How to Build a Healthy Relationship With Your Customer?

As I remember my first interaction with my client “Sean” and by default due to nervousness I pronounced his name as Sean which actually sounds out as “Shaun”.

Thereafter, he immediately corrected me on how to pronounce it correctly. This eventually leads to a dose of laughter, but somewhere down the line, we both knew that this was something unprofessional. But because of his manageable nature, we were able to overcome this awkward situation with an overshadowing of our laughter session.

Initially, he was the client of my earlier company, but in today’s scenario, we can be termed as very good friends and even have a connection on social media.

After that, I became an ace for that organization, especially with Sean on that particular project. So, it solely depends on you how you want to make any relationship with the client and how long you can carry that valuable relationship.

Well, this was my personal experience that eventually made me realize the importance of having a valuable and professional relationship with clients. After all Customer relationships are the basis for any business and Managing a Customer relationship is the key factor for any business.

Without a proper planning and effective framework for client relationship, service delivery lacks consistency and an important and valuable Relation may suffer simply due to this.

What Is a Customer Relationship?

The Interaction between a client/customer and an organization throughout their business relationship, their conversation about services, friendly relation, creating emotional and healthy relations is what we all come to the tree of nurturing a strong customer relationship.

This tree lays out further branches, like becoming a loyal customer. This branch can be grabbed easily by building a good, positive and stable relationship with the client.

What Is a Customer Relationship?

There is always a scope of positive and meaningful conversation with the customers. Without this, the relationship cannot be carried forward as it is.

According to Kevin Stirtz”, the author of “More Loyal Customers”,

Every contact we have with a customer influences whether or not they will come back. We have to be great every time or we will lose them.”

Customer relationship serves as the key to understanding the customers in a broader light. It is obviously very hard and difficult to figure out how a company will grow without any current customer connection.

The 7 pillars of customer service

Well, don’t scratch your head anymore over it anymore. Certain guidelines can make you approach your consumers in a better manner, thus gaining their loyalty and trust in return. So, here we go.

Service is the Key to Successful Relationship

The Backbone of any important Customer relationship is ‘service’. Here, the Service is not limited to just one thing, but it has many vital components including Honesty, Integrity, Quick response, Pro-activeness, Maintaining personal Relationships, and much more.

Without good service, it is very difficult to hold onto a client. So, at the end of the day what matters is your service. If you are equipped with Fast and Good services, then nothing can stop you from achieving the heights of success.

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Keep In Touch with Your Customers

There should be regular communication in terms of maintaining a good relationship with the client. Maintaining a database for old ones and searching out for new customers can help in maintaining a strong connection with your customers.

Updating your customers about new offers of the company, its news, sales, marketing, or any other initiatives not only helps you be in touch with your customers, but it also helps in gaining loyalty in return from their end.

Immediate Action On Raised Issues

Immediate action must be taken in case of complaints from customers. Yeah, perform your action right after the complaint raised! In order to be a successful businessman, one should provide Quick Resolutions to any of the complaints or problems raised by the clients.

If possible a free product or Service Discount offer can be offered to customers as a compensation. This will make your customer service a marketing mouth for your brand recognition.

Hear Out Your Customer

A good listener is one who understands things really well. In case of client interaction, it is very important to listen and understand the requirement of the client carefully and only then proceed to further discussions.

One of the best ways of understanding things is to provide them with an opportunity to speak as well as ask for their opinions, which gives them the liberty to share their experience with you.

By patiently listening to them and providing them with ample opportunities to present their thoughts in any conversation, you put the ball in your court. In this way, you can show them that your care and attention come with no price tags.

Always do your best to provide quick and personalized replies, while practicing active listening. 

Build and Maintain Personal Relations

Communication is the key to win any situation with a client. This can work well towards creating and maintaining a good customer relationship. During any conversation, you can address your customer by their name and make them feel special, thus making them build a positive perception in their mind about your company.

Personalizing your communication and Exchanging your knowledge with the client displays your corporate yet strong connection with them.

Be Quick, Proactive, and Attentive for Clients

Always be proactive and attentive towards the clients. Be an all-time active listener to them and always be on your feet to respond quickly to their queries.

Show Empathy and reflect them that you are quick enough to hold onto the responsibility. However, please avoid the use of canned responses as much as possible over here.

Be Patient and Honest

One should be very patient in building new relations all the time. Engaging yourself in a hurry can make things appear clumsy and unarranged from your end.

Be honest and realistic about the services you provide to the customers. If the organization has a good culture, then you are sure to attract ‘n’ number of customers for your organization. This is because your employee ratings serve as a mirror for your organization.

Hold on to Your Genuinity

Be genuine and original most of the time. Over pretending will only create a negative image for your organization. Forming a long-lasting and healthy relationship will play an important role in any organization’s success.

Each and every relationship with any of the clients is unique as this will serve as the building block of any organization’s survival.

Hold on to Your Genuinity

Pave Way to a Healthy Relationship

Get, Set, and Go

  1. Try to solve the problem as soon as it is raised to avoid any kind of conflict or misunderstanding.
  2. Try to resolve your issues with the concerned person directly, rather than making it a public issue. This leads to better communication and further healthy relationship.

Common Failure Points

Listen, Understand and Act!

  1. Lack of Communication and Misunderstanding with the client can be regarded as the topmost reasons for failure towards building a good and healthy customer relationship. Fewer resources or staff, for a particular task, can also be one of the reasons for the same.
  2. Another strong reason for common failure is procrastination. If the complete information or data is not circulated well, then it can create a lot of problems with the client.


Well, this was my personal experience in terms of the Client Relationship. After following and analyzing the same, one can easily handle their customers and deal with them in a proper manner. After all, why not be polite, Genuine, and a winner towards your customers!

Treat all your staff positively and handle your customers with transparent communication, care, patience and soon they will become an asset for you and your organization. So just go and win the world!

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