How To Manage Products in The Customer Centric Way?

The heart of your eCommerce store is the products that you’re selling to your customers. And believe us! this can be a daunting task for every store owner. You need to present a huge array of products to attract your customers. Product segregation is required in order to make shopping easy for online customers. Customers purchase by product style and then decide the variations according to the different size and color. Suppose you sell a shirt then you need to organize its style, sizes and colors. So to present it in the most convenient and logical way.

Thus it is the most challenging quests for merchants. Today in this blog you can read how you can easily manage the products in a customer centric way. For this you have to determine the types of the products you are displaying in your store. In order to ensure shopping workflow you need to understand the product types:

Simple Product Types

Simple products are easy to understand with no variations according to the size and color. They have single stock keeping unit(SKU). They can be shipped anywhere according to the configuration of your shipping options. Products fall in this category have 40+ default attributes for example price, description, SKU and more. They also have custom attributes but you cannot manage the inventory for each option. For example if you are running sports footwear eCommerce store then a sport shoe will be your default product. Your customer can’t change the color and size of the shoe. So the product category page on your site would show white shoes with 9,9.5,10 sizes. Your customers cannot change the options but you can do it. Why not? you see the example of this below image you’ll get an idea how it seems on your store.

Configurable Products

Here Magento’s product system feature plays a vital role. Configurable products are the products that give your customers multiple options. You can easily control inventory for one product with multiple options at one place. They are good to go for the stuff that comes in various sizes, colors, and styles such as clothing. You can start with configurable product settings and select inventory for multiple attributes.

Now take the example of the sports shoe that we discussed in simple product type. Suppose now you want to spread your wings and offer customers with vivid options. You can create configurable products that help you to add an option. These options are allowed by Magento’s attribute system. This will give customers more choices and increase the chances of continuous buying.

Here you can take one more example that gives you an idea how configurable product look on your Magento store.

Grouped Products

Grouped product is the collection of the simple products that suits in one category together. Now take again the example of above shoe’s store. Suppose you want to offer products that are required to maintain sports shoes. You add a brush, shoe polish and laces and want to offer to your customers. In this way you have created a group category. You can also set discounts on purchasing these items as a deal. With the help of these products you can make shopping easier for your customers.

Virtual Products

As indicated by name virtual product is an intangible product. They are more like as services that you offer to your customers. They include subscriptions, warranties and more. They have no shipping weight and shipping options. Again take the example of sport shoe’s online store where you want to add more departments. Suppose you want to add shoe cleaning service. So your customer can go to your website and opt for sport shoe cleaning. This is a virtual product in your store that your customers can buy.So here free online shoe dry clean service is a virtual product.

Bundled Products

Bundled products are simple or virtual products that you can’t be sold individually. They have to bundle together to give customer right combination of choices. For example in order to buy shoe laces you customers have to buy shoe cleaning service as well. This means shoe cleaning service is a bundle product that your customers have to buy while opting for shoe laces.

Downloadable Products

Here comes the last type of product and that is downloaded products. These are the products that customers can download from your store. ebook, software are the best examples of these products. You can charge for them or if it gives some kind of knowledge then you can keep it for free. If customers buy the products from your store they can download eBook complimentary.

At the End..

Thus being a Magento eCommerce owner you should consider above product types before dwelling your store. Selection of right product type is very essential to achieve the good number of sales. Without proper structure shopping become cumbersome for the customers. Therefore, depending on what merchandise you are selling you need to put them in correct product types.
Thus Magneto provides across-the-board range of products. As a Magento store owner you can maximize your sales and revenues with the best customers experience.

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