How To Make Web App Development Simpler With Laravel?

Making tasks easier or simpler is the secret desire of every individual. Isn’t it so??? Obviously, why won’t anyone switch to the easy process, rather than taking up the long route for following the same process!

And to be very frank, I am one among the clan. Want to know how I saved my time and hard efforts? Keep on reading more for unveiling the smooth process…

A long decade ago (just kidding)…well, may be 2-3 months back :P, I was working on some app development platform and was completely engrossed in investing most of my time and efforts in the same. The app development process which I opted for, was actually a “long route”. But, to my savior, I discovered about “Laravel” and thankfully, most of my issues got solved with ease.

In case you are aiming at the development of a quality website with fewer efforts and minimal time, then Laravel is what you actually need!!! In today’s era, there are so many web technologies that are developed using Laravel.

So, before moving ahead, let me first acknowledge you about ‘what is Laravel’ and ‘what is it related to’?

What is Laravel?


It is a framework used for developing fastest, robust and secure web application’s, every businessman wants to develop applications rapidly and securely. This framework provides a layered structure to understand how to build an application with ease.

It helps with the prevention of rewriting functions, codes such as handling sessions, data validation each time you create a website and Laravel is something that focuses on convenient shortcuts and reusability of the defined function that you mostly used in any web application.

Using frameworks is just like using scientific calculator that can solve the problem with 100% accuracy while doing web development, using core is just as you are calculating maths problem on paper.

Current Version of Laravel

Before proceeding ahead, let’s have a look at the latest version of Laravel.


Scorching More About Laravel…

Laravel is regarded as the most popular PHP framework designed for developing fastest and high-quality web application followed by MVC (Model View and Controller). Below pointers can be described as its highlights:

  • It uses pre-defined object-oriented libraries.
  • Command Line Tool: Through artisan commands, a developer can interact with running database migrations, executing unit tests, and schedule jobs.
  • ORM(Object-relational mapping): It deals with the database.
  • API routing: Laravel gives an API routes file where you can create RESTful API’s.
  • It has its own debugging function.

Did I just mention MVC? Yeah, let’s take a dig into it.

What Is MVC?

mvc model

It stands for Model view controller and it follows a three-layered architecture.

Model – Model represents business logic and data, relates to database management system.

View – View represents the presentation layer.

Controller– Acts as a coordinator between the Model and the View.

MVC ensures a rapid development and helps towards writing maintainable code. It tends to separate each component of a web application, thus turning it into an isolated code.

Choosing Laravel – Why?

It can be confusing while selecting the right PHP framework, especially when you have decided to build a rapid and complex web application for your business.

Laravel offers a build in a tool named as Artisan that works towards connecting with Laravel framework using a command line that further creates and handles the project environment. It will give you enormous ways to modularize your codes and make them look cleaner and easier to read and understand.

It is loaded with MVC feature that helps in improving the performance, allows better documentation and has access to multiple built-in functions. It is an open source and MIT licensed framework because of this it is used by a large number of developers. Moreover, it is also compatible with any platform like Windows, Linux.

Features of Laravel

1. Class Autoloader

This feature helps you to save the time for auto loading the laravel components.

2. Easily Api’s Creation

Laravel gives you a separate API router where you can create API’s by managing your code in one file.

3. Supports Query Builder

It allows in building raw queries and it’s easy inbuilt functions prevents you to write complex database queries.

4. Supports Eloquent ORM

Eloquent ORM is a simple, super fast ORM that makes working with database relations easy. The use of ORM helps with the creation of a database that appears so simple and which is easy to understand.

5. Security

While developing an application everyone has to use some or the other ways to make the application secure, Laravel takes care of the security within its framework.

It uses hashed password, which means that the password would save as the encrypted text in the database. It uses B crypt hashing algorithm for generating encrypted representation of a password

6. Convention Over Configuration

Laravel defines a set of conventions for naming files, classes and database.

7. Blade Template Engine

It uses a blade template engine to speed up compiling tasks.

8. Easy Installation

With the help of composer, you can install Laravel very easily.

How To Use Laravel With Theme Integration?

You must be unaware of the fact that Laravel is also compatible with HTML and bootstrap theme integration as Laravel uses a blade. If you are new in Laravel world and have downloaded the project with a theme and has no idea how to proceed further, then do not worry… You just need to cut your theme into tiny blade templates and then include the templates in your main blade file.

Integrating themes with project makes your website more elegant, a theme is a complete package of HTML pages, CSS and Javascript.

What Others Say About Laravel?

According to, ‘Laravel is the best framework over other frameworks and the reason behind is its huge ecosystem and easy deployment’.

According to, ‘The Laravel is the highly popular framework’ and you can see the recent results below:


laravel data

Now, you must have definitely got the answer for choosing an appropriate and fastest working platform for your web application. In order to convince you more, let’s have a look at the Pros and Cons of this framework:


  1. It provides a very good documentation to understand the whole concept.
  2. Reverse routing concept makes the application faster.
  3. It provides inbuilt validation functions.
  4. Automatic pagination simplifies to implement pagination in the application.
  5. It provides simple login authentication with this you can manage user permission and accessibility into the application easily.


  1. Finding related queries have limited answers.
  2. Support service is not good in comparison to other frameworks.
  3. Some methods and functions are complex.

As per my experience, Laravel helps in creating marvelous applications using simple and expressive syntax. That’s why Laravel is categorized as the most used PHP Framework over the decade since it’s release. It is designed with privileges, giving a developer the flexibility that they need to develop everything from very small sites to massive e-commerce applications.

As my concluding words, I would like to state that this platform can provide you everything which you require for building a good website. If you are a beginner and wants to make a website from scratch, then this framework provides you the complete toolkit to create full-featured web applications. The quick start guide provided by Laravel includes all necessary information from start to end.

So, just have a look and get started!

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