What is Web Scraping? How Can Web Scraping Be Used to Your Advantage?

What is Web Scraping? How Can Web Scraping Be Used to Your Advantage?

The human body has five sensory organs; each sends and receives data consistently from each communication channel. Today, researchers can decide how much information a human brain will get and think about what! People get 10 million bits of data in a second. Comparative to a PC when a record is downloaded from the web through a high-speed internet connection.

Vector brain and circuit board, Artificial Intelligence or AI concept.
Artificial Intelligence Concept

Data is all over the place!

Expanding the measure of information in today’s exponentially increasing technological universe makes it considerably more energizing to investigate. The bits of expertise gained from client information is currently a valuable tool for business experts. We’ve also heard that the data is now being used to quantify representative achievement! Wouldn’t evaluations at this stage be much simpler?

What is Web Scraping?

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Web Scraping

In common words, web scraping can be defined as the process of extracting data from websites. Sometimes, the online data is easy to collect and use because of its format, such as comma-separated values (CSV) datasets that can be imported in a spreadsheet or loaded into a data analysis script. However, even though the data is readily available, it is not easily accessible for reuse. For example, it can be contained in a PDF, or a table on a website, or spread across multiple web pages.

There are many ways in which we can scrape a website and harvest information for further use. The simplest form of scraping involves copying and pasting snippets of data available online. Still, it’s not practically possible to involve large sets of data spread across multiple web pages. To simplify the process, we would need tools and professional help to extract the data required and automate web scraping by specifying the type of data and time of capturing the same. The information collected is then exported into a format such as HTML, CSV, Excel, or JSON, which is more useful for the end-user.

In this article, we’ll help you understand what web scraping is and why it is useful? We will also discuss what typical use cases for web scraping are?

Now that we have understood the fundamentals of web scraping and are ready to learn more about it, we may think about its legal implications. Whether downloading information from a site that belongs to someone else has some legalities to take care of or not?

Moving forward, we will discuss some of the legal issues we should be taking care of while scraping data from the web.

Is Web Scraping Legal?

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Is Web Scraping Legal?

Scraping data from the internet is not illegal on its own, but it is crucial to be ethical when doing it. We should not tread on other people’s pages without being considerate of the same. One should read the Terms of Service and other related conditions before trying to crawl on some websites. If you think the site could prohibit you from extracting the data, consider contacting the webmaster to get permission to crawl the website of interest.

With search engines being used almost for everything, web scraping has helped us make the best use of the web. It is a powerful tool that lets businesses utilize internet data but should be done with integrity.

One should take care that in certain situations, web scraping can be deemed illegal. If the Terms of Service mention that copying and pasting data is prohibited, we can get in trouble for scraping the data from that particular website.

The Scraping Process We Follow

  1. Our team of scraping experts analyzes the requirements of the client and designs the database structure.
  2. The experts then develop a crawler to extract a sample record and share it with the client for review.
  3. Once the data is approved, the crawler is then crawled upon the complete website of interest.
  4. The data is extracted in HTML format and is carefully parsed to extract the required information.
  5. Finally, the data is exported to formats such as CSV, Excel, or JSON and shared with the client.
Loginworks Web Scraping Process
LW-Managed Scraping Process

Ultimately, web scraping’s flexibility and scalability ensure your project parameters, no matter how specific, can be met with ease.

Web Scraping Examples: What is Web Scraping Used for?

Here are some of the uses of website data scraping that your business can explore:

Scraped Data for Price Monitoring

Boost your business with our scraped price monitoring data that helps you stay competitive using instant reports about the product changes, latest market trends, price fluctuations, and much more from any eCommerce platform.

Scraped Data for Competitor Mapping

Track in-demand product trends through web scraping services as they influence buyers. Our data scraping services can help you identify the best ways to evaluate a product’s performance and further take effective product enhancement measures. We extract data to analyze what your competitors are missing. We help you know what your competitors are offering better through web scraping.

Scraped Data for Lead Generation

Get data insights and market trends through data scraping to maximize lead generation and profitability. Web scraping enables you to gather business information quickly and provides ready-to-use leads so that you can streamline the selling process and reach your goals faster.

Web Scraping for SEO Monitoring

Web scraping can help you identify loopholes in your website, which prohibits you from ranking higher. This, in turn, can help you identify the information which grabs the most attention, and you can then modify to make your website rank higher.

Scraping Social Media

Web scraping can extract data from social media channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and so on. Data scraped from social media gives you immense data for Market research. It is critical for every business, and concrete data insights should drive it.

What is the Future of Web Scraping?

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Future vision

To summarize, we can never be sure what the future holds for us. But we can make business decisions with confidence and no uncertainties by examining our data. The article attempts to clear your fundamentals about what web scraping is and how to use it for your business data analysis. We hope it is informative and can offer some essential knowledge to you.

Particularly, would you want to find out more ways to use web scraping? Or don’t know how to start a web scraping project? We’ve got a lot of blog posts to answer all your questions!

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