Meet Top 10 Data Scientists Who Are Big Data Lover

We all admire champions/saint who guides us through the difficult circumstances and the problems we thought are painful are really unimportant in nature. On the off chance that individuals can illuminate and convey at a substantially bigger scale, you can as well!

In the event that you thought learning information science is troublesome or profound neural nets isn’t some tea – admire the good examples who made them. Following these good examples gives you a day by day motivation, an inspiration to discover greater reason throughout everyday life and to accomplish it.

“Role models set goals for you and try to make you as good as they are. Role models are important”

Now, I’ll acquaint you with an association of extreme information researchers on the planet. I think these information researchers have not exclusively done magnificent work, they have all abandoned a heritage the work they have done. In this way, here is a little introduction and tribute to these good examples.

  • These information science maestros have propelled and guided a great many competitors over the world.
  • Including their uninhibitedly available web journals, instructional exercises, recordings and so on.
  • They are the ones who imagined the term ‘information researcher’, ‘data science’.
  • They have opened the puzzle behind profound learning and neural nets.

I have comprehensively grouped these good examples in three classifications. I realize that may sound senseless – a devotee characterizing the good examples, however, I have done it in the enthusiasm of earning the Data Science. Here are the classes I have sorted individuals in-

Research-based Data Scientists

Data Scientists who have been or have eventually turned into a Professor/analyst to center around development.

Information Scientists Turned Entrepreneurs

These are information researchers who have utilized information science to make items or administrations.

Information Scientists in real life

Obviously, this does not imply that the over 2 are not in real life. This basically alludes to the way that these information researchers are driving the activity in information science through their commitments.

I know a significant number of you would be quick to interface/take after with these information researchers. Subsequently, for your benefit, I have given the connections of their particular LinkedIn/Twitter profiles.

Here are the TOP 10 Data Scientists who are big Data lovers

You can also navigate to their LinkedIn accounts by just clicking on their names.

Research-based Data Scientists

1- Geoffrey Hinton

Bio– Have you heard of the term ‘Back Propagation’? He is the mind (co-designer) behind this calculation for preparing neural nets and profound learning recreations. Also, Geoff concocted the term ‘Dull Knowledge’ where a set of huge information is processed with no impact on the cost work utilized for preparing or on the test execution.

Current work – He is broadly known for his work on Artificial Neural Networks. In 2013, he joined Google and drove its AI group.

Education- Above all, Geoff holds a Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence from Edinburgh. He and his exploration bunch have been the main impetus behind the resurgence of neural systems and profound learning.

2- Yann Lecun

Bio- Yann is as of now working at Facebook as Director of AI Research wing. He is the establishing chief of NYU Center for Data Science.

Current work- He has taken a shot at a few profound learning ventures and has 14 US licenses enlisted. He’s additionally connected with New York University as a Professor from the previous 12 years.

Education– Yann holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Université Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris VI). He is a master in Machine Learning, Statistical operations, Deep Learning and Computer Vision.

3- Yoshua Bengio

Bio – Youshua commitments to Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence have him world’s consideration. Among his various achievements, he holds Canada Research Chair in Statistical Learning Algorithms, NSERC Chair and numerous other.

Current work – Yoshua is the Founder and R&D Guru of ApSTAT Technologies. He is likewise connected with Université de Montréal as a Professor from recent years. Beforehand, he worked with AT&T and MIT as a machine learning specialist.

Education- He holds Ph.D. in Computer Science from McGill University.

Information Scientists Turned Entrepreneurs

4- Andrew Ng

Bio- Andrew Ng helped to establish Coursera with Daphne Koller. Through Coursera, alongside different orders, he made the information science learning open to just free to learn! Most importantly, he’s broadly known for his Machine Learning Course.

Current work- He is as of now functioning as a Chief Scientist at Baidu where he’s associated with doing explores in Deep Learning and in versatile ways to deal with Big Data and AI.

Furthermore, he’s related with Stanford University as an Associate Professor. He’s additionally the Founder and Lead of Google’s Deep Learning Project.

Education– He holds a master degree in 1988 from Massachusetts Institute of technology in Cambridge Massachusetts. In 2002 a PhD from University of California.

5- Daphne Koller

Bio- Her advantage zones lie in Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Pattern Recognition and so forth.

Current work- Daphne is the President and Co-Founder of Coursera. She filled in as a Professor at Stanford University for very nearly 18 years.

Education- She holds a Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from Stanford. Throughout the years, Daphne has been respected with different honors, for example, ONR Young Investigator Award, ACM Infosys Award, MacArthur Foundation Fellowship and so on.

6- Hilary Mason

Bio- Her advantage zones lie in Machine Learning, Data Mining, Python. She got included in the rundown of Fortune 40 under 40 ones to watch 2011, Craig’s 40 under Forty 2012. Alongside numerous different honors, she was the beneficiary of TechFellow Engineering Leadership Award 2012.

Current work-  In the first place, Hilary is the Founder of Fast Forward Labs. She additionally helped to establish and DataGotham. Although, she filled in as a Chief Scientist at Bitly and Assistant Professor at Johnson and Wales University.

Education- She is a BA graduate from Grinnell College in 2000 in Computer science.

