9 Proven Online Marketing Tactics That Work For Small Businesses

“Google loves brands – so build one”.

Gone were the days when you hire a marketing person who visits door to door to market your product. You are living on the World Wide Web now and your market is just one click away.

Online marketing captures 80% of the marketing industry. So, when we can get our soul mate online, then why not our target customers too.

Online marketing is an everlasting play. If you want to win, you keep on playing new trends. The continuous changes make it more and more interesting. Advancements in online marketing technology are paving the way for better, more engaging online experiences. It is not only fruitful for big giants but for small businesses/start-ups as well.

And if you own a small business even you can capitalize on these online marketing tactics to reap good ROI. Below we have summarized some outstanding marketing proven tactics to help you to boost your business. Have a look!

1. Be a Facebook-Friendly Marketer

Be a Facebook-Friendly Marketer

The world’s most popular online marketing platform is Facebook. You should be thankful to Mark Zuckerberg who started this marketing platform to connect with your targeted audience in just one click.

Facebook has around 1.79 billion monthly users. This gives, especially small businesses, a huge market to induce a large number of prospective buyers. Facebook will continue to create more and more cost-effective opportunities for small businesses.

You can get more active on Facebook using different flyers, links, and posts that highlight your product or service to Facebook users. The idea of content using on Facebook should be so creative that users cannot deny themselves to click on it.

2. Google My Business

Google My Business

It does not matter how small or big office set up you have, or how many employees have you engaged. If Google finds that your website is getting good traffic and is popular among online visitors, then soon you’ll be a rock star in your industry.

Google’s ranking algorithm will give a strong boost to your business. You just need to work harder to get more organic visitors. Even if you are targeting a local market, then also you will be on top to get local queries or clients.

You can use ‘Google My business’ as this combines all the different platforms like your Google +profile, Google Maps, Google Analytics, Google insights, etc. You can easily save your lot of bucks by using these online marketing tools.

3. Make Use of Google AdWords

Make Use of Google AdWords

Google Adwords is considered the godfather of online marketing. Your business size won’t matter much. What matters is how effectively you are using Google Adwords as your online marketing tool.

Though, it’s not for free. But, it’s even less expensive if you compare with other Media of marketing. If you are aware and expert in Google Adwords, this can prove as one of the best online marketing tools for your business.

This platform is a remarkably symbiotic channel of online marketing that you can pair with other strategies to yield maximum conversions.

4. Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube- the Perfect Combo

Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube- the Perfect Combo

Today, people live on social platforms. The most popular, of course, are Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube. They are the most convenient and cost-effective online marketing tactics.

The only thing is you should have that eye-catching graphics or videos. Your content should be crisp. Those users cannot resist themselves to click on your message or video. Smart marketers know they need to get in front of their audience and finding a way to capture their attention on social platforms will be key.

One of the hottest tactics for online marketing is to focus on investing in these social channels.

5. Mobile-Friendly Business

Mobile-Friendly Business

Experts found that more than 50% of searches on Google are placed using a mobile device. So make your business mobile-friendly. This means your business must have a dazzling app, and you must have a mobile-friendly site.

Your ads should have catchy content. Graphics must be of high resolution that actually attracts a mobile user to click. Making mobile the leading medium for online discovery, Google is launching a new mobile-first index to prioritize mobile websites. The mobile-first index will bump mobile-friendly sites up in search results and demote websites that have limited mobility.

6. Content Must be the King

Content Must be the King

Yes, in order to catch more conversions for your business through online marketing, your content must be super interesting. Content should be the king of online marketing tools.

Content Marketing is only effective once it has catchy content, a personal touch, eye-catching graphics, and relevance. So you need to be more focused on spending right, upping the content marketing game to target your desired audience.

7. Use Coupon Deal Sites

Use Coupon Deal Sites

If you want to get more and more buyers and increase your ROI then you can use various coupon deal sites as well. If you have a small business with a product or service, you can list your business deals on these coupon sites. The benefits of these coupon deal sites are:

  • Your business get mass exposure,
  • Local advertising,
  • Your business becomes a brand, and
  • An influx of new buyers.

So, dear readers if you really want to minimize your marketing cost by hitting your target audience with one shot then use these tactics. And not instantly but surely your business will become a brand name in this online world.

8. Use Social Bookmarking Sites for Online Promotion

Use Social Bookmarking Sites for Online Promotion

Social bookmarking sites concentrate on online services that allow users to save and share Internet bookmarks.

Such sites typically offer a huge amount of social and organizational tools. Google bookmarks, Digg, Pinterest, Pocket, Reddit, Pinboard, etc. are all social bookmarking sites. There are many social bookmarking sites which give do-follow links to their users.

Bookmarking is a smart way to get good backlinks from valid and credible sites. Search Engines do give priority to these websites.

9. Submit Your Business on Business Listing Sites other than Facebook

Submit Your Business on Business Listing Sites other than Facebook

A business listing website is a website which lists business within its category. It can be categorized by location, activity, or size. Many directories offer a free listing in addition to premium options.
Bing, Yelp, MerchantCircle, Citysearch, Superpages, Angielist, etc are some of the top business listing sites.

Hope this blog post will give a healthy idea regarding brand awareness on the platforms of the world wide web. Thank you!

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