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It has been noticed that an average American spends around 5 hours/day on their mobile phones. During this duration, they go through Newsfeed, Music, or Games, and this further serves as a huge opportunity for mobile developers. It may make you think HOW? Well, this is simply because most of the revenue earned by developers comes from the direct sales in the apps themselves!

It can be clearly stated that Apple’s App Store generates almost double the revenue generated by Google Play Store.

This is, however, a growing yet flickering business as a 15% growth rate for downloading apps was recorded last year (2016) in comparison to the year 2015.

Here, the Apps download of Google Play Store is recorded much more than the Apple’s or iOS App Store.

What to Do Based on the Above?

The above-mentioned stats calls for some action. Isn’t it?

Actually, there is no better time than now to invest in a Mobile Application Development Company to secure a bright future for your business. Don’t believe me? Have a further look at how the Mobile App Development Market is growing at a rapid rate and is making their revenues in Billions…

How are the app markets growing

A jump of over 500% can be clearly seen in comparison to $8 Billion in 2011 and to an estimated $77 Billion in 2017.

This might have surely pushed you a little towards the idea of investing in a Mobile Application Development Company, but just the stats do not brief about the whole story. There are many Whys, Whats, Whens, and Hows in the wandering mind of an investor before moving ahead with his decision. After all, the ultimate decision of deciding on who to partner with for your Mobile App Development designing goes through a path of various interrogations developed by an indecisive mind.

Questions to Ask

Which Mobile Application Development Company to choose from?..How to evaluate the list of their potential partners?… What is the working process of a company?… Which company will help in serving all of my requirements?… All of these are some of the important considerations that should be considered before making the final call.

Choosing the right Mobile App Development organization can lead towards the enlightened path of success, whereas a wrong decision can make you fall into the pit of money wastage and bad experience. A wrong decision could lead to weeks or months of project delay, a poorly designed user application, or even your business’s slow death.

So, instead of falling into this trap of bad or poor mobile app development experience, it’s better to do good and thorough research before picking up the perfect developer partner for your company.

This may sound like a bit lengthy or time taking process, but guess what…the end result is surely going to lead towards the development of a GREAT APP!!!

Checklist for Evaluating a Mobile App Development Company

Below is a checklist to help you evaluate prospective mobile app development companies.

  • Know your Needs & Requirements

    The first and foremost thing to know before landing on the grounds of the final decision is about your needs and requirements. One must first understand his business needs like what is required for the growth of the business, what genre of app development can prove highly beneficial, among other things. Additionally, you need to know whether a hybrid, native, or web app is the way to go for the app development process.

    Among these arrays of confusion, it is highly important to emerge out with the right choice. Before looking on to the various options and features you want to see in your app, it is better to revise what your actual needs from the app are. This will lead to the smooth following of further processes.

  • Recognize your Customer Needs

    After attaining 100% satisfaction in what you want, proceed on to the next important step of your customer needs. A successful businessman must have a thorough knowledge of the needs and wants of his consumer. Knowing only about your needs does not serve the whole purpose of developing a great mobile app. It is equally important to know what your consumer expects from your end.

    Recognize your Customer Needs

    If your consumer is looking to shop for something from you remotely, then they are definitely in want of a simple mobile app that can provide them with the same feature. On other hand, if they are looking for a mobile app that can reward them with an additional feature of rewarding points, then they are expecting more than just a simple app.

    This can serve various benefits in the coming time as it will make you come closer to your consumers by knowing about their time-to-time needs and it will also help in building a wide network of loyal consumers for your organization.

  • The Choice between Freelancer & a True Mobile App Development Company

    This is a crucial decision that can make or break the project. Choosing between a dedicated Mobile App Development Company and a Freelancer must be taken wisely.
    All apps are created with the desired, appropriate standards. So, they vary in their development. However, if your business varies between mid-large business, then you might not even consider a freelancer for the completion of your assigned task. As per my opinion, mobile apps must be designed and developed by a true mobile app development company as apps hold a significant part of the business.

