How To Create ArcGIS Maps In Power BI


ArcGIS Maps design and develop Paraphrase Roger Tomilson is the father of ArcGIS in 1960, Power BI is a custom data visualization built into Microsoft Power BI that brings mapping capabilities into your reports and dashboards.

The most important thing is that maps are information products that are visually interesting & meaningful. The first time you see them they reward you with additional information as you explored and interacted with the map.

When you click the map, it gives you the responses by details about the things you touch a store and it tells you this year’s sales according to date with a chart of the previous three years’ sales.

The mix of ArcGIS maps and Power BI takes mapping to a level that focuses on a guide to an unheard of level. Look over base maps, area composes, topics, image styles, and reference layers to make exquisite useful guide representations. The blend of legitimate information layers on a guide with spatial investigation passes on a more profound comprehension of the information in your representation.


Now, I am going to create the map on my power BI desktop step by step.

Please follow the instructions as shown in the image given below.

  • Go on power BI desktop and create a new page then move on visualization section select map as surrounded by red color given below in the image.

  • Now you click on map icon then a new area generated by the map as showing in below image this just basic which is I want to create in this page.
  • I have drawn the data set which sends packets from one place to another place.
  • This has latitude and longitude of places and also the drop and pick-up location of packet.
  • I want to show the best visualize ways possible so I will choose to ArcGIS map because this is the best customization tool in this power BI that provides many customization settings.

ArcGIS map change theme

  • Now, you click on map icon then a new area generated by the map as shown in the image given below.
  • The styling decisions can be viewed when you click Map subject are dictated by the idea of the information you’re mapping.
  • For instance, you’ll see diverse styling decisions if your guide layer is made out of focuses as opposed to limit highlights, for example, warm guide styling alternatives for a layer made out of focuses, however, not for a limit layer, for example, U.S. states or ZIP Codes.
  • The styling alternatives are likewise affected by the sort of information related with highlights in the layer.
  • For instance, a point highlighted may just have area data, for example, geographic arranges yet could likewise have unmitigated data, for example, retail store composes, or numerical data, for example, deals subtle elements.
  • Only one out of every odd styling compose can be utilized for each sort of information.
  • By breaking down these certainties and different attributes of your layer, ArcGIS Maps for Power BI shows the best styling decisions.

1. With your ArcGIS Maps for Power BI perception In-Focus Edit mode, tap the Map subject catch Map topic on the guide toolbar.

  • The available features display across the top of the visualization.
  • Each feature, when selected, opens a task panel that provides detailed options.
  • A guide subject exhibition opens, demonstrating thumbnails of accessible guide styles.
  • Diverse styles will be exhibited dependent on the field information esteems in your guide.
  • Just the alternatives that apply to the field esteem in your guide show up.
  • For instance, on the off chance that you just added an area field to your guide, accessible illustration styles incorporate Location Only and, for point layers, Heat Map and Clustering.
  • On the off chance that you indicate a field that contains numeric information, you can look over topics accessible for area information and a few different subjects.

  • Distinctive guide topics are accessible relying upon the fields added to the guide.
  • Float over the Information symbol Info to see a short depiction of the topic, and allude to the segments underneath for definite data.

2. Click the desired map theme to select it.
The map automatically displays the new theme.

Points of interest of ArcGIS Maps for Power BI maps

ArcGIS Maps for Power BI is a ground-breaking mapping perception that enables you to accomplish more with maps than any time in recent memory.
With ArcGIS Maps for Power BI, you can do the accompanying:

  1. Geoenable your information all the more precisely.
  2. Show your information utilizing savvy outline.
  3. Make zone based determinations
  4. Comprehend the socioeconomics of territories you’re keen on

With ArcGIS Maps for Power BI, you can add information to your guide to enable you to envision your information in new ways. Once you’ve concluded your ArcGIS Maps for Power BI delineate, you can distribute your Power BI dashboards and reports to impart them to other people. Agree to accept a Plus membership to open premium highlights, or sign in utilizing your ArcGIS Online named client record to get to your substance.


For creating reports Table address data should be valid or valid latitude and longitude.
With this, we come to an end of this tutorial on”How To Create ArcGIS Maps In Power BI”. I hope this will help you to improve your knowledge to work on ArcGIS Maps In Power BI.
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