Data Mining How-To: Our 6 Tips to Set the Groundworks

You may have tried data mining before but you seem to be lost in the maze of confusion, data overload, and a number of strange terms and icons. Do not fret, you are not alone. There may be a number of first timers who are in the same boat as you do. Stop, refocus and start all over again with the following tips in mind.


It is important that proper handling of the data mining procedure must be employed. Easy as it may sound, it can only bring in great results when it is placed in the expert hands and when done according to the right patterns and processes. This is not to say that data mining is only successful for a gifted and trained few. It means serious consideration, preparation, and training must be part of the groundwork before disembarking into it.




The most practical and tested tips are: know your desired outcomes; set expectations; assign the right personnel; avoid data dump; create a deployment scheme; develop a maintenance plan.


Know your desired outcomes


As the major proprietor of your business, you of all people should have a clear view in mind of what you really want for your business. Thus, before trying on new strategies and techniques that are recommended to you, you must know what your desired outcomes are. For instance, if your business is in real estate, you must be able to foresee which direction your market should go. Are you going up on skyscrapers or towards the horizons in the countryside? From great lengths, you go to the specifics and clearly spell out what you want and where it should be.


Set expectations


In connection with identifying your outcomes, you must also set realistic and attainable expectations. These are the very things that preclude possible obstacles and frustrations in the coming years. You can see where your business is going by web research or data mining. You can see the past and present of your competitors and you can also set your own future based on the experiences of others. It is often wise to set expectations that you have not attained before. It is like plowing and preparing the ground because you know rain is coming and it is the right time to plant and gain great harvest.


Assign the right personnel


When you find the right person as well as the right data mining service, you can cut short tiresome planning, devising, and preparation. If you are in a small enterprise, you can spearhead the procedure but if you have enough staff at your disposal, choose one who is not only knowledgeable but also reliable and dedicated. You do not want someone who is only a good starter and one who would leave you hanging when the going gets tough.


Avoid data dump


Being sure of what you want can help you avoid unnecessary data. Data mining like real mining is being able to know where the gold is and is able to get it done in the most efficient and effective way. Being able to identify the legal sites and reliable, well-researched information is the short cut to finding the right and exact data. It would be a waste of time and effort if you are aimlessly opening and clicking on unsure and ambiguous websites. There are a lot of links that lead you to more links and are simply making money out of others’ ignorance.


Create a deployment scheme


Like any other venture, you must also be able to delegate the task as well as the information that you gather. Since you are not a superhuman, learn to seek the assistance of others and be sure that you know who to trust. In addition, you must have a classification and segregation of the needed materials so that these will be easy to locate and analyze. In other words, order and proper organization is another tip in order to achieve success in data mining.


Develop a maintenance plan


Finally, along with orderliness and efficiency, you must see to it that you have an effective maintenance plan. What to do with old data and where to store the vital ones are concerns that need to be considered too. In addition, there is a need for a watchdog in the whole duration of your business venture. This will not only assure you of security of your data but also keep you on a healthy and solid ground. This maintenance can be both a cleaning and healing spot for your business’ overall life and sustainability.


So much can be said about how to go about with your business using data mining but there is a factor that is uniquely your own. Above and beyond all these techniques and strategies, trust your instincts. You are the better judge of your desires and actions; thus, you must spend time alone in reflection, contemplation, and retrospection. Being silent and alone can make you see things that are missed among all the movements and noise. Once in a while, leave the scene and look objectively at your work. Remember, there is wisdom in alienation and objectivity.

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