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November 2019 Updates on Power BI (Part II)

November 2019 Updates on Power BI (Part II)

Introduction Before going through this blog, we would like you to read Part-1 of this blog. In this blog, we are going to discuss the remaining November 2019 Power BI updates. Microsoft launches its product...
Artificial Intelligence and Its Applications

Artificial Intelligence and Its Applications

Introduction Reproduction of human insight in machines that are modified to think like people is known as artificial intelligence (AI). Any machine that shows characteristics related to a human personality, e.g., learning and critical thinking...
How To Install TensorFlow and Use TensorFlow

How to Install TensorFlow and Use TensorFlow

In today's blog, we will discuss the basics of TensorFlow, its introduction, and its uses. Introduction Google developed the most well known deep learning framework TensorFlow. However, Google utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) in the entirety of...
How To Use Neural Network In Gaming

How To Use Neural Network In Gaming?

Face Recognition, Speech Recognition, Handwriting Recognition, just a few of the tasks from many tasks that we as humans are able to quickly solve. We seem to be able, to perform these tasks effortlessly,...

How To Use Machine Learning In Real World Applications?

In today's scenario, Artificial Intelligence and Machine-learning both are the broad concepts, used in every era of Industries, Healthcare, Retail, Travel, Finance, Social Media, and Research etc. These are the buzz words and often...

Artificial Intelligence – Hype versus Reality

Artificial Intelligence is Real and Present Artificial Intelligence is certainly not ‘theoretical’; it’s not something computer scientists write research papers on. In fact, it’s being used right now in the real world — we see...


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