Things To Consider While Designing For iPhone X

It was on the remarkable day of 12 September 2017 that the Apple CEO, Tim Cook unveiled the latest and highly innovative series of iPhone that ultimately left the world amazed at the new creation. Right from the development of iMac and iPod in 2004 to the launch of iPhone 8 Plus in 2017, they have proven their worth with each and every creation.

Be it camera quality, unique features, wireless charging or faster processing, we all dream of owning an iPhone for some reason or the other or may be for everything. Although it will be appropriate to say that it is quite easy to dream, it is tougher to make one dream of your reality. Isn’t it? That’s true for sure, but have you ever considered the efforts and ideas put in the development of iPhone and its App Store?


I am sure it’s a YES for Developers and a NO for the Users! Apple has any though broken away all the bars with the introduction of iPhone X. With super features including Much Bigger Screen Real Estate, All-Screen Super Retina Display, Faster Processor, Wireless Charging and Face ID Authentication, it has created a big impact in the mobile industry. However, the surprise package does not stop over here, but it also comes with an iconic ‘physical home button’ replaced by a small ‘white line’ indicating as the home button.

Each new Apple gadget offers new difficulties and chances to the application planning and designing community. The new highlights of iPhone X will definitely affect the way an iPhone application UI/UX is composed. Be that as it may, the only question that comes up first is the means by which the iOS engineers will build up the applications as per the new highlights for this ultra-smartphone.

How Is iPhone X Different From Others?

iPhone series

It is an underlining fact that the new iPhone X is unique and different from other iPhones in multiple ways. However, as per a Developer’s perspective, things are quite different and they are as follows:

1. The screen’s aspect ratio is different and is approximately 9:19.5.
2. The screen size is 1125×2436 pixels, which is much bigger in comparison to others.
3. It is a true 3x device.
4. The status bar is part either side of a set pattern range that houses the front earpiece, camera and different sensors.

What Factors Must Be Considered Before Designing Apps For iPhone X?

As per the above-mentioned facts, it is now crystal clear that the new iPhone X is loaded with many unique features, which further calls for a unique designing. So, let’s understand it’s unique features and how the app designing will get impacted because of them. Let’s proceed….

Bigger Vertical Space To Work On

vertical space

As stated earlier, iPhone X is blessed with a large screen size with minimum 20% more vertical space. It likewise has a higher resolution that will make an effect on the outline. The developers will get the flexibility to configure edge-to-edge content. In addition, the entire iPhone contains glass, which gives the chance to boost the space utility. The nearness of the Human Interface rules permits the utilization of void areas and edges.

Apple in its most recent human interface rules advice application designers to guarantee that designs fill the screen and aren’t obscured by the gadget’s adjusted corners, sensor housing or the indicator for getting to the Home screen.

The Layout Designing

layout design

Most iPhone applications that utilize standard, framework gave UI components, for example, route bars, tables, and accumulations will naturally adjust to the iPhone X new shape factor with the background materials stretch out to the edges of the display are appropriately positioned and inset.

For iPhone applications with custom formats, supporting the new gadget would be simple if it utilizes Auto Layout and outlined in understanding to Apple’s protected range and edge layout guides. However, certain things must be kept in mind while doing layout designing:

  • The location of the content material is very crucial and it has to be positioned in the middle and has to be symmetrical. The critical element is an aid for the portrait in addition to panorama and to keep away from the clipping of the corners and sensor of the device.
  • Take into account that the brand new iPhone X could have a tall status bar in evaluation to different iPhone models and the content material need to be located dynamically.
  • Don’t obscure the repute bar inside the app as it offers accessible facts to the customers. It should be kept hidden only to add more value.
  • Even as designing the User Interface (UI), please be aware of the interface supplied by using the gadget and auto format.
  • It won’t be an excellent idea to apply the black neither at the pinnacle nor at the bottom of the display screen stuffed in device’s rounded corners, domestic indicator, sensor housing.
  • It is miles better not to add the interactive control keys at the lowest due to the fact most of the customers have a tendency to swipe the gestures at the lowest only. Through doing so the custom gestures can also get canceled that you have added.

Keeping A Close Eye At The High Resolution

high resolution

The iPhone X has been stuffed with tremendous excessive resolution display that could pose a demand for the app developers. The figures propose that it has a size of about 1125×2436 pixels and the scalable element of about 3x.

Now, comes the challenging component of the app which needs to be created must be resolution free which includes the PDF’s and other vector artworks. As for the rasterized paintings, they also ought to include both 3x and 2x variations. Also, while designing high resolution artwork, designers must pay attention to few things:

  • Use an 8px-by-8px grid to maintain sharp lines and make sure that content is as crisp as feasible in any respect sizes, without requiring tons of retouching and sharpening.
  • Use PNG files for elaborate artwork that calls for effects like shading, textures, and highlights. Use JPEG for images.
  • Use PDF for glyphs and other flat, vector artwork that calls for excessive-resolution scaling.
  • Use the eight-bit color palette for PNG graphics that don’t require complete 24-bit color.
  • Optimize JPEG files to find a stability in size and exceptional. You want to strive out distinct compression settings for each photo to discover the optimal size without compromising on image quality.

Authentication Of Face ID

face ID

iPhone X supports Face identity for authentication during at the opening up of your smartphone or at the usage of Apple Pay. However, Face identification authentication needs to be used sparingly when it is required and in return for something of the cost, inclusive of having access to extra capabilities, personalizing the experience, buying content material, or synchronizing data.

Additionally whilst designing the app, care must be taken in order to maintain the sign-in process speedy and easy going to intensify the app experience. Also in case, your app integrates with Apple Pay or other system authentication capabilities, don’t reference Touch ID on iPhone X.

While Working On The 3D Touch Interaction

3D Touch Interaction

Amidst the numerous sudden capabilities that iPhone X offers one is actually the 3D touch interaction that offers a brand new dimension. The customers get additional get entry to the functions wherein they have to hire exceptional styles of stress. The apps show a fixed menu in addition to also play an animation.

The pressure on the app icons lets it to hastily perform a set of responsibilities that wishes to be accomplished. As an instance, the digital camera icon lets you take selfies, report movies and additionally take snaps in a slow or everyday motion. However, one needs to emphasize on following factors while designing:

  • Developing the fast motion apps (exactly 4 in number) is essential so that it is able to perform the responsibilities hastily. However, there’s an exception to this example as it must no longer be used for notifications or easy navigations.
  • Substituting an emoji in the place of the icon is a bad concept; so keep away from it.
  • The titles ought to be smooth to recognize.

Color Designing

Color Designing

It is one of the most colorful and vibrant characteristic that crowns iPhone X with the upper position. With the initiation of the new color management, the developer receives the liberty to head for appropriate coloration changes accordingly on the display. The most important benefit is that the customers are in a position to distinguish the diverse shades that have been delivered without getting biased.

And if it is not the finishing line, you then also have a six-channel light sensor which helps in the white and black stability and degree the temperature of the color thereby, adapting to the environment and lighting fixtures conditions. This indeed brings an exceptional visible to the paper.

Summing Up…

Though the development of an app for the new iPhone X may seem a challenging or tough task, trust me, it’s actually not a big hurdle. With just a few changes here and there and obviously, while keeping the above mentioned points in the article, you will be able to cross this “not so easy appearing” path smoothly.

Added to this, with the availability of offered extensive opportunities, a Developer will be able to add a new feather of success to his/her hat of capabilities. It is surely an exciting experiment for the ones who are actually willing to explore in this new arena of iPhone X world!

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