TOC: Who says it’s Hit or Miss?

More than a decade ago, critics said that to Track Online Coverage is near impossible. According to them, with the intricate and varied processes involved in the Internet system as well as the quick changes and occurrence of updates, no one can completely trace his or her online presence. However, as usual what appears to be impossible in the past can be made a reality because of human’s ingenuity and modern-day advanced technology.

It was then unthinkable that the things that you enjoy in the present could ever be created or imagined. Success of TOC is not restricted or inhibited by the bulk of information that continually flows in and out of the online world; neither is it enslaved by inefficient software services nor by multiple links and sites. Sadly, people in the past who said tracking online coverage is impossible declare it with finality as if they knew and hold the future.

Bulk of Incoming Information

Information overload was predicted to be the hindrance to any attempt at TOC; and could have even been one of the major reasons that the success of TOC was seen as impossible. However, as time moves on more and more discoveries have been developed. Data has been updated; cleaned and archived. The efforts at controlling voluminous data from accumulating as well as the eliminating of unused and outdated information have been made possible. In addition, there is also a way of revisiting previous data in case there is a need for comparison or verification.

There is now an automatic updating of data as part of the web scraping software such that obsolete information is done away with and replaced with newer and more relevant data. With this, there is no over stocking of the database. In this way, the bulk of incoming information is no longer an issue; and more advanced ways of handling online data can be expected in the future.

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