5 Ways How ‘Hey Siri’ Has Changed Your Life For The Better!

“Hey Siri, goodnight” must be your last command for the day if you’re an iPhone user.

Siri is a great thing. It’s an intelligent voice-activated assistant built into Apple’s iOS phones. Siri is simply the best, you speak it, and she does it. With some dedication spent on learning how to use this voice assistant, it can be a big pay off dividends.

Siri has lived up to its promise and truly made the users more productive. There are so many ways Siri can make your life easier. So let’s see how you can use Siri in your office:

Set Up Your Official Contacts

Set Up Your Official Contacts

Make sure to tell Siri about all your important official contacts. You can do this manually by selecting all your official contact information and filling in the slots for “boss,” “manager,” “TL,” and so on.

Then you just need to command “Siri” to “Call my boss” or “Text my TL, I’ll be 10 minutes late.” You can even add custom labels as well, such as “accountant”, “lawyers”, “vendors” or more. This makes it so easy for you to dial your contact when you run short of time in the office.

Manage Your Calendar

Manage Your Calendar

Siri can manage the day-to-day calendar that can be a big productivity boost for you. You can add new events, schedule meetings, and appointment reminders.

All you need to command Siri is “Hey Siri, schedule a meeting with Ross Jacob tomorrow at 11 a.m”. If Ross Jacob is in your contacts, he will also receive an email invitation to the meeting. You can also change the time or cancel the meeting by giving just one command to Siri.

You should learn how to include more and more information to make Siri effective for you.

Send Bulk Emails

Send Bulk Emails

This is a fantastic feature all the Siri users can enjoy in the office. Siri understands commands such as “Check Email” and even will respond with a list of all of your latest emails.

You need to say “Reply to Neil” and then speak “Hey Neil, this is to inform you…”. In this way, you can compose an email without touching your keyboard and add multiple recipients. Siri will confirm if the message is ready to go, and you require to simply respond “Yes” or tap the “Send” command on the screen.

It is considerably faster and easy while you need to finish your number of assigned tasks simultaneously in the office.

Give You Reminders

Siri Can Give You Reminders

There are lots of situations when you require reminders. If you have a hectic schedule, then chances are you might forget some important task during the day. Siri reminders keep reminding you about those tasks.

All you need to say “Hey Siri, remind me to say happy birthday to my boss at 10:00 am.” It can also remind you of your board meeting, lunch, and training sessions as well.

Ask Question and Get Answers

Ask Question and Get Answers

Apple adds new services and sources of information with each new iOS release. This makes Siri more informational and useful. Now you can ask any questions at Siri and listen to the answers conveniently.

So, if you are occupied with so many things yet want to know what IT services are good for your business, then ask Siri and get the answer handy. Siri is good at maths too and can perform additions, subtractions, and conversions for you.

Final Words

Thus these are the simple reasons that you should use Siri. Once you work out the kinks and get in the habit of using it, you’ll see what wonders it can do for you. From virtual assistant to a real assistant, Siri is helping many to manage their daily task and stay perfectly organized.

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