Reasons To Invest In Mobile App Development

Be it the small-scale enterprise or the well-known brand name, every business is falling for the trend of launching their own mobile app. The fact that most of the businesses we generally interact with our day-to-day lives have their own mobile app, is the most noticeable one today. With such competition, it is necessary to move along with the trend.

Afterall, gone are the days or rather the era, where we were bound to just letters and landline phones. Now, we are living in the digital era, where everything is digital and within the reach of our smartphone’s screen. I understand that many years back, it was unimaginable to think along the lines of developing a mobile app, but in comparison to today’s scenario, these things are quite common.

Years back, we did not have access to a smartphone.

Years back, Android, iOS and Blackberry were not a part of our lives.

Years back, the Mobile industry was much different from what we have today.

In this digital era, the mobile industry has taken a revolutionary change. Everyone owns a mobile in their hands and almost every individual owns a smartphone. And this percentage is growing year by year!

digital era

However, the things just do not end over here. With the increase in smartphone users, it is quite obvious to increase the rate of mobile apps. Below is the recent stats on the mobile app development trend:


Have a look and decide for yourself!

Moving ahead, if we talk about business, the trend of mobile app development is ruling over the mobile industry. In order to gain an edge over your competitors, the customer loyalty and more interactions with your users, it is vital for your business to join the league of mobile apps development.

In case, you are thinking along the lines that having a Facebook page or a website of your own is enough to attract more and more consumers towards your business, then my friend, let me acknowledge with the fact that you are on the wrong track. Nowadays, regardless of the industry size, mobile app development has been emerging as the necessary marketing tool for the growth of your business.

Innovation or technology today influences each part of the market, making them dynamic, progressive and productive and contributing outside the reach of technology is someplace somewhat troublesome. However, not all are persuaded that the tech sector is the best place to invest, perhaps on account of the consistent risk versus gain factor.
With mobile applications introduced for mobile operating systems from Apple, Android and others, you can make brand loyalty and awareness amongst a tremendous number of existing and potential clients. Truth be told, numerous clients now expect a business or brand to have its own committed mobile application. This implies it isn’t just turning into a need to pick up a competitive edge over different organizations, it is turning into a need to abstain from falling behind your opposition. Having a devoted mobile application adds to the credibility of the brand.

Remembering the significance that mobile applications hold in the present society, it is just savvy to make one for your business. Here are the best reasons why you ought to put resources into mobile application development.

Top Reasons To Invest In Mobile App Development

Although even by now, if you are not sure about investing in having a mobile app for your own brand, then do not worry, I have ample reasons to make you fall for this trend. Here we go…

Your Customers Own A Smartphone

user engagement

Insights demonstrate that the mobile phone users spend overall of 180 minutes for every day on their smart devices. The dependency is that the clients are now utilizing their smartphones to discover even the local businesses and needs.

With the introduction of mobile applications, your business is right in the client’s palm and they are wise enough to make the best utilization of building up a mobile application for our business and it’s afterward deployment or launch in the market.

To Increase Your Customer Engagement

user engagement

It really feels great when your users are able to reach your services with just a single touch. They can connect with your business each time and all over.

With a mobile application, you can promote something or can even make an incentive through the application, so your clients will get engaged automatically. An esteem that you can make for clients on the mobile application might intrigue data around products and related issues, games. By making an incentive through above thing, clients will be associated with your business, not simply in deals pages. Higher client engagement is considered when settling on a choice to put resources into mobile applications.

Your Competitors Have A Mobile App


This is number one sign to put resources into mobile applications in light of the fact that your rival or competitor is on application store and you are most certainly not. It is wise to take a major jump in front of your rivals when you definitely realize that independent ventures are as yet utilizing mobile applications extremely uncommon, so it sincerely would enable you to get a more noteworthy reach.

You should concentrate rather be the first in the market by offering a mobile application to your clients. Your clients would be amazed to see your ground breaking approach which would, in the long run, enable them to store their full trust in you.

Rise In Profits And Customer Satisfaction

customer satisfaction

Obviously, the last reason for a business is benefit or profit and consumer loyalty, am I right? On account of mobile applications, now a merchant can achieve the mobile business trend on the planet when clients change the best approach to purchase items.

Your business can make up for lost time the pattern by putting resources into mobile applications. 60% of clients have purchased items through mobile applications and this is a possibility for you to get benefit by this sort of clients who incline toward internet purchasing. eBay and Amazon are extremely effective in offering services through their mobile applications and are taking a gigantic benefit from it.

You likewise can expand consumer loyalties by giving valuable data to clients through mobile applications, sending them push notifications about product item update, discount program. Clients can get the data or information rapidly and can without much of a stretch purchase items in no time flat. Goodness, hold up, on the off chance that you have a physical store, a mobile application additionally can bolster for your deals in store through Store Locator; a device helping customers to locate your physical store effectively, it will make your clients fulfilled by convenience.

Paves Way For The Easy Use Of Social Platforms

social platform

Presently a day’s kin invests a great deal of energy in online networking, particularly on Facebook and Twitter. You can interface them by integrating social highlights, for example, comments, likes, reviews in your application.

It will help your business and enhance its social standing and we as a whole know “mouth publicity is the best publicity”. Keep in mind that we are by nature social creatures and mobile application development is the eventual fate of social connection. An incredible case of this Amazon that has as of late constructed its own application.

Brand Building

Brand Building

Regardless of whether you are small or a large scale business, you will likely make the client mindful of your brand image right. By putting resources into the mobile application, you can influence your image to name and acknowledgment among a huge reach of mobile users.

Developing a mobile application for your business can incredibly add to your brand awareness. A mobile application resembles a clear board sign you can do what you need with it. Making brand personality through mobile applications is significantly simple by creating advertisements through mobile applications, an organization can leverage their brand to build their client base.

Mobile Apps Are Actually Convenient For Users


Mobile or smartphone is generally less demanding to deal with rather than using desktop, laptops and tablets. This is the reason why mobile applications dependably are simpler to use than websites.

Applications are typically outlined with most extreme concentrate on ease of use and adaptability. Once introduced, the application will help its clients to reach your services. It’s extremely simple for the client to achieve your services through mobile applications. All you require is to gadget a special approach to persuade your client, so they introduce the mobile applications on their cell phones, and that should be possible just when the clients will get a value through that application.

So, in case, you need to make the mobile applications clients begin to look all starry eyed at your application, you should discover something else and special ways that would awe your group of onlookers.

Capture On Real-Time Rich Data

Real-Time Rich Data

A mobile application spares you from the moderate procedure of gathering information and dissecting it. Focus groups can be costly and tedious.

Mobile applications make it simple to catch data about client preferences and activities on your application. This data can be further utilized to deliver customized content that is significant to the individual consumer and for settling on choices on the best way to enhance your application in light of how clients are really utilizing it. Ensure you give your clients the alternative to select into an information program and disclose to them that it will be utilized to enhance their customer experience. When they have given you their trust, it is better not to disappoint them at any cost.

App Indexing

App Indexing

To wrap and make up for all your efforts, now Google is indexing mobile applications and making it appear in your search results. By making a mobile application, you get prompt access to the application indexing process, which further permits your applications to be effortlessly found in Google search results.

Mobile users who are looking for the content identified with your application and your application is rank on Google, will have an opportunity to get installed easily. It will likewise push you to build a visit to your applications and website.

Wrapping Up

With the mobile business flourishing like it is right now, it is beneficial for each business to put resources into mobile application development. On the off chance that your business is not on mobile and not considering putting resources into mobile application development, at that point you are as of now behind your competitors. Regardless of whether your competitors are not mobile, they soon will be!

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