Magento Audit: A Master Health Checkup of your Store

Magento is the new revolution in the IT industry that has immense benefits for eCommerce business. So, if you are a proud owner of an online store then you have to see the other sides of the coin as well. Rather than just stick to the development part of your store. You need to pay attention to the areas of the store that can yield more ROI and conversions for you. In this regard, Magento audit can play a vital role.

First of all, let’s understand in details what Magento audit is all about.

Magento Audit

Magento audit is the master health checkup of your store. This gives an unbiased report of your Magento implementation, performance and its infrastructure. It is the technical analysis that is very helpful to solve a wide range of complex issues of eCommerce stores. This audit includes performance improvements, store’s security, the rate of conversions, organic traffic and more. The main purpose of auditing is to ensure your store’s site should be stable, scalable and in its best version.

Magento Audit Packages

You can read here different types of Magento audit packages and choose the one that best suits to your store.

 Security Audit

Security is very crucial for any eCommerce store. Thus, Magneto security audit is a much comprehensive way of analyzing your store as compared to normal security checks. Furthermore, in this, you’ll get to know the loopholes and weak areas of coding as well. Under security audit, the server, custom codes, modules, admin panel configuration and version will be examined thoroughly. You’ll get the reports on the basis of this examination with the right set up of tools and measures. This will protect your store from any kind of attack and issues. With the help of audit measures, you can also restrict the access from the back-end. As a result, it reduces the chances of hacking and makes it more secure.

Codebase Health Audit

Under code base health audit you will get a systematic review of your application. Certified auditors examine the Magento source code to give you right security measures. In this way, you’ll get the second opinion about the quality of the codes. It’s important to analyze the coding timely. This is so because sometime the complex issues may affect the performance of your eCommerce store. Site maintenance has lots of challenges so if they recognize on time then auditors will fix them. In this way, you can keep your site secure and healthy. Consequently, auditing will provide you an accurate estimation of future upgrades.

Up gradability Audit

Under up gradability audit, auditors give you a detail up gradation estimate with different modules that are needed to install. Suggestions and estimation for modules and theme customization are also the part of this audit. It gives you an idea if your store needs up gradation or some new extensions can be added to make it better. With the help of this tool, you can upgrade your store like other top eCommerce stores. Therefore it will give a boost to your sales and great user experience.

Speed Optimization Audit

Speed optimization audit helps your Magento store to run at desired speed. This audit will give you server-side optimization, page load time, caching and compression. This audit will come up with the issues those making your website slow. It also gives you measures as well to improve the speed of your store so that it will meet the Google’s speed standards. It’s necessary that your store pages load fast because customers prefer easy and fast loading pages store when they opt to buy online.

After the completion of your store audit, Auditors will provide you a full report that covers points:

  • Environment & Application Vulnerability.
  • Application Force Entry Points Application Brute Force Entry Points.
  • Scan Report or Magento Attacks or New Threats.
  • Security Measures

What is the Right Time for Audit?

If you’ll encounter with any of these below shortcomings in your Magento store then its an alarm for you

  • Low speed of front-end and back-end
  • Malfunction of the upgrades
  • Non-appreciable level of interactivity
  • Excessive maintenance cost
  • Incompatibility of code architecture
  • Facing issues in adding extensions

Advantages of Magento Audit


Magento audit has its own advantages take a look!

Performance Report

Magento audit will let you know the weak areas, chances of new threats, the scope of improvements, best-suited extensions, speed optimization and seo audit to enhance the performance of your store for better user experience.

Determine Code Issues

Regular auditing will help you to determine major and minor code issues. Codes are reviewed and compare to make sure that every coding should be in a perfect way. Front-end and back-end auditors dive deeper into each code to ensure the accuracy.

Roadmap for Optimization

Magento auditing will give you a roadmap for optimization. Auditors analyze the performance of your store’s homepage, category page, product list page, product page, shopping cart page and more. They get the insights of every page and suggest you the best measure to increase their performance.

Identify Vulnerabilities

Auditing identifies vulnerabilities in your store that can be exploited by hackers anytime. They can easily harm your store’s security and breach of data. Auditing will give you security measures to overcome these vulnerabilities. In this way, your store will be secure from hackers. You will be able to maintain the trust of your customers.

Magento Best Practices

Most of the eCommerce store are easy targets for hackers to hack the personal and payment information of the customers for hacking. It can even take your customers to the false page or can alter their orders as well. Thus to avoid these kinds of serious issues you are required to follow the best Magento practices. Auditing gives you the set of right practices that you can use for your eCommerce store to ensure its security and performance.

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