November 2019 Updates on Power BI (Part II)


Before going through this blog, we would like you to read Part-1 of this blog. In this blog, we are going to discuss the remaining November 2019 Power BI updates. Microsoft launches its product updates very quickly. This indicates that their developers are working on the product day by day to improve its features. Power BI is a data analytics tool. It is better for visualizing and analyzing data. It helps you in creating and managing reports; you can share your reports in the organization or embed them on your website or application.

ArcGIS Maps for Power BI Update

In brief, ArcGIS Maps for Power BI makes your map visualizations to succeeding level with the world’s leading ethereal analytics. Additionally, this inbuilt Power BI feature provides enhanced mapping capabilities, demographic data, and compelling maps.

Earlier, the ArcGIS Maps for Power BI visuals have several updates in November 2019. The visual now has support for connecting to ArcGIS Enterprise servers using inbuilt authentication. Similarly, you can also geocode up to 3500 points as a free user and 10,000 as an ArcGIS subscriber. Lastly, if you are an ArcGIS subscriber, you can now get full Esri Technical support for ArcGIS Maps for Power BI.

xViz Advanced Gauge

In brief, the Advanced Gauge visual allows you to compare an actual value easily. You can compare your key business indicators against a target value. There are a lot of customization and configuration options available for this visual. To summarize, your gauge can either be a full or semi-circle. With the added ability, you can show two different metrics in the same gauge.

  • Conditional formatting options for the gauge fill color.
  • Set a fill and needle indicator for the current value.
  • Control the colors for the target indicator.
  • Set a min/max value.
  • Axis and number formatting, including tick control.

Hierarchical Filter

The hierarchical filter visual is a type of slicer visual. In particular, it supports hierarchies, search, advanced formatting, etc. Each node of this slicer allows you to expand and collapse for optimal navigation. After that, it also allows you easily single and multi-select categories to filter by.

Following are the advanced formatting options of this visual:

  • Search support with two different search types.
  • Conditional formatting support for both the categories of the slice and the optional matric.
  • Setting the default expansion level.
  • Advanced number formatting.
  • Text and background formatting.

Image result for hierarchical filter power bi

ZoomCharts Drill-Down Waterfall Visual

As you know, the ZoomChart visual introduces more freedom and flexibility when it comes to visualizing the sequence of the columns straight from the dataset, totals, and subtotals. It uses many formatting options to control the look of the chart. Consequently, interactive drill-downs and zooming will ensure that data is easy and quick to explore. Some of the key features of this visual are:

  • Display of the total – you can turn On/Off the total column.
  • Subtotal display and calculation.
  • Column sequence: set the display order for columns.
  • Touch driven slicer: filter the report page by using the visual itself.
  • Touch-driven drill-down – touch or click any column to drill down into it.
  • Advanced formatting options – customize increases, decreases, and totals separately.

Financial Reporting Matrix by Profitbase

However, The Financial Reporting Matrix by Profitbase visual is generally used for building financial reports using Power BI. While this visual includes many of the standard formatting options, you would expect in the financial reporting tool. Following are the features of this visual are:

  • Sticky column and row header.
  • Line Formatting.
  • Conditional formatting.
  • Sub and grand total controls.

Tree Visual

The Tree visual allows you to visualize your hierarchical data in an easy to use a tree structure. To use Tree, you need to have a dataset that contains parent id and child id, and thus, it will automatically figure out the tree structure. Therefore, if there are multiple levels to the tree, you can expand nodes by hovering over them and clicking the plus icon. Below are the various formatting features of this visual:

  • Customize the label.
  • Following, you can change the node and line style.
  • Set the default expansion level.
  • Switching between horizontal and vertical orientation.
  • Set conditional formatting for the nodes.

Note: You can create different types of trees like:

  1. Horizontal Tree

2. Vertical Tree

3. Expand Tree with corner nodes

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Connector (Beta)

Undoubtedly, LinkedIn Sales Navigator lets you access the power of LinkedIn’s 630M+ member network to help sales professionals find and build relationships with prospects and customers. Therefore, if you’re using this feature, you can now pull your data into Power BI using our new connector. For instance, you need to have a LinkedIn Sales Navigator Enterprise plan and be either an Admin or Reporting User on the Sales Navigator Contract to connect to this data. You can choose either of the contracts:

  • All Contracts

  • Selected Contracts

Vena Connector

For the most part, Vena’s finance process management software accelerates and improves budgeting, planning, forecasting, financial close management and consolidations, and more. As a result, the Vena Power BI connector easily connects Vena data to Power BI.

SiteImprove Connector

In summary, Microsoft Power BI’s data visualization capabilities work with Siteimprove insights to make an interactive way to share your data. Here, you’ll be able to currently see your website’s ends up in an entire new light-weight with custom dashboards and multiple show display. Subsequently, Connect Power BI and Siteimprove to monitor your website’s performance directly from your Power BI dashboards. After that, you can find out the advantages of your website’s performance alongside your usual business metrics.

Also, the connector gives access to SiteImprove’s digital insights data to monitor your website’s performance for accessibility, SEO, analytics, quality assurance, and much more to help you and your team to create higher quality content, drive better traffic, measure digital performance, and work towards regulatory compliance.

Product Insights Connector

Product Insights is a new Dynamics 365 product which allows you to collect signals from your products and services, and gain valuable insight into customer usage, in real-time. Also, the connector accesses aggregated signal data from Product Insights. Nevertheless, you can get more details about the connector at (

Web By Example Connector – Support for Extracting Links

Getting data from a web page lets users easily extract data from web pages, and import that data into Power BI Desktop. Moreover, the Power BI enhancement to the Web By Example connector allowing you to extract links (src/href attributes) as part of the Web By Example experience.


Finally, in this article, we have discussed some of the Power BI November updates. You need to download the latest version of Power BI, or you can update your Power BI Desktop. Hence, after updating the Power BI, you can take advantage of new features. For more details about the Updates of Power BI, you can go through the official website of Microsoft Power BI. Please comment in the comment section below if you have any questions. Happy learning!

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