Web Scraping in Global Solutions

So many challenges are now faced by every nation all over the world. There’s the threat of terrorism; outbreak of epidemic; economic recession; and political crisis. All of these are life-threatening and seemed to be hopelessly and rarely solved locally. Without alliance and interrelationships with other countries, solutions can be slow and may even be impossible. Thanks to online connection; the internet has indeed closed the gap and made vital information solutions accessible through web scraping.

Data Mining and Terrorism

Of the many fearsome and catastrophic incidents in the 21st century, the most unpredictable one is terrorist attacks. No country is exempted from its sudden ruthless invasion, and it is not a respecter of age and gender. Who happens to be in the site where the terrorists want to plant their bombs and cause heartless destruction is left lifeless or maimed. Since terrorism is so gruesome, all possibilities of preventing it are necessary and are done endlessly. Fortunately, so much can be done to monitor, predict and preclude terrorist activities through data mining.

Data can be collected to identify possible suspects or terrorists; their activities are monitored by locating their entry and exit points; their contacts are also identified; and by analysis and association, they are hindered, captured and stopped. However, there is still a lot of refining, researching, and honing of this counter-terrorist strategy because terrorists can also use web harvesting to their advantage.

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