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The IT infrastructure of any business must be well maintained to achieve the maximum uptime. Dealing with multiple servers is no easy task and demands regular monitoring, management, and resolution of issues to prevent loss of business and potential clients.


Importance of Remote Server Monitoring

With the advent of remote server management in the industry, server support applications have become a critical decision for both small and medium sized organisations. Remote server monitoring offers cost control, better productivity and faster resolution of issues. By choosing a robust server monitoring application, firms can benefit in a number of ways.


LogInNode- Features, and Benefits

The newly updated version of LogInNode has been widely garnering positive assessments and is reviewed to be a powerful application that can monitor and manage the servers of your system securely from any location.

A deeper analysis of this application has revealed its standout features.


Integrated with the Android platform

With Android clearly ruling the mobile industry, choosing a monitoring service that is integrated with the brand makes it a wise choice. LogInNode works with Android smartphone and tablets to offer real-time monitoring of your servers through an optimized interface. The application enables real-time command service (CMD) and offers CPU and RAM utilization data in the form of texts and graphs. With LogInNodeusers can start and stop services by using their smartphone.


Prompt support round the clock

The most important parameter that a firm needs to check while choosing a remote monitoring service is the support offered by the vendor. LogInNode recognises the need to quickly address server crisis by offering Live Support 24/7 and reply instantly to all queries.


It is both flexible and scalable

Every firm and every business has its own unique needs. LogInNode can be tailor made to suit the particular needs of an organisation. The application has been designed to accommodate extra features and alerts on demand and the vendor also promises to white label the application with the client logo. As the company grows, the application can be scaled up to suit the growing needs.


Ensures guaranteed safety

It is only fair for organisations to worry about the safety of their resources when they choose to manage servers remotely. All communication lines between the LogInNode application and the client servers are encrypted and therefore very secure. Users also gain complete control of Firewall performance using this application. A firewall can be started or stopped using the smartphone or tablet.


Offers rich functionalities with ease of use

With LogInNode, all server functions can be practically managed on the go. The real command interface lets users perform quick actions by using the Quick Action Menu on their smartphone or tablet. Users can add any number of servers, send quick commands, revoke a command and monitor performance on a real-time basis easily. BAT files can be deployed to the server and batch files can be executed and edited from anywhere using this application.

LogInNode is an advanced application that acts as a great way to make quicker decisions and extend prompt support for multiple servers. It has simple yet carefully integrated features thus making it a stand-out application in the industry.

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