from the career pages of job portals and company websites to help you create structured job data feeds.

If you have any inquiries to scrape job posting data, please contact our experts at Loginworks Softwares.

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