How To Create And Publish An Organizational Content Pack

In this section, we are going to learn a very interesting feature in Power BI service i.e Organizational Content Pack. Before going deep into the roots of the topic first let’s understand what an Organizational Content Pack is and how it is useful by creating a package of your dashboards, reports, and datasets and publish them within your organization so that each member of an organization can easily access that instead of sharing the reports via email or some other media.

In the App Source, you can easily find out the Content packs shared with the entire organization. If you are not added to any group you are not able to view any Content Pack. There are some restrictions with the Content Pack i.e. you only have the read-only access to the reports in the Content Pack. You cannot edit the report or dashboard. You can create a copy of that report and you can then use this report to create your own Content Pack. Creator of Content Pack has the authority to create groups, edit the report or add or remove any member. Let’s take a closer look at App Source.

When you publish any report/dashboard, it is added into the App Source. So App source is just like a repository where members can easily browse the dashboards which are published for them. Let’s read further to know as how a report is published in Power BI.

Create and publish a Power BI organizational content pack

Here’s the main section, We will be publishing one report from Power BI desktop into the Power BI Service and then share this report within the organization with the help of Content Pack. To share a report with Content You must have a Pro Account and members of the Groups . Instead of going in the details of  how to creat a report , i will guide you through the steps to publish the repots in the Power BI service account by using store perception report.

  1. Open the report in Power BI desktop and click on File as shown below.

  1. Click on Publish and then click on Publish to Power BI.

  1. Select a workspace and then click Select.

This will publish your report into the Power BI service. You can check the report into the Power BI service.

Now let’s create a Content Pack in which we are going to use the same report which we published into the Service. You can use any report to create this. You need to follow these steps.

  1. First Select Get Data in Power BI service present in the bottom left corner of the screen.

  1. Click on the Settings button. It will open a dropdown.

  1. Click on Create content pack. It will redirect you to the new window as given below.

  1. Now we need to fill these blank fields. First we need to choose one option Specific Group or My entire Organization. If you select Specific Group you need to enter the email ids for those to whom you want to share this report and if you select my entire Organization you do not need to enter the member’s ids. This report will be received by all the members of the organization. I am selecting specific groups.
  2. In the second box you need to enter the email ids of the members to whom you want to share this. I am adding some of my members. You need to enter your own members. This picture depicts the same.

  1. In the title box, you need to write the name of your content pack. You can write any name. All the members need to search this title.  I am using ‘Sales Opportunities’ as the title name.

  1. In the next box, you need to write some description about your content pack. You need to write relevant information here. The description must show the information related to a report or dashboard.
  2. In the next box, you need to upload the image. It will appear when any member search for your content pack. You can upload your company logo or image of the report. You must take care of the image specifications
  3. In the last part, you need to select the report which you want to publish to all the members of your organization and then select Publish.

Hurray!!!! We achieved our goal. If you want to recheck just ask your members to check whether the content pack is shared with you or not.

  1. To check you need to first select Get Data and then Select My Organization as shown below and you can see the name of the content pack there.


In this article, we learned what Organizational Content Pack is and why we need to create this package. We also talked about as how to create our own content pack. I am sure that you  must have understood the concept as it a simple process. Although, If you have any queries you can always write  to me in the comment section.

Thank you.

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