How Magento is A Boon For eCommerce Business?

We are living in WWW era where the internet has grown as billion users active community. This opens the avenues for merchants those who are looking for effective way to reach to their target online customers.

As these days eCommerce hitting the market by fire customers demand more. They just not only concerned about the products that online stores are offering but also want to enjoy the add-on services. So if you are a proud merchant and want to step into eCommerce industry then choosing the right platform for your business can be a daunting task. You’ll have to face the tough fight to establish your brand supremacy over others.

This gives a rise to the need of a platform that serves you with all sorts of functionalities to make your online store more user-friendly. So with no doubts, Magento must be your first choice to give a successful start to your online store. Let’s get into the details and see how Magento is a boon for eCommerce business.

A Brief About Magento

If you are a newbie to Magento then you can understand it as, an open source eCommerce platform that can customize and configure in a number of ways. It offers you wide range of extension options with a high technical ability that effectively leverages this robust platform. It has the ability to make online stores even bigger than before. From the very beginning, developers became the fan of its open-source nature. Big brands preferred Magento because of its high-end functionalities that give amazing user experience and boost their sales.

Here you can read some interesting facts about Magento:

  • Magento originally developed by Varien in early 2007.
  • It named after the color called magenta that was the color of its first logo.
  • It has two versions: Magento Community and Magento Enterprise.
  • Magento Community(Open Source)Version is free and Magento Enterprise(Commerce)is premium
  • In February 2011 eBay acquired 49% share in Magento.
  • There are 500,000 downloads of Magento recorded in its first launching year.
  • Magento takes the first place in the Alexa Top 1M ratings in popularity and market share.
  • Magento searched more than the word eCommerce in Google.
  • 124,926 Magento users are based in the USA
  • Magento logo is inspired by the game Dungeons and Dragons.
  • Official Magento Market Place has 2963 Extensions.
  • 240,032 active websites developed on Magento framework.
  • Nike, Ford, Samsung, Nescafe, Lenovo, Coca-Cola are the leading brands using Magento.

Magento Versions

Above brands use Magento to propel their online business. So till now, you can analyze the popularity of Magento. Once you go in detail you’ll come to know that there are two versions of Magento. Let’s talk in detail so that you can choose the best one.


Magento Community Magento Enterprise
Magento Community or Magento CE is a free open source version of Magento. You can easily customize the core codes based on your store requirements. It has flexible and feature rich platform that makes it a good option for small or medium eCommerce store. You can also get good support  from the entire Magento Community as well if you run into any kind of technical problem. Magento Enterprise or Magento EE is a premium and paid version of Magento. Its advance and high-end features made it popular for eCommerce brands. It helps all the giants eCommerce stores to power up their sales. You’ll get the full technical support by phone and email from the team. Its package includes security, unique features and more functionalities with license fees as well.

Magento Community or Magento Enterprise

Whether you step into eCommerce business for the first time or you already have an established online brand you must know these properties. They will help you to understand that what version is more suitable for your online store. Have a look at them!

Properties Magento Community Magento Enterprise
Functionality Basic functionalities Advanced functionalities
Scalability Average scalability Faster scalability
Security Lacks advance payment security Fully secured payment
Indexing Manual Indexing Automatic Indexing
Visual Merchandiser Need 3rd Party Extension In-built
RMA System(Return Merchandise Authorization System Need 3rd Party Extension In-built
Pricing Free Paid
Store Credits No store credits It has store credits
Customer Segmentation No Yes
CMS No CMS It has CMS tool

How to Choose?

These are the main properties that you can consider while choosing the best Magento version for your eCommerce store. Though it’s always recommended to opt for the version that suits your business requirements and your budget. Magento Community is good to go for small and medium size online stores. Whereas Magento Enterprise Edition is beneficial for big eCommerce companies.

So if you want to launch your brand in eCommerce industry then go for Magento Community that cost you comparatively less. But if your online store already getting a warm response from your targeted audience and you want to add-on some more high-end functionalities to it then switch to Magento Enterprise. It is the right way to go to enhance users experience and give a strong boost to your online sales as well.

How is Magento Boon to Your Business?

