How to keep yourself stress-free at work?

To feel stressed in the workplace is quite unavoidable.

But then there are two different things which have a great influence:

How much strained and stressed you are and how normally it happens.

To handle the situations which are stressful in your daily life and which give whole lot unnecessary and unavoidable burden that is really not needed we should have some smart habits. There are times when we feel tired before the week has just begun. At times we are just speechless about our own situations. We often have an upset stomach, burning headaches and start to feel all exhausted and drained out.

Well, what you can do about it? How can you be less stressful in the workplace?

So in this blog, I have shared as many tips as possible, which I have personally applied to have a stress free life. Hope you like these and follow the same into your routine.

This blog will be mainly focusing on how to avoid and be away from stressful situations. It also contains numerous effective habits which will help you to deal with a stressful situation when by chance you land in the middle of some.

I will be hoping that you are able to find many useful tips from the ones I will be sharing. You should start using any of the recommended ones in your daily life which should start at this point only. You will see a difference as you will start feeling less stressful and much lighter and relaxed.

Let’s just start with it:

1. Always do one thing at a time

It’s the best mantra to start your journey of feeling less stressed. Always take up one thing at a time. No matter if it is at your personal front or professional front. This will come out to be as helpful by making the things at your end easier to focus and get the work of good quality just right and on time. This way at least you don’t have to ponder back to the work to get it right again. This will get time-consuming and frustrating at times.

If you have things going together in a day it is advisable to set some time for each. And when doing them together just be alert and more focused. That’s when you have to compile the result of multi-tasking.

2. Better write everything which matters

The best and the easiest way to remember things are to be done. Write down everything which is important as well as not. Everything means the things that are ranging from jobs to be done, to the thoughts, ideas and other stuff. It helps you to focus on most important ones first. And the other thing is then there is no need to worry about forgetting the things. It frees your mind for better focusing.

3. Everyone should keep the daily to-do list very small

About a year back for me there was no to-do list to follow. I felt that I was only able to do very less in a day. And when the day would come to an end I would realize that I have actually done nothing.

Well, I started to maintain a to-do list. And as I had a number of things in that I would end up so exhausted and tired at the end of the day.

So best which worked was having a to-do list with just 2-3 most important work to be done in the day. By doing this, I felt very less stressed and much happier by the end of the day. I feel happy as the tasks I take in to-do list are complete well and on time.

4. Let the molehills be just that rather make it a mountain

The best way to make the day and your life easier, lighter and with less stress is to not build huge mountains out of molehills. In simple words better not to create unwanted drama and think or create an issue out of something which is of no use to us. Much better would be to sideline that stuff and concentrate on the better things at hand.

Let me tell you how to handle this.

Well, when some big problem is starting to build in your mind you must first just hold that problematic thought there. This would help you to pause and become more open. It will change your line of thinking.

At this point you can ask yourself will this matter 5 weeks from now. Or maybe even 5 days from now. Follow this step and help yourself to build fewer mountains out of very little things in your life.

5. Spending time on solving the problem

The better and the less time-consuming way to have a life which is stress-free is to just focus on solving the issue or any problem there and then, better to do this other than just sitting and thinking about the same problem again and again. You sit and think of the problem, you only increase it to another upper level.

6. It is better to ask instead of guessing

That’s the worst we can do to increase the stress in our minds. We sit and do a job which is really hard to do, ‘reading the minds’.

Well, don’t you think that it’s better to go and ask the questions about the doubts you have? This will simplify the things at your disposal. You would have less unnecessary conflicts and negativity surrounding you. You will save your time as you would not be wasting your time thinking useless things.

7. Being ready with your stuff packed a night before

That is the best way to stay hassle free the coming morning. The less stress in the morning the less carried forward during the day. Taking out sometime before going to bed to pack your stuff helps you not to forget important things. It gives you time to recheck your stuff.

8. Balancing between fully absorbed work with rest is needed

It is better to take rest while working and between two different jobs to be done. Like when you are working with full concentration in front of your computer for 50mins better take rest for 10mins after that. Take a short walk, grab a snack, chat with a friend anything to fresh your mind with. This will help you to avoid building up stress and relax during the day.

9. Making a set and clear limits for yourself through the day

It is very much important to be able to break building stress in your body.

