Why Is Custom Web Scraping Service Better than Scraper Tools

Over the years, different techniques and procedures have evolved to garner data from multiple web sources and to perform critical analysis. Today, a large percentage of businesses use these data mining methods to monetize the web in an efficient manner.

Every business requires external data in some form. Companies that belong to sectors like e-commerce and aggregation services directly apply the data into their core business while the others make use of data for related decision making and strategy. In both cases, the scraped data has a direct effect on user experience.

Where do ready-made web crawler and data scraping devices fail?

Most industries today face aggressive competition and are competing with one another to extract relevant customer information from a publicly available source. Superficially, ready –made web scrapper tools and web crawlers seem to be the best solution for all the data needs. However, when deployed, users come across a number of shortcomings that easily outweigh the apparent advantages. The foremost reason for a business to choose these tools is that they are inexpensive with no start-up costs. But however, with every step in the way, development problems start to sneak in. The tools fail to deliver the desired accuracy and demand much time for cleansing the scraped data. This directly draws a veil across new business opportunities.

The real problem starts when the tool encounters change. Remember that websites are dynamic (almost 40% of websites change every month) and ready-made tools are not best suited to deal with such changes. As a result, the organization spends more time and money to rectify the often-failing web scraping tool.

Why must you opt for a good web scraping service?

Partnering with the right web scraping service provider means gaining access to reliable, actionable business information without much trouble. Here are some of the top reasons how a good web scraping service can benefit your business.

Custom web scraping service offers great accessibility

Good web scraping service is unperturbed by changes in a website. It acquires data from all websites including the ones with complex extraction routines and those using AJAX and JavaScript.

High volume of data can be managed easily

Ready-made scraper tools take a much longer time that the web scraping service. Web scraping services provide accurate, non-redundant data without returning unwanted supplementary files like CSS and JS files.

Lowers cost, time and effort

Not every firm holds the required resources to host web scraping in-house. Relying on a data partner who offers custom website scraping services on a subscription basis can save a substantial amount of money, time and worry. The company can therefore cut costs pertaining to IT personnel and also reduce the time and effort required to gather and filter the appropriate information.

To put in a nutshell, in comparison with most ready-made scrapper tools available in the market today, a dedicated web scraping service proves to be a better investment for all types of businesses.

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