Magento Community or Magento Enterprise what to choose is all your call. But Magento can bring amazing benefits to your eCommerce store that none of the other simple platforms can give you. Here you can read the reasons why Magento can do for your eCommerce business:


Magento has user-friendly WYSIWYG(What You See Is What You Get)editor. With this, you can easily customize web pages without touching the codes. In this way, you can create more interesting and user engaging content for your store. If you are planning for in-house development then also you do not need to be tech-savvy to work on WYSIWYG editor. It is simple to use and you can modify the pages beautifully.

Extremely Secure Gateways

Magento comparatively provides extremely secured gateways. It complies PA-DSS that means Magento has global standards for secure payments. It follows around 14 critical safeguard process to protect every transaction and its details. This feature of Magento will ensure safe payment to your customers. In this way, you can win their trust and they get encouraged to make a continuous purchase from your eCommerce store.

Advance Features

You can give your online customers a real-time experience with adding the advanced features of Magento. It may include product attributes, reward points, gift cards and more. Apart from that as a merchant you can get CMS, inventory management, purchase management, barcode, store pick up and lots of other advanced extensions that help you to manage your overall online store without any hustle. This is the fact that you can get these advanced features only in Magento Enterprise version that cost you bit more than CE version.

Multiple Store Fronts

You can run multiple stores with maintaining a single back-end. With this feature, you are allowed to use unique design and features for different stores in the same business structure. If you’ll get Magento Enterprise edition then you can take care of your other stores with same admin panel. You do not need to invest, again and again, your one-time investment will yield good ROI for you in the future.

SEO Edge

Magento is popular because of one of its unique feature that is Magento SEO. SEO is required for every eCommerce store to enhance its online presence and to lead SERPs. You can easily optimize your eCommerce store and make it Google’s favorite as well. SEO edge will detect if there is any duplicate content on your website, it gives you page traffic reports, indexing, landing pages performance and more. This all will help you to analyze where your store is leading and lacking. On this basis, you can frame your SEO strategies to play good in the eCommerce industry.

Marketing Tools

Next super benefit you can enjoy with Magento is its highly effective marketing tools. The Magento Enterprise package consists different tools and techniques that help you to market your eCommerce store to your targeted customers. You can easily promote your brand online with its unique options such as coupons, private sales, multi-tier pricing, campaigns and more. This will give so much mileage to your business and boost your online sales.

Easy to Cart

Easy to Cart is a very user-friendly feature of Magento. It makes online shopping easy for your customers. This feature helps them to follow step by step process for buying the products from your store. They can easily add their products to the cart and make the secure payment. Customers in this way feel easy to shop and will refer your store for future purchase as well. In this way, they may become your loyal customers.

Mobile Friendly

Magento is always a mobile-friendly open source technology. It allows your scattered online customers to integrate your eCommerce store in multiple devices such as smartphones,iPad, Mac book and more. So that they can access your store anytime from any device they use. Applications and websites developed in Magento give an excellent view of the screens of different sizes. Obviously, your customers will love to buy from your store if they’ll feel so much ease to use it on their devices.

Language & Currency Assistance

This is one of the best features that you can be benefited with Magento. It gives you assistance and support when you deal in different language and currencies. It supports ample of languages from different countries. Customers can change the language of the store content according to their preference. Apart from that if any customer is from any other country then it will convert the price of the product in respective currency. This will make shopping calculations easy for foreign customers and you can also keep the records accordingly. This will help a lot in avoiding currency confusion amongst the customers and give them good shopping experience.

24×7 Support

If you are a newbie or already a seasoned pro you will get 24×7 support from Magento customer services. There must be some limitation of the services in Magento Community but Magento Enterprise Edition consists full-time support from the dedicated team. They’ll solve your easy to complex problems at any point of time through emails.


Being into an eCommerce industry can be a challenging task for you. But once you have decided to jump into this Tsunami you have to manage a lot of things to survive. Thus you are in a need to opt for the platform that gives sturdy foundation to your business. Here Magento is really a boon for you that gives you high-performance eCommerce store. So that you can cater your customer much faster with the great shopping experience and win their hearts. You can do any innovative tweak in Magento framework according to your business requirements. Furthermore, being an open source Magento is going to evolve more. Above are some of the wonders that Magento can bring to your business so choose its best version and be ready to embrace the changes of eCommerce industry for better.

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