Put a limit on yourself by avoiding your best to do any work related task before 9 in the morning and after 8 in the late evening. Setting the limit will also clarify others that there is no possibility to disturb you other than the available time mentioned.

10. Detach by end of the week

Very true it is that the weekends are there to help to find a balance between weekly work and rest. You can do this by staying away from work and also not available online. Just be a little alert for important work which essentially requires your personal guidance.

One more thing I would also love to advise that if you have work phone better leave it at workplace only. Or much better is put it on silent and attend when time and feel like it. I will be pretty sure we all accomplish our weekly goals on time so that we can relax on the weekend. The set limits for yourself are something which will help you to deal with the stress.

It is better when at the office, think about office work. And when at home better live your life with your family and near and dears. Mixing these lives and making a cocktail will only give you unwanted stress and a lifeless life.

11. Take out time to do what you love to do

It is better to learn how you will be able to get necessary things done as quickly as can be without getting lost in “have to”. The best is to prioritize what is of utmost importance to you. This will save out your time during the wanted weekends or evenings to do what you love doing.

You might just love spending time with your immediate family, go through a book, writing a blog, try your hands at any sport etc., in that matter anything which you enjoy. To help yourself to have a feeling of happiness take out time for your hobbies. Doing things which make you happy also spreads happiness around you. It helps your surroundings to be positive. It will make you stress-free and make you energetic also.

12. Delegate the things is as important

Why do you think that everything is to be done by you? It’s not necessary for you to ponder on everything and do it. It is important for every perspective to delegate the stuff at hand to others also. Better to ask someone to connect with you for completing the work by assigning them with a portion mastered by them. It will help you to get the work done on time and by master hands.

13. Eliminate unwanted things

Ask yourself what do you actually have to do whatever is mentioned in your schedule? What are the things that you can eliminate altogether without or with very fewer consequences?

Do you even have to do each bit of that is on your to-do list? Which are the things you can stop doing altogether with no or very few consequences?

Can you just reject doing the unwanted things and give much needed time to the needed ones?

So better go through the entire thing which you usually do in a day or so and find out what are the things which you need to throw out from your list all by itself. Unnecessary work unnecessary tension.

14. Be 15mins early where you have to reach

This is a wonderful thing. It helps you avoid reaching a place before and settling yourself with a free mind. This can also transform your traveling from stressful situations to relaxing pieces of time in my day.

15. Asking questions will always let you stay on the right track

One best way to have clarity over the work to be done and what actually matters is to ask oneself questions regularly. Questions such as: What is the most important work to be done now? Do I really need to ponder over this? Questions can be many but the answer which you have to achieve should be taking you near to your goal.

The best way to remember to question oneself is to write the question in some notepad and paste at a place you regularly see.

16. Have slow and relaxing lunchtime

Lunch is sometimes you have in the mid of the day. The time when you are the most equipped person in the whole day. So instead of just gulping it down your throat eats your lunch slowly. Yes eat the lunch slowly and take that time to relax. This midday relaxation will charge you up for the leftover day.

It not only gives you time to relax but also to relish what you are eating.

17. Keep your workplace simple and clean

The best way to focus on what you are doing is to keep your workplace simple. A simple and clean workplace with a few flowers, a glass of water and laptop is what you need.

Simplicity at the workplace makes it easier, relaxed and undistracted way to work.

18. Have fewer distractions at work hours

As a simple workplace makes it easier to focus likewise keeping away from other distractions makes it easier to work as well. You will always find it easier to focus when you keep yourself away from distractions like phone, instant chatting etc.

By doing this, it makes it easier to focus and also gets your work done on time and with fewer mistakes. This, in turn, makes you less stressed and angry.

19. Get the stressed job done first

An incomplete task is the one that plummets around in the back of your mind causing quite a bit of stress and constructiveness within. So when you know that you have any one of these then ask yourself:

What will be that one small thing you can do today to get that thing finished soon?

Then do take that small first step and put yourself in the gesture towards finishing it.

20. It is ok if not done today; you have a day tomorrow too

At times it’s a bad day for you. Or you might have some unwanted interference in life as well which may hinder your today’s work. Due to such reasons, you are not able to do what you might have planned for.

