Looking for Low Budget Business Intelligence Tools?

This blog discusses Data Science, in particular, the Business Intelligence Tools. We will discuss the data visualization tools that are in your budget. In this blog, we will discuss business intelligence tools that are affordable for you as we all know that nowadays, data analysis becoming popular day by day. Therefore, the demand for business intelligence tools is also on a peak.

Every business organization wants to minimize its cost. Therefore, cost minimization results in profit maximization and these business intelligence tools play a very important role in maximizing profit. Therefore, if you are running a business on a small scale or have a startup, then you will look for a business intelligence tool that is cheap and enhances the performance of your business.

So, before explaining the cheapest business intelligence tools, let us have a short important knowledge of business intelligence tools.

What Are Business Intelligence Tools?

These tools are also known as business intelligence, BI or marketing intelligence, and these Business Intelligence (BI) tools play a very important role in the deliberate planning of organizations statistically and are used for multiple purposes, including measuring performance progress toward organizational goals, performing quantitative analysis, reporting and data sharing, and identifying customer understanding.

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Uses of Business Intelligence Tools for Business

Cost Reduction

Although there are certain costs associated with the implementation and operation of any BI tool. The reality is that the ROI is generally large enough to make up for those expenses. This is because BI-tool automation helps to reduce or eliminate costs connected with data collection, report generation, and programming and IT training.

Access to Safe and Improved Data

Although there will always be a certain amount of risk involved in the business, BI reporting tools help to reduce that risk. By providing real-time, hyper-accurate reports, and by assisting organizations in understanding better the information is detailed, BI helps remove the need for guesswork.

Global Platform-Compatibility

With more and more businesses relying on Bring your device (BYOD) policies, it is becoming ever-more common for key decision-makers to use mobile devices while working. Cloud-based BI tools feature the added benefit of being reachable across any internet-enabled platform, allowing access to vital information, whenever, and wherever it is needed.

Here are some low-cost business intelligence tools.

Top Low-cost Business Intelligence Tools

1. GDS (Google data studio)

Since, it is a part of Google Analytics 360 Suite, which is known for investigation, information representation, site enhancement, attribution, labeling, statistical surveying, and audience management.

Generally, Google Data Studio helps transform showcasing information into outwardly engaging and conceivable reports.

Google Data Studio enables you to import data from social channels, for example, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. An exceptional condition set up here by Google is that you have to place the separated data into a Google Sheet. For whatever duration of time that the data is in a Google Sheet, it very well may be pulled by Google Data Studio.

So, on the off chance that a change is made in the data source, the reports get refreshed in real-time.


Right now, Google is offering Google Data Studio completely free as part of its Google Cloud Platform offering. Which means you don’t need to pay even a single penny for this tool.

2. Qlikview

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Qlikview helps you create dashboards and guided analytics applications and is available for free for its personal edition. So, this means your business gets limitless access at no-cost. Therefore, there is also a business edition with licenses based on server, document, user, or application.

Below are some features of Qlikview

  • Manipulate huge data sets Instantly with accuracy
  • Low Cost
  • Flexible and Integrations
  • Transform Data into Graphical Analytics
  • Free Trial Period
  • Consistent Reporting
  • Powerful visualization Capabilities
  • Various forms of data presentation
  • Automated data Integration


Pricing starts from for three users, it’s $29/month, and for small-scale businesses, it’s $99/month for 10 users.

3. Microsoft Power BI

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Power BI is a powerful business intelligence tool that allows users to drill into the key data metrics within your business. Organizations use this tool to generate BI visualizations from specified datasets, to gain key business insights.

In your knowledge, the Power BI service includes the following capabilities:

  • Power BI connect with hundreds of data sources
  • An online dashboard with analytics information including graphs and reports
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Customizable reports
  • Offers to edit reports online

Similarly, Microsoft Power BI comes with three types of licenses; therefore, Free, Pro, and Premium.


Since it’s a desktop tool that can be downloaded at no cost. In addition, it also has a Pro edition that’s suitable for teams to share and collaborate, starting at $9.99 per user per month.

4. Zoho

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In brief, the ZOHO is a BI software that enables you to connect to a multi-data source. In other words, Zoho is a famous SaaS application with a suite of products to help users run their business. Therefore as one of its modules, the Zoho Reports is a platform that is a scalable platform with some beneficial features such as white labeling, collaboration, and visual analysis, among others.


If you want to unlock advanced features, its superior plans are also affordable, starting from the lowest one at $25/month. This includes over 100 data connectors and Zoho Apps connectors to sync data easily.

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