Loginworks Achieves Another Milestone

For more than a decade, our team has built brands over the Internet and unlocked the full potential of data to design and develop solutions for our clients. We have rich and vast experience in creating strong development, software, and data solutions, and our consulting expertise has also made us one of the top partners for premium enterprises.

The D.C.-based research and reviews agency Clutch recently published its ranking of big data companies, and our team earned a spot among the top 15 businesses in a pool of more than 900 analytics firms. We are very proud to have this feature of our market presence, experience, and customer feedback, as scoring so highly reflects very well on our hard work and dedication.

“Loginworks was knowledgeable, efficient, and responsive. They prioritized client expectations and kept every stakeholder engaged in the process,” raved one of several satisfied clients in a perfect five-star review of working with us. “The developers were extremely talented and efficient.”

“Their broad skillset makes them highly flexible in technology platforms and API knowledge. They provide good value in terms of cost per period for technical projects and effective management,” shared a second customer. “With expansive talent and experience, Loginworks Softwares is capable of augmenting skill capacity, scaling quickly as required, and offering a good benefit-cost ratio.”

The Manifest and Visual Objects, two sister companies of Clutch, also validated these praises of our experience and knowledge.

Business news website, The Manifest independently analyzed our company before including Loginworks in a collection of the world’s 50 best big data companies, while portfolio curation platform Visual Objects chose to showcase our design and digital experience among that of other top mobile app development companies.

Experience our data and business intelligence consulting skills for yourself – we always welcome the chance to take on new clients, collaborations, and challenges. If you want to talk to a member of our team and learn more about our approach, please connect with us here. We’d love to connect soon and are excited to see how we can help you!

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