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Hey guys, hope you are doing well. Today, I’m going to describe how power BI reports are helpful in improving contextual marketing. In this digital era, there are so many things to do with data. But to utilize data in a meaningful way, we need to do some extra work on data. We need to understand the data first, like what type of data it is and what thing we can do to this data. Once we understand data then we can set an idea in our mind that what best insights we can generate. Every other company in this world is involved in marketing so that they can grow their business. For that, they do marketing through different channels. Every big company invests lots of money in marketing. Power BI is very helpful to create the reports and dashboards based on that reports they can show their companies performance in terms of marketing. In this article,¬†first I’m going to describe what is marketing and why we need it. So let’s start.

What is Marketing?

Marketing is not a new concept, it is started from ancient time. Marketing is the concept of management and customer relationships. It is used to create and keep the customer relationship. To satisfy the customers with our services we need to do the marketing. It can be done either verbally or through social media channel. The term marketing is given by “American Marketing Association”. Marketing means to sell your knowledge or product through any channel. If you have a good marketing team then your company will grow. We can also say that marketing is the process to transfer goods and services from company to customer. Good marketing leads to be a good company. Marketing is a wide range of activities involved in meeting the needs of customers. The best way to do marketing is through social media or other online platforms. It includes digital marketing as well.

What is Contextual Marketing?

Contextual marketing is one of the most important marketing concepts or we can say that marketing model in which we serve the customers based on the term they search on the web or based on their recent search history so that customer will be fully satisfied with our services. It is the logical way to interact with our customers. By tying the promotions to the client they see the advertisement based on their search term. It will increase the growth of your company. Google Ad-sense is an example of contextual marketing because Google shows adds based on the keywords in your search history. In more completed application, contextual marketing uses a method called behavioral targeting to serve the customer with their relevant advertisement.

How Power BI retail dashboard helps in improving contextual marketing?

Let’s take an example of any company that has their retail data to create the dashboard using Power BI. A Power BI dashboard for retailers gives data that is beforehand out of reach with the goal that they can set up the correct system to streamline the advertising technique and draw in clients in a more viable manner.

The Power BI dashboard for retailers gives the accompanying data:

1. Activity stream examination
2. Stay time per guest
3. Pinnacle long periods of guest activity
4. New versus returning clients list
5. Gadgets recognized Android/IOS gadgets
6. Most visited places in the shop/shopping center
7. Month insightful report and simple choice
8. Present and earlier years’ points of interest
9. Number of crusades that have been activated
10. Areas of reference points inside the shop/shopping center

The above picture shows the data of the retail industry. In this example, we have a good amount of data like registered devices, Android devices, Ios devices, campaign triggered and peak hour traffic. Based on that data, we can easily do the contextual marketing all data are related to customer or user recent searches. Below are the screenshots of this report that describe you in a better way than writing. In this, we can detect what are the most searched term by the users or customer so that we can meet the needs of the user.

Power BI reports are easily creatable and editable. Also, we can embed that report to our application. For more information about the power BI embedded you can go through my previous articles.


In this article, I have described what is marketing and what is contextual marketing. Also, I have described that how to improve contextual marketing based on Power BI retail data dashboard. As I have already discussed Power BI topics in my previous article that’s why I did not discuss in deep about Power BI. I hope you have understood the concept of contextual marketing and how we can improve it using Power BI Retail data Dashboard. Thanks!


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