One more in this category

7- Carla Gentry

Bio- Carla Gentry is a Data Scientist and Founder of Analytical Solution. She is a standout amongst the most prevalent identity in Big Data people group to take after on Twitter. In 2013, she was among the “10 IT Leaders to Follow on Twitter.”

Current work- Additionally, She is working with Analytical Solution as a Data scientist from past 7 years.

Education- She holds a graduate degree in Maths and Economics at the University of Tennessee. With this conveys a significant affair of more than 15 years which incorporates working for Fortune 500 organizations like Hershey, Kraft, Johnson and Johnson, Kellogg’s and Firestone.

Information Scientists in real life

8- DJ Patil

Bio- DJ Patil alongside Thomas.H.Davenport, composed the famous HBR article – Data Scientist: The Sexiest Job of 21st Century”. He was chosen as 2014 Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum.

Current work- However, he is working as US Chief Data Scientist at the White House Office of Science and Technology. In Fact, he filled in as VP of RelateIQ and Head of Data Products and Chief Scientist at Linkedin. Numerous licenses have been documented under his name.\

Education- He holds a Ph.D. in connected arithmetic from the University of Maryland.

9- Monica Rogati

Bio- Her enthusiasm lies in transforming information into items, significant bits of knowledge and important stories. Her advantage territories lie in Machine Learning, Statistical Text Mining, and Recommender Systems and so on.

Current work- Monica is as of now filling in as Data Science Advisor with Insight Data Science. Beforehand, she worked with Linkedin as a Senior Data Scientist, and was Vice President of Jaw Bone and considered numerous more mindful positions.

Education- She holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University.

10- Doug Cutting

Bio- He is called as the daddy of Hadoop. With his hard work and knowledge, he is a master in Apache, Nutch, Hadoop and Avro open source.

Current work– Before, he worked with top MNCs like Apple, Yahoo etc. From the past 14 years, he’s connected with Apache Software Foundation. He is Chief Architect with Cloudera.

Education- With this, he holds a bachelor degree from Stanford University.

Top 2 Indian Data Scientists

Ankur Narang

Bio- With a B.Tech. & Ph.D.  from IIT Delhi, he has 40+ publications in Computer Science & Machine Learning conferences and journals, along with 15 granted US patents. Moreover, he has held multiple Industrial Track and Workshop Chair positions and has given invited talks in multiple conferences. He led the design & implementation of AI-based cognitive workflows for inverse problems using oil & gas production data.

Current work- As a Senior Vice President at Yatra Online Pvt. Ltd. Dr. Narang heads Data Science and AI practice for decision science department. Also, he holds 24 years of experience working with top MNCs like Sun research, IBM in the same domain.

As Chief Data Scientist and AVP Data Science at Mobileum, heading the expansion of voice and data fraud expertise. Additionally, as CTO, he also developed game theory, ML, and revenue management for large Media & FMCG companies. Furthermore, at Yatra, he is working on AI-based approaches for marketing and discounting optimizations and personalized chatbot experience.

Education- B.Tech and PhD from IIT Delhi.

Nitin Sareen

Bio- Nitin is a solid devotee and professional of utilizing progressed investigation as a vital differentiator crosswise over areas and has a demonstrated reputation for making sway by tackling key business issues with insightful scientific critical thinking.

Current work- He right now drives the Data Science bunch at WalmartLabs to use enormous information, information science and innovation to empower quicker and more brilliant business choices. Besides this, he is driving key activities to convey algorithmic items that devour Walmart scale information and mix more quick-witted choices crosswise over retail lifecycle like site determination, combination advancement, estimating, request anticipating, inventory network, store operations and undertaking wide choices. These arrangements can convey a multi-billion $ effect.

On the other hand, he has held different key positions in MNCs like Citigroup, HSBC, FICO and GE over various parts. However, he was in charge of setting up and overseeing examination bunches in the zones of protection investigation, buyer back and retail credit hazard administration and accumulated practical aptitude crosswise over advertising and hazard investigation. Especially, he is center around nonstop learning and expert improvement for self and the groups he has driven.

Education- A graduate from Indian Statistical Institute (ISI), Calcutta, Nitin has more than 17 long stretches of broad involvement in the field of prescient examination and information science ventures. He is additionally a functioning speaker and specialist at driving information science gatherings.

With this, you can also explore the below-mentioned names who not only worked as a Data Scientist but also have great respect in Data world.

Kirk BorneGilberto Titericz Jr.Sergey Yurgenson, Owen Zhang, Oliver Grisel


The best 10 names were finished up in light of different parameters like family, licenses, papers and specialized productions created, rivalries took an interest, spearheading work, information, and materialness of apparatuses, capacity to persuade various partners through information bits of knowledge and some more.

At this point, I am certain you would likewise have seen a typical characteristic among every one of these information researchers. Every one of these individuals is either determined by a dream or they’re settled in affection for information science. So if information science is your affection, I would recommend taking after these good examples intently and you’ll be on your way to significance!

Finally, I’ve recorded the best information researcher over the world. These individuals are experts in their own particular fields and energetically look for chances to spread information science learning the world over.

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