Using Web Scraping Services for Generating Sales Leads

Nowadays, be it B2B or B2C businesses, everyone uses social media platforms to promote their business and gather potential leads. But it’s becoming more challenging to gather such leads because there are so many channels and potential buyers. This is quite troublesome for a person to collect all of them by himself, and the process of the collection becomes complicated and slow. That is why you need web scraping services.

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Each sale begins with a lead—a person who is interested in your product and is theoretically ready to purchase it. Acquiring leads is a time-consuming and tedious operation. Nevertheless, the use of new digital techniques and tools, such as web scraping, make things simpler.

The Internet has made the lead generation cycle, both more straightforward and more difficult. This has become simpler as there are more ways to get important contacts right now. There are social media networks and several different websites where prospective customers leave their emails and phone numbers. Yet, at the same time, it is more challenging to collect leads because there are so many channels and potential buyers. A person can’t collect all of them, and the process of the collection would be prolonged.

That’s where web scraping comes to the rescue.

Web Scraping Defined web scraping services

Web scraping “harvests or scrapes” data from any website from web sites. A special crawler/scraper designed to crawl through the appropriate websites and extracts only the data you need from the content. Then this crawler analyzes the details and organizes it for you. As a consequence, you get a well-structured list of leads that you can use right away.

Copying and pasting a list of contacts from a web directory, for example, demonstrates web scraping. Yet copying and pasting information from a web page to an Excel spreadsheet only works with a small amount of data and requires a substantial amount of time and energy. Automation is needed to gather a large amount of data, and web scraping services perform precisely that purpose. However, web scraping is not a simple method in most cases because websites come in various types and sizes, and web scrapers vary in functionality and design.

Selling Leads Meaning selling leads

First and foremost, we need to understand what a sales lead is and the value it brings to the business. A lead is a potential link to sales; it could be an individual or group that indicates some interest in your product or service. These are potential clients from which the company will be able to earn revenue. When people respond to leads, they usually speak about possible clients with whom they had no prior contact.

Nevertheless, leads can also be individuals with whom you retain a connection already formed, which has previously been cut off for some reason.

Leads are handled differently, depending on the business sector.

For example, some businesses refer to lead as a partner that has already agreed to be a prospective client. Some may think that selling contact is a lead. Nonetheless, whatever it may be, lead always involves a person who is a potential future customer.

Data to Collect To Create Leads

This depends on the approach to it. Of course, emails would be the most accessible type of contact information to access because we share our email addresses almost everywhere, and only a handful of us want to conceal it from the public eye. Phone numbers are harder to obtain as people still don’t post them online.

Social media accounts can be useful data to gather, mainly if the user allows others to send them a direct message. Then you can slip your bid right into the DMs of a potential buyer. The other way is to flood these users with advertisements. For example, you can request them to like a brand page or join a group. No matter what approach you use, it’s relatively easy to start communicating with social media users.

Beginner’s Guide to Lead Generation with Web Scraping Services sales leads

Now let’s see what action you’re supposed to take to gather leads for your company. Irrespective of the tool or the web scraping service provider you are going to use, the procedure remains more or less the same.

Determine the Source

Of course, before you jump to scraping, you need to know your target market. So let’s say that you already know what your prospective buyer could be. Now wonder where you can find their contact information: which websites they use, which social media they use. Build a list of sources that might send you leads—this will help you to speed up your quest and make sure you don’t receive any unnecessary data from your service provider/crawler.

Professional web scraping service providers might be able to determine which websites to work with—mainly if we’re speaking about programs enhanced with artificial intelligence.

Select the Kind of Data

At this stage, you should know what kind of contact information you want to collect. The service provider needs to know what to look for—phone numbers, social media accounts, or emails. Of course, you can let them know so that it gathers all the contact information and then organizes it in a spreadsheet or any desired format of your choice.

Gather the Data

So, after you’ve asked your service provider all your needs, you’ve got to wait for the job to be done. This process may be simple, but there are some pitfalls you need to know about. Having a wealth of data, the Internet allows you the ability to find new ways to turn them into customers. Nonetheless, given that the actual output of the data is massive, it is somewhat unlikely to believe that you will benefit from the data. Manually, it isn’t easy to collect all available information and to make fair use of the crawled data.


Lead generation is the foundation of the sales process. If you don’t have people to sell your product to, you will have a hard time selling it. Scraping or Crawling helps you gather the needed information quickly and without hassle. Using this technology, you won’t get lost in this world of big data. Web scraping will supply you with ready-to-use leads continuously so that you can streamline the selling process and reach your goals faster. So let our experts handle the data scraping process. Connect with Loginworks for your web scraping needs. We enjoy what we do, and it’s one of our specialties to collect data to help you generate leads. So, go ahead and use web scraping services for qualified sales leads.

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