Scope of AI in the Future – Benefits of AI in Business

Have you ever wondered what is the scope of Artificial Intelligence for the future? Today, we are going to share some essential information that will surely help you to know about the scope of AI.

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Artificial Intelligence is a copy of human intelligence by machines. In other words, we can say that it is the only way by which machines demonstrate certain aspects of human intelligence like reasoning, learning, and self- correction. Since its inception, AI has demonstrated fantastic growth. Sophia, the AI Robot, is the ultimate example of artificial intelligence. The future of artificial intelligence is not clear. But going by the bounds of progress AI has been making, AI will permeate every circle of our life. Listed below are the diverse ways in which AI can change in the future.

Development in Science

The scope of artificial intelligence in science is vast. Recently ‘Eve’ was in the news for discovering that an ingredient found commonly in toothpaste is good for treating Malaria. Here the subject in appreciation ‘Eve’ is not a human scientist, ‘Eve’ is just a Robot design by a team of scientists from the different universities, i.e., the Universities of Manchester, Aberystwyth, and Cambridge.

Eve’s example is perfect for showing the possibility of AI playing a crucial role in science in the future, not just merely for augmentation. Artificial Intelligence will be able to create science, not only do science, as evidenced by the Robot Scientist, Eve. Automation using Artificial Intelligence for discovering drugs is a field that is fastly growing, and the main reason behind this is because machines work much faster than humans. Artificial Intelligence is also being applied in related areas such as synthetic biology for the manufacture and rapid design of microorganisms for industrial uses. Taking all this in stride, Artificial Intelligence is sure to mold science as we know it.

Data Analysis

One of the ways Artificial Intelligence will improve business is in the field of Data Analysis. Artificial Intelligence would be able to perceive patterns in data, whereas humans are not able to do so. Because of this, it enables businesses’ to target the right customers for the product. Fluid, a digital retail company, uses Watson – an Artificial Intelligence created for insightful product recommendations to its customers.

Cyber Security

The future application of Artificial Intelligence in cybersecurity plays a very important role in ensuring curbing hackers. The incidence of cybercrime is an issue that has been growing throughout the years. It affects enterprises in terms of brand image as well as material cost. Credit card scam is one of the most common cybercrimes. Although, there being detection techniques, they still prove to be ineffective in curbing hackers. Artificial Intelligence can bring a tremendous change to this. Artificial Intelligence techniques like Recurrent Neural Networks can detect scam in the initial stages itself. This scam detection system will be able to scan thousands of transactions instantly and predict/classify them into buckets. RNN can save a lot of time as it focuses on cases where there is a high probability of scams.

Emotional Bots

Technology has advanced in terms of Emotional Quotient. Virtual assistants Siri, Cortana & Alexa show how the extent to which Artificial Intelligence comprehends human language. They are capable of understanding the meaning from context and making smart judgments. Back in 2015, there was a companion robot called ‘Pepper’ that went on sale. And all the initial 1000 units were sold in very less time may be in less than a minute. Moreover, considering all this, the possibility of emotional bots might become a reality in the future.

Marketing & Advertising

The application of Artificial Intelligence in sales and marketing seems definite because marketing professionals leave no stone unturned to benefit their business. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, you can increase the efficiency of sales and marketing organizations. The main focus of Artificial Intelligence will be on improving conversion rates and sales. Personalized advertising, knowledge of customers, and their behavior shine through facial recognition and can generate more revenue.


Artificial Intelligence-guided transport will no longer be confined to the pages of sci-fi literature. Without drivers, cars have already populated the market; however, a driver is required at the wheels for safety purposes. With Google, Uber, and General Motors trying to establish themselves at the top in this market, the day is not so far when driverless vehicles become a reality as we all know that this will only happen with the help of Machine Learning which ensures that these Automated Vehicles operate smoothly and efficiently.

Artificial Intelligence In Agriculture

From detecting pests to predicting what crops will deliver the best returns, Artificial Intelligence can help humans in confront one of its biggest challenges: feeding an additional 2 billion people by 2052, even as climate change disrupts growing seasons, turns cultivable land into deserts, and floods once-fertile deltas with seawater. Farmers can use Artificial Intelligence to determine the optimal date to sow crops, precisely allocate resources such as water and fertilizer. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, farmers can identify crop diseases for swifter treatment and detect and destroy weeds. Machine learning makes these activities smarter day by day. It can also help farmers to forecast the year by using historical production data, long-term weather forecasts, genetically modified seed information, and commodity pricing predictions, among other inputs, to recommend how much seed to sow.

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