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Incredibly, there is no other time in human existence that personal data can be accessed as easily and quickly as it is at the present time. Sadly though, records about a person’s activities are kept without even his or her knowledge about them. It is then the act of web scraping that unearths what these are and puts them to commodities of priceless value and of great use.

On the brighter side, solutions about one’s life’s dilemmas can be acquired completely by retrieving the information entered online by every individual. Specifically, it would be more convenient these days to write a person’s biography; evaluate his or her health history, and trace his or her activities through data mining.


A person’s life story can be known and written about by gleaning through his or her online activities such as emails; purchase records, and every other recorded online presence he or she has made during his or her lifetime. The biography can be objective as well as subjective: objective in the sense that actual activities and concrete evidence are on record; and subjective in the sense that each activity or data can be analyzed and construed based on other related activities or based on the context where the information is taken or made.

A person’s emails, for instance, can reveal a lot about his or her major decisions and activities in his or her lifetime. These emails are like journals that directly and indirectly reveal a person’s unique behavior, personality, and preferences. In addition, what he or she exposes through these electronic messages can show the kind of person he or she has been through the different stages in his or her life. It would then be very interesting to discover the many changes in one’s life at specific points and be amazed at how one has matured or developed through the years. Moreover, the person may discover more about himself or herself if he or she would take the time to study his or her own electronic correspondence.

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