How The Travel Industry Benefits From Data Scraping

Travelling (domestic and international) has become an integral part of our lives. As there has been a massive shift in the way, we think of travel and the travel industry at large. Scraping travel data could help you understand the industry and market patterns in airline fares, revised travel itineraries and destinations, new flight, and transportation carriers, and even information on flight delays, airport, and train station updates, among other details. Travel agencies, meta-search engines, review pages, airline firms, hotel operators, homestay, and rental operators, no matter what role you play in the travel industry, data scraping has several advantages for you.

The New Face of the Travel Industry

Anyone on the internet always knows that the internet is also the perfect place to ask questions with absolutely no hesitation. A significant development is the growth of applications that appeal to an increasing traveling population. For example, in the 18 to 34 age group, the Facebook Apps Family (Google, Instagram, Messenger) has emerged as the top online platform for inspiration on destination.

About the Online Travel Industry

Many dynamic factors influence a customer’s decision to travel. Social networking and travel review web pages are the most essential of these. So, let’s split this modern industry of online travel. On one side, there are e-commerce travel websites, which offer travel items such as hotels, flights, and rental cars. You can either take advantage of these products and services directly from the related company website or rely on the online travel agency.

On the other side, there are websites for travel analysis, where travelers share their hotel experience. Also, these platforms have online travel product reviews purchased.

What About Data Scraping?

Data scraping, or web scraping, is the method of collecting internet information in a trouble-free way. This does not require repetitive typing or copy-pasting. Web scraping tools work by searching for the necessary data, putting together this data and saving it to a computer. Studies show the travel industry data scraping is the third most likely to be scrapped business sector.

Here are a few reasons why data scraping is a huge deal in nearly every sector:

  • Time: One of the data scraping’s significant benefits is that it saves time. A manual data search is usually dull and can take hours and days of work. On the other hand, data scraping is quicker and more effective than standard data collection methods.
  • Accuracy: Manual scraping has a high chance of error, aside from a high repeat rate and long-term length. Automated data scraping methods are successful with a reasonable rate of accuracy.
  • Cost: You can easily start your own internet travel company with the data scraping. The scraped data gives you a large number of listings that you can view on your website.
  • Effort: Data scraping makes it easy to access the found data. The final result is data that is organized and can be used without further processing. Clean, organized web data can be used for multiple purposes. Data scraping thus reduces the effort required to collect the data.

How Can Data Scraping Benefit the Travel Industry?

Such complex changes in online bookings pose some obstacles for the travel industry. Now the industry needs large quantities of data from various sources. These outlets include search engines, airlines, social media, local events, hotels, public authorities, and OTAs. Therefore,  travel industry companies need smart, data-driven approaches to their marketing and sales strategy.

Well, if you are a part of the ever-growing travel industry, you need to unlearn past ways and concentrate on new laws to boost sales and customer satisfaction.

  • Market knowledge: Market research is as essential as analyzing the customers’ trends.
  • Know the client: You need to learn them to boost customer experience. If you know what they want, the next step is to boost the value that they want. To know your client as a travel industry player, you need data: social media, email, peer feedback, online ads, and search results.

What Type of Data Can You Scrape?

  • Location Data: New Hotels, Rentals in a Place
    • Who can use this type of Data: Meta-search Engines, OTAs.
  • Aviation Data: Airline Ticket Prices, Routes, and Timestamps
    • Who can use this type of data: airlines, airports, marketers.
  • Hotel Listings: Room Pricing, Room Availability, Promotions
    • Who can use this type of Data: Meta-search Engines, OTAs.

Although data-based insights can enhance every stage of the customer experience as well as the company’s pricing strategy, gathering and linking the data without an expert is a real challenge. That brings us to this article’s focus: data scraping.

Advantages of Web Scraping for the Travel Industry

  • Web scraping services are considerably faster than other conventional Internet data collection methods.
  • The results are well-structured data according to the formats you want, like CSV, XML, or Excel.
  • This makes it easier for companies to use the data without further processing.
  • Dedicated web scraping services can help you in getting clean and well-structured data, which can be used for other purposes.

How Scraping Travel Data Helps Functioning Travel and Hospitality Sites Better?

The travel industry is brimming with travel sites that have a wide range of travel listings, hospitality reviews, and profiles of the reviewers. The availability of these data opens many possibilities for its use.

  • Optimizing pricing: Another application is the tracking of travel product prices. To remain competitive and draw in more customers, you should select the perfect price point. With data scraping, you can tailor your prices to any price shifts on competitor websites, thus optimizing your profits.
  • Market analysis: Also, market research provides many benefits, such as being able to predict and plan for changes in advance.
  • Detect minimum assured price violation: Data scraping helps airline firms to check that all of their distributors sell tickets at or above the minimum assured price, even with discounts provided.


Data scraping in the travel industry helps even small players to take advantage of the field’s big data. Above all, wider consequences for strengthening the business and creating an effective market strategy. Although data scrapping can help to solve a variety of problems, one needs to be careful about the legalities of it. It would be best if you were careful to collect the relevant details securely with all the appropriate approvals. Data scraping has helped the travel industry in a variety of respects. At Loginworks, we have helped a variety of businesses across various sectors to collect data and solve critical business challenges with the same. We have a straightforward process that gives you the data you need.

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