How to improve business communication?

Each day of our life, we tend to exchange our thoughts, ideas and other information with the people around you, people in our family, our friends, relatives, business associates and others. This exchange may be either verbal or non-verbal as explained in the previous units, considering verbal, it may be either oral or written communication.

There is a communication through correspondence which is an exchange of written ideas, opinions, feelings, views etc. among the family, friends, realities, business associates, and other people.

This type of communication which is between business houses, businesspersons, office, etc., referred to as business communication. It may be associated with matters of treads, commerce, and industries. All communication related to matters of purchase and sale of goods, as well as the communication between suppliers and customers, etc. in the form of letters is referred to as business correspondence.

In this unit, you will study about business communication and its significance. Besides that, it also delves into the business letters along with the importance. Furthermore, the unit explains the different types of letters writing components. After that, it explains the layout and process of business letters. At the end of the unit is an explanation of the tools of communication.

Business Communication

Business communication is a skill and all the business organizations ensure interactions with managers, clients, employees and other potential business associates, business communication as referred here involves the interaction between people in the form of letters, telephonic conversation and public relations.

Nowadays, if production is considered as a nation, then consumption would be worldwide, very difficult to connect every customer or retailer. Hence, business communication becomes important. In earlier times, business communication was not essential as business was restricted back then but in today’s competitive business world, business letters and presentation have gained considerable importance due to the enormous expansion of business along with the supply of goods and services.

Business communication helps to bring people, businessperson, and countries closer to each other. Business today wouldn’t survive or proper in the absence of effective and purposeful correspondence.

Importance of business communication

  • Business communication helps to maintain proper business relationships. As already explained, business processes are not restricted to one area, state or nation. We should build business relations worldwide and for that, we need business correspondence, which enables connecting and maintaining a relationship with existing and potential business associates and customers. The could possibly try to get information through letters.
  • This type of communication is both convenient and inexpensive. STD and ISD calls are quite expensive. Therefore, business letters seem to be more convenient and cheaper mode of sending and receiving information even though lengthy.
  • Helps the business by recording communication through all telephonic conversation in a business. Moreover, the records are easy to help remember the earlier communication, if they have been maintaining properly.
  • It can come in handy for future reference. Moreover, if records are maintained well, it may be useful for future reference.
  • It helps to build and maintain goodwill, business organization nowadays spend a great deal in creating and maintaining goodwill. Creating an image is very important for success.
  • Business communication also helps in showing gratitude towards the customers for their support and faithfulness to the products and services of the company.

Features of business letters

A business letter in its content, format as well as its features from other kinds of letters we read or write. There are some significant characteristics of a business letter. One needs to be careful while writing one, so as to avoid any miscommunication or incomplete communication. Listed below are tips to create a good business letter.


A business letter has to be written in coherent and clear language for the receiver. The receiver can able to understand easily what the sender intends to convey. A good correspondent is one who can organize the information in spoiling business relationships.


The fact and figure mentioned in a business letter need to be accurate. Keep in mind that any false statements may cause loss of business and might even lead to legal action, it’s an extreme case. Errors in written correspondence and not good for business.


Time is very valuable for both the receiver as well as the sender. Therefore business letter should be brief and to the point but at the same time complete and unambiguous.


A business letter should contain only relevant information. Irrelevant details are unacceptable.


A business letter needs to be formal, polite, respectful and sensitive. Politeness wins over the reader’s respect and admiration. It maintains the dignity of business.

Convincing power

A business letter aim at expanding the business, which implies winning customer. Therefore, a business letter should be highly persuasive. A correspondent needs to have very good expressive. So that he/she write a letter that is impressive, effective and of course persuasive as well. The power of persuasion of the correspondent depends on his/her letter.


An untidy letter is annoying to the receiver. A good business letter, be it handwriting or typed, should be neat and eye-catching. Besides the essential feature explained above, there are other features that contribute to the outer qualities of the letter.


The quality of the paper used is important because it reflects the economic status of the business organization. One should be careful to select the right kind of paper.


The paper size is generally is the A4 size and this is suitable enough. It would be difficult for the receiver to file the letters if they are of different size.

Folding of the letter

A folded letter should have very little to give it a later look and have it fit the envelope. The folds should of the same dimension and neat.


Suppose, well-written letter, and also neatly folded but the envelope use is not good. The entire effort of creating a good business letter is of no use. Hence, a good quality and perfect size envelope to make the letter inside it more impressive.

I have tried to state best suggestions as per my knowledge. In case you have any other suggestions or ideas regarding the same, please feel free to share them all in the comments section below!

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