Don’t just need to get stressed about it. Just relax and help yourself thinking that you do have a day tomorrow as well. Do some amendments and get your job fixed the next day. To sit and think about the undone work will only mess your mind. It will only make you lose your confidence and motivation.

21. Fix a place for everything

The best way to stay in order is to fix a place for everything. Keeping the things back to the place where you would usually find them, helps to save lots of time. Time is being saved for useful and necessary things to be carried out. It also reduces the stressful time you may be using to find the things you need.

22. Personal advice: check the mailbox just only when needed

It is better to check and process your emails, personal accounts, social media accounts minimal at the time of work hours. They only consume your time and occupy you for some of the other unnecessary work. And, when you realize that you have been preoccupied with unnecessary stuff, it stresses you. So, it’s better to put the checking of such accounts on hold until the last hours of the day.

23. Have a limited intake of information on the daily basis

There are times when we subscribe ourselves to a number of newsletters and blogs and then hardly go through them. Now is the time to sort them into few important ones. When you know those are important, you would take out some specific time to go through them.

Each day goes through few and takes in the information which seems to be necessary and of use. You can save it for future use and get rid of the issue to remember them. This way you take in limited and important information only.

24. Listen to what your body and mind say

When you think you have got stuck somewhere, it is the sign that you are getting stressed and need time to relax. That is the time you have to listen to your mind and body and save oneself from getting into trouble. In this case, you should just stop your work at a reasonable point and do things which drain out stress.

Things, like reading a book, spending lazy time in bed, going out on a weekend etc., is the mantra to rejuvenate. It would cost nothing to be kind to one.

25. Stay in the present

It is said that you can’t change the past and predict the future. Better to stay in the present. When you spend your time thinking about the past mistakes and imagining what will be the future, you are wasting your time in the present. It will only make you worried about the things which are already out of your hands and are still not in your hands.

When you think you are getting lost in any of it, better take out time to just see what is going on near you. It’s the best way you can again get reconnected to the present.

26. Perfection comes slowly

You have to realize that you cannot be perfect each time. At times you just have to complete the work on time matching the reasonable quality goals. Each time when you do a thing you learn something new for the next time. And, when you include that learned thing next time: that is perfection.

27. Better to talk it out

A friend in need is a friend indeed. That is also one of the mantras I use and advice. When you have a friend, talking to him or her is the best gift. Talking will help you to vent out your stress and also call for some useful advice. Just letting it out to a friend also helps you to analyze

the issue at hand.

As when you let it out you will also be able to understand that is it worth to get stress about this issue? Is it that I am just making mountains out of molehills?

It gives answers to lots of things and helps you reduce the stress.

28. Thinking larger perspective

At times you fall into a victim of overthinking about something which only brings stress to your life. At that time you should zoom out of your narrow perspective and think in on larger ones.

The best question asked to oneself which clarifies is: what if someone is having it more badly than me?

Then I take it as a challenge to solve it rather than stress over it.

29. At times, slow down your pace

I have realized that at times I feel stressed just because I am doing all the things much quickly than needed. Yes, that’s the time you need to slow your work pace. By slowing down you get a more clear vision of what you are doing. You get clearer with your thoughts and ideas.

At the starting, it might sound a little irritating to be slow. But you start feeling good when you realize that the unnecessary stress is being worn off your shoulders. You feel lighter, happy and calm.

31. Be calm and Breathe

Breathing is the best exercise to release the built up stress. It helps you to relax and unwind. It connects you to the present with more energy. And this energy in return helps you focus better on the things in hand. It helps you stay away from the stressful situations.

32. Three useful fundamentals of energy

Yes, be very vigilant about the three fundamentals of energy: Getting enough satisfactory sleep, eating right and healthy and take exercise including yoga at least 3 days a week.

These seem to be very obvious. But how you manage time for them is a task. You should and have to put these fundamentals to proper and regular use.

33. Better take care of today

Focus only on that. Forget about all those tomorrows and yesterdays. Do small things, narrow your focus to the important and just take care of today. Afterward, take care of what will come tomorrow. This one is very helpful when you feel overcome with things.

Here I finish the tips I put to better use. Even when you follow the ones you are comfortable with you just can live a less stressed life. Less stress makes a place home and a successful work.

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