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To truly appreciate a thing or concept, one is entitled to know it in its entirety. Some marketing strategies maximize on the plus factor of a product even if it is only a tiny component of the whole and leave the clients to discover the negative effects of such commodity or service. In web extraction, although the benefits outweigh the disadvantages, it is still of great importance that the consumer may be enlightened about its possible drawbacks.
Like a coin, the two sides of data mining are: the upside or the advantages and the downside or the disadvantages. You will find out that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages and that the disadvantages can still be helped and resolved.
The Upside

While data mining is used mainly in business, it is interesting that the benefits of data mining transcend beyond and across boundaries.
Marketing/Retailing. The marketers and retailers or the business people who are looking for possible clients as well as aspiring to maintain their consumer satisfaction are the beneficiaries of the blessings of data mining. They get to know their clients better by acquiring personal information and preferences of each client. In addition, they can reach potential clients by association and connections with other clients. They can also determine the trends in goods and services by studying online data. With ample information, they are able to improve their goods and services as well as change or choose the ones that are more in demand. Consequently, success in business has been made quicker and easier these days because of data mining.


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