How to Get Amazon Buy Box

Amazon has two types of sellers: (1) Amazon itself, which sells a wide array of products.
(2) Third-party sellers, which usually specialize in one or more.
Since the number of retailers that can use Amazon’s website is not limited, numerous merchants sometimes offer the same item.

Such sellers are known as resellers (as compared to selling private label where you sell a proprietary item).

If many Amazon resellers sell concurrently, there is an immediate rivalry for which seller to win the Buy Box.


The white box on the right side of the details page of Amazon’s product is called the Buy Box, where consumers can add products to their cart to buy. Not every seller acknowledges winning the Buy Box.

Of all Amazon sellers, 82% for Amazon orders go through the Buy Box, and the percentage for mobile purchases is even higher.

Each seller wants their product to be the one that gets selected when a buyer clicks “Add to Cart” or “Buy Now.” If you are the seller represented in the buy box, your product is the one that is added to the shopper’s cart (or the one it buys straight away).

How the Buy Box Works

It is algorithm-based and considers several variables to determine which product offering the best balance of high seller performance and low cost to the consumer.

Amazon states directly that their goal is to “give the customers the best possible shopping experience.” Therefore, “the sellers must meet the performance-based requirements to be eligible to compete for Buy Box placement.”

Amazon offers the best possible experience for its customers. The Buy Box provides, among the products, amazon a mechanism for comparing multiple offers on the same ASIN to determine which product offer will give that best “experience” to the customer.

What Makes the Seller and His Product Stand out in a Crowded Market Filled with Other Sellers

The answer is Buy Box; it provides you:

Visibility: A Buy Box is the most valuable segment of real estate in the Amazon seller community. Winning a Buy Box amplify your success on Amazon and builds a strong, positive reputation for your brand. People trust you.

Credibility: Buy Box winners are only chosen because they meet out of the ordinary standards carefully selected by Amazon. If one of the world’s largest e-retailers is ready to support your product, customers will trust you too.

Exclusivity: The very interesting fact is that only one seller of a product can win a Buy Box. That makes you the only seller of (insert your product here) with the convenient, one-click buying feature that promotes your brand value and grows your business.

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Who Qualifies for the Amazon Buy Box?

  • Individual sellers aren’t eligible. A Professional plan costs $39.99/month comes with privileges—one being access to the buy box.
  • The products sold by sellers must be new and available in stock.
  • It is in the best interest of Amazon to bring high-quality vendors to its customers who offer affordable prices.
  • Google organizes the organic search results to give users the best possible search experience; Amazon grants buy box rights to give customers the best buying experience possible.

What Can Be Done to Win the Amazon Buy Box?

  • You have to Create a Professional seller account.
  • Only Use Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is one of two approaches that an Amazon seller can use to fulfill the orders. While Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM) allows you to pick up, pack, and ship any order you receive,  FBA hands off those responsibilities to Amazon.
  • Make your pricing competitive: Amazon doesn’t necessarily afford to buy box privileges to the seller offering the lowest price, it’s important to list your product at a price comparable to your competitors’ prices.
  • Minimize your shipping time and 24/7 support.
  • Give your customers the best experience as much as possible: content is truly useful to the reader. If you’re not helping the reader, you can’t expect good organic search rankings, regardless of how highly you’ve optimized your meta-tags and image names.

Buy Box Alternatives

Losing or if you do not have the buy box, it doesn’t mean all chances of product sales are gone. There are two other places where the buying option can appear: is Other Sellers on Amazon.

You can see the box directly under the Buy Box; up to three additional sellers are featured in this section. Sellers who are looking to be included in this segment must meet the minimum Buy Box eligibility requirements. Amazon decides what deal is advertised based on a variety of variables, including quality, availability and the customer’s shipping address.

All Offers Page

From the Other Sellers section on Amazon, you can click to view the All Offers page. This page concludes of all offers for a certain product, regardless of Buy Box eligibility.

Here are the hacks for the seller to fulfill the minimum requirements of the buy box factor shown in the image below:

All the ingredients that contribute to obtaining the Buy Box 


While in the world of Amazon. The Buy Box is like the precious trophy which every seller wants, but only one seller gets. The seller who wins the Buy box can expect to see a positive impact on his product sales.

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