How Newly Designed Web Pages Improve Your Value Proposition?

You must have heard these two very important words: read & understand.

Your Value Proposition should be read and understand by your targeted audience. Then only it gives you more conversions. Now before talk further let me give you a brief what Value Proposition is all about?

What is Value Proposition?

Value Proposition means a promise of value to be delivered in exchange for something. When we talk about conversions Value Proposition means a set of perceived benefits and cost. This is in the mind of the prospect while taking your call to action. Your Value Proposition is a primary reason for a prospect should buy from you. This Value Proposition can be on your homepage, landing page or sales page.

Why is Value Proposition Needed?

Your Value Proposition is the first thing that determines whether visitors will stay on your website or hit the back option. Value Proposition can be a super hit trick if you use it in a right way. It can give a huge boost to your conversions.

See the less your business is known in WWW, the stronger Value Proposition you need. I know that this is the last thing which comes to your mind while building your website. It is not the glamorous thing for you. But remember Value Proposition is what you need to communicate to your visitors very clearly. This is the magic wand by which you can win more conversion. Before jump how you can improve your value proposition. Let’s first understand the reasons why you need to redesign the landing pages.

“Induce your visitor’s flight to land on your landing page.”

A landing page always gives the first impression to your visitor about your business. The catchiness of your landing page will decide whether a visitor will stick on it or hit the back button. Now if you are using the same landing page for 3 years then you need to glance it once again. Sit quietly and see that is really your landing page still, has that dazzling effect?

Or it’s faded already. We are giving you some good reasons to consider redesigning landing pages.

Not getting enough conversions

The very first reason can be-NO Conversions. Sometimes it happens that if the landing page is quite old but still giving you good conversions. But sometimes it may not. So when you are realizing that you are not getting enough conversions from your landing pages. You need to refresh it with some new dazzling design. Redesign landing page with adds some specific information which visitors want to opt-in. Add more offers, discounts, free words to make it more inducing. Even rethink about the color scheme. Don’t leave more white space.

Not a mobile-friendly

We are living in Mobile-Era. Your landing page very much required to respond to every class of mobile. Check it how your landing page looks on mobile phones before you publish it. Your template must be mobile-responsive, see how the page looks in mobile inside the leadpage. See if you have any image that may distract your call to action you need to hide it.You need to redesign your landing pages that are mobile-friendly.

Traffic not from targeted Audience

It happens many times that you think you should get the organic traffic only from your targeted audience. But everytime it’s not possible. You have to figure it out that from where you are getting traffic. It’s may possible that your landing page is outdated for your existing buyers. And new prospects are coming but not turning into conversions. This can happen due to an outdated version of your landing page. So redesign it with the latest information, offers, and discounts. You give a bag-full information in your new landing pages to your new prospects.

New Brand Name

If your business got a new brand name so do your landing pages need a brand new makeover. If your business now became a brand then, of course, you need to redesign landing pages. You need to highlight your brand product in your landing pages so that it makes you well known amongst your old and new buyers.

Add new functionalities

With a span of time technology keeps on raising its bar. The everyday new functionality we can see on landing pages. So here what you need to do as well. It’s high time for digital marketing. Your landing pages should be full of different digital tools like SEO, conversion-focused pages, social media, and compelling visuals. Yes to flex your marketing muscles you need to add more functionality on your landing pages.

Your purpose has changed

The foremost reason you need to redesign your landing page is your purpose. If your business purpose has been changed then it’s high time for you to redesign your landing page. You need to tell to your audience that you are into new business line. You need to guide your existing buyers. You also required educating your new prospects about your new arena. Your landing pages should be redesign in such a way that it gives you more organic traffic.

So readers an idea of redesign your landing page can be a facelift for your business. Make you look more trendy-professional. Your landing page as a fresh new model will help you to boost more conversions. Go for it-give it a new look.

Best Ways to improve your Value Proposition


Your Value Proposition is for the audience to read and understand it. That means your idea should be so crisp that it triggers your visitor in just one visit. Clarity in Value Proposition is the problem where marketers are still juggling with. Your offer or promise of value on any of the page must be clear-cut. You must avoid ambiguity. Then only it makes more sensible and catchy for your visitors to convert them into buyers.


You must see that your Value Proposition must have some attributes to make it more appealing. It must have:
The main headline
A supporting headline
Minimum of four bullet points explaining features of your product
Detailed section of features
In order to have a good Value Proposition, your headline must nail it. It should be so catchy that it makes feel the visitors that they land on the right page. So make it crisp-make it beautiful.

Visitor Language

If you want that your Value Proposition must win thousands of conversion that you should make it reading –friendly. This means that you must use the language which is easily read and understand by your visitors. Gerg Ciotti said “Catch-all language is the antithesis of communicating value”.Your language should be simple that depict your idea and promise very clearly.


Once you are thinking about Value Proposition you must be able to differentiate between UVP and UCP. Your website homepage communicate your Unique Value Proposition. Whereas landing page job is to communicate Unique Campaign Proposition. Now you need to figure it out that campaign is not the same as a proposition. You need to make it according to a need of an hour.


The last thing you need to do is to test your Value Proposition. As its take just 5 seconds to the visitors to decide whether to stick to your website or go back. You can do a small test on your website. This will not require you to make any kind of change in your website. Test it simply to check that the message is clearly articulated to your audience.

So entrepreneur still you need to go far longer to get more conversions. It’s not only your website design, images or graphics can give you more conversions. But your Value Proposition also has an important role to fetch you desired buyers

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