Relationship between Data Mining and Market Research

The growth and success of a business may be attributed to online market research. We can simply try to figure out online research as a study of the latest and current market situations that include web, data mining modules, and surveys. Since internet research is very crucial nowadays and as it relies more on data collected from the internet we can acknowledge the role of market research in the success of a business. This is so because there are many leading and emerging trends that are in the business niche areas.

It is sad that many managers of small businesses believe that online market research is necessary only to larger and bigger blue chip companies. The truth is that all businesses whether large, medium or small require online marketing research. This is because the implication and importance of the process will accredit the potential and targeted customers.

Data Mining Process

Data mining process is used in this case to streamline what the targeted and potential customers need. In essence, it is used to:

1. Prices. Prices are one of the most important factors that determine whether a business is selling to customers or not. There is a need to understand the appropriate selling price. Though web scraping it is possible to determine the appropriate pricing. It can also be used to come up with a company’s pricing matrix.

2. Preferences. What are the customers looking for in a given product or service? How is your product different from your competitor’s? Through data mining, it is possible to determine these incidences and customize your products and services to meet your customers’ preferences.

3. Customer service. In your market research, you need to know what your customers are feeling about the customer service offered by your business. By using data extraction services targeted to various forums and survey sites, it is possible to get what the customers are after. In this, you can greatly increase your sales and thus more revenue.

4. Buying patterns. There are what created and known as buying patterns from many customers. There are situations when customers tend to spend more on certain products and less on others. Though data mining it is possible to understand such buying patterns and hence design the most appropriate marketing techniques.

5. Potentiality of customers. It is though data mining that you can understand who are likely to be your customers and what they need.
Data mining and online market research play an important role in helping businesses have a good start. This is because they have already known who are the customers and their preferences and tastes. This greatly increases the chances of growth and success of the company in question.

Nowadays, companies can acquire data from established and professional data mining companies. Getting a high-quality data will enable your business to grow at a high-speed rate. This is because such companies provide critical and detailed reports with deep market analysis and evaluation.

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