    Below is a brief differentiation between the two that can help in presenting things in more bright light for you:

    1. Unable to develop apps as per the organization’s scale. Holds the skills of developing apps as their primary business.
    2. Works on their scheduled timings. Treat your task as their own and provide a with24*7 assistance.
    3. Are not insured about the development of your app. Are highly confident and insured about the development of your app.
    4. Can’t be the best at all trades performed from their end. Are best at what they do and they also have constant technical support on their side.
    5. Does not provide the app’s post-launch support. Treat your app as their own before and after its launch.
  • On-Time Project Delivery

    Ensure about the reputation of the dev company before shaking hands with them. Interrogating about the fact that your decided company holds the capability of delivering their projects on time or not can make things run in a smooth manner for your business. It is highly important for your business to deliver the promised app to your consumers in a specified period of time.

    A Mobile App Development Company adhering to such terms and policies can make your investment sound appropriate and wise. It is better to interrogate a little before putting up all your hard-earned money into waste.

  • Check on Client References

    Getting access to the first-hand experience of someone prior to your experience can actually be beneficial for you. It can help in safeguarding you from a wrong decision or can motivate you further for taking up the right choice.

    A well-informed decision includes looking up at the client references or testimonials of the app’s development company. This will let you gain better and thorough knowledge about the brands they have worked with, the types of problems faced by them, and the solutions opted for maintaining their good reputation with their clients.

    This will also make you aware of the strengths and weaknesses of the app development company, as per their client’s references. It will also serve as an eye-opener about what the company pitches about themselves and what the clients have to say about them.

  • A White Label App or a Fully Custom App?

    This is closely related to your needs and requirements. Some Mobile App Development Companies will make a somewhat related combo of all your requirements thus, providing you with a package of ‘White Label Apps’.
    This may sound attractive for some companies as it saves on your cost, but in the end, it does not cater to your individual needs. This option may save you bucks in the first stage, but later it will prove as a cost sink rather than being cost-effective.

    A White Label App or a Fully Custom App?

    Although you will be shocked to know that 99 out of 100 companies opt for the use of Fully Custom App instead of going for the White Label App. A White Label App may suit your company’s needs, but the use of a Fully Custom App will serve your individual or specific needs along with the spice of perfection.

  • Experience of App Developers

    A perfect team of experienced developers can make your business boat reach the shore. Before taking the final decision of falling for the services of a mobile app development company, look on to its experience and also the experience of its technical developers. A good company will be equipped with a team of experienced and professional app developers. An experienced workforce offers a level of unmatched craftsmanship which is further required for creating a visually soothing yet powerful mobile app.

    A team of such professionals will not only help in tailoring the app as per your needs and demands, but they will also make sure to go for the app’s timely release. They will also take care of the difficulties faced by users even after the successful launch of a mobile app. Their hard-earned experience will make them provide instant and appropriate solutions to the problems faced during the launch and after the launch of a mobile app.

A Word of Care…

Choosing the best Mobile App Development Company may not be as easy as it sounds. However, one does have to be thorough with his taken final decision. A small mistake of opting for the wrong one may prove as a major earthquake for your foundation stones of the company’s further success. This can further hamper your reputation in the market as well as in the eyes of your consumers.

Most businesses opt for a cheaper option in their initial stages as it appears to be the most attractive option suiting to their organization’s fund. However, as time passes by, they start regretting their decision. Here, the most important thing is not to go for the cheaper ones, but to opt for the one which can sound cost-effective in the later stages of your business.

The Solution

The best solution to this high-rated problem is to evaluate all the possible points of considerations before making the final call. Their pitch of success, their past experience, their reputation with their former clients, their list of skills and capabilities, their ability to hold on to their promise of on-time delivery, their opted solutions to the overcome hurdles, their process of developing a perfect and suitable mobile app are some of the underrated factors that need to be given utmost importance while selecting a best Mobile App Development Company for your business.

Moreover, holding the position of a Mobile App Development Company does not bound a company to the sphere of developing a needful mobile application, but it opens up to the wide spectrum of providing a full-time post-launch technical assistance too. Ensuring a bug-free mobile application, providing further levels of upgradations to the mobile app, listening to the difficulties faced during its user experience, and providing required solutions to the raised issues during the app’s usage are some of the points that must be catered to the client as post app launch assistance by the best Mobile App Development Company.

This not only ensures the smooth functioning of the mobile app, but it also helps in the build-up and maintenance of strong and long-lasting business relations between a business firm and obviously a best Mobile App Development Company.

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