TaskTrek – Alternative to Emails

Today, all our official and personal information is shared using e-mail and with time the inbox only grows bigger and bigger to a point that it becomes unmanageable. Most likely, you are bound to lose the information that matters and especially when you require it the most!

An alternative to email is TaskTrek. It categorizes and organizes all your communication and information into consistent folders.

If you want to share a file or document with your colleague (s), you can store it in one central storage system on TaskTrek and share access to all those for whom it is meant. These folders and sub-folders where you file in documents are standard across your team or even organization. Easy to store, locate and share instead of having to go through your e-mails searching for files attachments.

Commonly seen, multiple mails are sent just to share the many versions of one file. It could be a creative, a contract letter or a press release. In those multiple mails, one mail carries the correct version but that necessarily may not be the last mail shared. You may find yourself in a situation where too many mails on a subject result in confusion and chances of the wrong file going out. With TaskTrek, all versions of the file get stored in one place with comments alongside for reference, so that without even opening the file you can identify the correct version and save yourself from the overflow of emails plus any lapses arising thereof.

It is simple to use and an alternate to e-mails for sharing any files or documents.

Then, there are e-mails exchanged within a team or with clients for seeking clarifications – a single question or a list of queries; to a single recipient or multiple stakeholders; confidential or generic in nature. TaskTrek puts together all queries posted and their responses in one place as an independent category with fine-grain access control. It becomes like a FAQs section where you can look out for vital information which normally gets lost in mails because different people have their own ways to deal with queries over e-mails.  Very clearly, TaskTrek is an alternate to e-mails when it comes to communication.

Trust, 30-40% of your emails sitting in your inbox will be of no use and only realize while you are cleaning up on a fine day. This clutter can be well avoided using TaskTrek. All messages are grouped into relatable activities and tasks in a chronological order. Thus, it enables all communication to flow in an organized manner automatically. All this is possible because there is no send button only share. One message can be shared with multiple recipients by selecting them from the group list than having to draft multiple emails and sending them out individually. TaskTrek allows you to keep a tab on messages right from the beginning of an activity to date. Not only this, if you are an activity manager you have an access to all files and messages being shared within your team even if they are not marked to you. So, at any given point if you sense something wrong, pitch in right then to avoid any further lapse. Same goes, when you wish to share your point of view with your team or a person.

Say no to e-mails, there is an alternate to e-mails and that is TaskTrek. TaskTrek is not just for mailing or messaging purpose but also used for resource management, team management, document management and office management within your office and with your clients or other stakeholders.

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