Where scrapers fail to deliver : Web Scraping Service

10 Reasons to opt for a Web Scraping Service over any Scrapers

Faster than any other platform

We have innovated a formula to achieve faster results than any ready-to-use scraper or a tool to extract large volumes of data quickly. Our experienced team of big data experts can handle any size of data in the online world, really quick. Get millions of data in just one day.

Agile methodology

We change our patterns of extracting data according to any changes in the sites. Our methods are agile and time-saving, to ensure correct data gets delivered to our clients. Before our clients notice any changes in the format or the platform, the modifications are already done by our team.

Hidden data

Some information may not be available for you to see on the web but it is present. We can pull this information from the back end for you, like SKU, UPC, product ID. We can extract all variants of information, even products that show as out-of-stock.

Zero downtime

Our process is granulated and well refined to deliver data for small, medium and large business needs. A project manager is assigned to closely watch all running projects for timely delivery, quality, and any foreseen issues.

Research driven

All our projects related to data extraction are research enabled. Research helps us to project right costings, timelines, complexities involved in the project with the aim of keeping our system and communication transparent with our clients.

Benefit of infrastructure

We have more than 150 servers across continents to deal with any data contingencies, and take regular backups of data to avoid any loss of data or time in the process of data collection. A scraper downloaded to run on a local system may face technical difficulties that could lead to a lot of rework.

Re-verification of data

During our data collection process, screenshots are saved as a reference point for any re-verification required later. If there are any mis match of expectations, we follow the re-verification process with the help of references. Say, if price of a product changed post data was delivered, and the client has raised an issue then we re-verify data.

Big data needs

A regular data feed that runs into millions, or data that is critical to company’s decision making is best served through a customised web scraping service. Our retainer clients feel armed and ready when it comes to data analysis, competition tracking & presentations with the top management on important pricing decisions and business scalability or managing own online businesses.

Savvy to the non-IT sector

AJAX, PHP, CRAWLERS, PYTHON, C#…if all this looks very hard to you, what do you do? We help non-IT savvy managers, executives who have data needs but little or
no understanding of technology programs, frameworks, tools. The whole idea is to give structured data to our customers in a format they understand and can use.
It could be as simple as a CSV. file. Our team can even integrate data or place it on your website database, sync with internal software if required leaving no extra work for your internal IT team.

100% accurate data

There are so many scrapers today. Not all scrapers rate 5 on 5 when it comes to 100% accurate data. Plus, requires additional efforts to check for quality. It is indeed a tough call to make and ensure that high quality is met and sustained. More over when the source is protected, or format is a complicated one.

For every winning decision you take, there is right and relevant data.
Web Scraping Technology Services by Loginworks Softwares celebrates your success.

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