Tips to retain your talented employees

Recruiting the correct employees and keeping the accurate employees matters a lot, particularly when you are struggling for the best talent in the future.

For the best possible people who can fit into the culture of your company and organization. Retention of the best employee who contributes to your organization is a challenge and an opportunity. Keeping the best people, once you find them, is easy if you do the right things right.

I thought to write my experience about this as it is one of the most happening things in HR these days. My experience and frequent conversations with my colleagues states that “Retention of Right Employees” plays a crucial role in today’s scenario.

Top reasons why employees look for other opportunities?

  • They look for enhanced reimbursement and benefits.
  • They feel dissatisfied with possible career development in the company.
  • And very less say that they are ready for a new experience.

Top reasons why Employees search for a new employment?

These three are the main reasons but you may find some other reasons which are not major. It is very important to know that what possible program or policies the companies are using to help the retention of employees.

Strategies to retain the employees

The subsequent three are the largely familiar programs employers are using to retain employees:

  • Offer enhanced / competitive salaries.
  • Propose competitive vacation and holiday benefits.
  • Provide further education loan /reimbursement.

But, we should have some strategies in place to face these reasons or reducing the same in first place.

Company strategy should take care or should be around the following points. These are just the points company can choose as the suggestions and then built the strategy around those points. These specific actions will help you with recruiting and retaining all the talent you need.

How to Retain Your Best Employees?

Below are few tips that can make your best employees stick to your organization for a long-term:

Basic Judgement Factors

Behavior-based testing and competency screening is the main thing. It is very important to select the precise individuals in the first place based on these factors.

Tempting Packages

You must propose an attractive but competitive, benefits package. Components including Medical (with Family members) and life insurance can help in it.

There are many other benefits package which can be thought and proposed to the management.

Desired Opportunities

Grant opportunities for employees to share their information, their knowledge through giving them training sessions.


Trained them to do presentations to other employees so they feel the importance of themselves and give other employees confidence. Prepare them to mentor others and give team assignments.

Attention & Value

Display your respect for employees at all times. Pay attention to them sincerely. It will help them to give confidence that they are important for the company. Use their information and never mock or disgrace them.

Make Work Fun

Employees always desire to enjoy their work. Make work little fun by engaging them time to time and utilize the individual talents of each individual employee. It is very important to enable employees to balance life and work.

Cultivate and commemorate group/organization/company traditions. Sometimes you can have a costume party on every occasion.

Performance Feedback

Always give performance feedback. You must admire good efforts taken by them also talk about what went wrong during that time in simple words which they understand well.


Sometimes you have to adjust and allow flexible starting times, core business hours and flexible times.

Mark Their Goals

It is very important to identify and rejoice success of company and employees. Mark employees channel as and when important goals are achieved.

Communicating clear and specific goals, roles, and responsibilities to the employees make them know what is exactly expected out of them.

Employee Engagement

Engage employees in their decisions is a must. It can help in influencing their work and the by and large direction of the company whenever it is possible.

Mark Their Performance

Identify outstanding performance and particularly, link pay or provide an incentive to their performance. Pay/incentive are one the most lucrative package for an employee. The incentive can be a one-day outing with family or a movie day with family.


It is advised to include the family of your employees to give him/her more confidence that the company is taking care of his/her family. It makes your employee feel that he belongs more strongly with the company.


A portion of the organizations bases the upside of bonus potential on the accomplishment of both the worker and the organization to make it sound boundless inside organization parameters (Much the same as, pay 5% of corporate profits to employees).

Grant Opportunities

Always grant opportunities to employees within the company for cross-training and career succession. Employees like to identify that they have an opportunity for career movement in the company/organization.

You must grant the opportunity for career and personal growth through giving them training and education, more challenging assignments and more opportunities.

Make the Bond Stronger

Try to do some social/charity help through employees who make the bond between employee and employer stronger. You can run a food collection drive for once in a round of every Quarter. Suggest employee pick a monthly charity to help poor as per their capability.

You can have an annual company function/dinner at a well-decorated place.


Make sure you hire staff sufficiently to minimize overtime for those who don’t want to do overtime. Sometimes when an employee gets paid for overtime, they leave the work for overtime to get more money.

Even as per the research performed by the Gallup organization, it became quite clear about encouraging the employees to have good and even best friends, at work.

The list that can help you hold your “A” grade employees is right there with you. Your job is simply to follow along the lines to make the best stick to you.

You must work to make your organization/company one of the unique, best, that truly honor and appreciate employees. If you treat your employees magnificently, and they feel valued by you, you will never lose them and you can look for a long-term relationship with them.

Offering onto lateral and promotional opportunities for your existing employees helps in boosting their morale. Although, it also works towards marking their abilities, talents and accomplishments. You must always post positions internally first in your company/organization.

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