Who Wins the War? Octoparse vs. Import.io

Hello, readers here I come with another article “Octoparse vs Import.io”. So, I will discuss the working knowledge and the difference between both of them. So, let’s understand with a basic understanding of Octoparse and Import.io

What Is Octoparse?

Octoparse is an amazing data extraction tool for web scraping which does not require any programming language. Hence, it is only designed for those who could not understand the logic in programming code or we can say, it is designed for non-programmers. Therefore, Octoparse really helps to end-user, which can deal with hard complex websites and their structure domain. Octoparse works for both static & dynamic web applications. It contains a plus point that you can extract data with the help of AJAX. Octoparse contains several file extension like CSV, SQL, MySQL, Html, Excel and Text file. Here is the demo screen of Octoparse as follows.

Octoparse defines the browser behavior like account opening, Login or Sign up, entering the keywords into the textbox. It is very simple, just click on the element or web-page that you want to scrape and get the extraction of data in a quick manner.

Why Octoparse?

You have seen a lot of web scraping tool on ‘Google’ but when you search this tool you will get within top 5 best extraction tool for scraping a website. It is a windows desktop tool that gives high-quality service in web scraping. Octoparse is available for both edition “Free” and “Paid”. Octoparse provides fast service than any other web scraping tool.

The best part is, you can swap your account from free to paid at any point in time. Both editions provide the same result but it has a small difference, that free edition contain less scraping features. On another hand, Paid edition contains full features with express version.

Features in Octoparse

Octoparse contains advance extraction features as follows.

Easy to use: It extracts information in terms of content data from a dynamic website with a simple click & point. It does not need any coding.

Deal with all websites (Dynamic & Static): It can download all web pages with a single click button like extraction of an image, website URLs link, HTML/CSS,

Code behind: It contains a solid feature like Pagination that gives URLs links to complex websites.

Crawling: You can crawl any website either static or dynamic with unlimited scrolling and also you can extract data from any login page behind.

Search Result: When Octoparse downloads a website, then it automatically searches the file extension format.

IP Protection: It gives you complete IP protection from spam websites and it also prevents from being blocked.

Cloud Service: It also provides a cloud solution with 24/7 hours.

What Is Import.io?

You have seen a lot of platform for data extraction from websites but import.io is different from other data extraction tool like Octoparse, Ruby gems, Nokogiri etc. Import.io is a web application based framework for data extraction from static or dynamic websites. It is also designed for non-programmers.

It converts irrelevant data into structured data set format in Artificial intelligence, Dynamic Machine Learning, and other social research tools. Tool availability is free online and also you can directly download from its official website.

Features of Import.io

Auto-Extraction: It is very useful features of import.io that capture information and converts that information into the structured data set.

Extractor-Builder:  It captures only the complex content of a web page that you want to scrape.

Authentication: This features works with the login and password details.

Reporting: Create automatic crystal report and content crystal reports.

Online Database store: Use a Saas platform to store the extracted data in the database.

Difference between Octoparse and Import.io

I will discuss the main difference between Octoparse and Imort.io in term of common scraping features and cost comparison.

Common Features Comparison

Feature Octoparse Import.io
Logical Scraping It contains variable loops and conditionals It only selects and extracts the data
Pagination You can click on the link or manually enter the XPath without “Next page” link. It just enters a list of web pages
Environment It available for the desktop version and Mac with virtual machine learning It is a web-based framework which supports Chrome, Safari, and Firefox
Select Element XPath, Click and point XPath, Click and point
Drop & Down, Hovering, pop-ups Yes, Octoparse contains all these features. No, Import.io does not contain all these features.
Infinite Scrolling page It has unlimited scrolling pages No, it has limited scrolling pages
Captcha It will show on a local machine No captcha pop-up on the page
Login/Sign In Yes, it requires an authentic signing Yes, it requires an authentic signing
JavaScript It supports JavaScript on a broad level Yes, this also supports JavaScript but in specific conditions.
Transformation of data It transforms data by using Regex and JS expressions. It transforms data by using regular expressions.
Speed It has fast execution It has a fast parallel execution
Hosting Hosted on Octoparse cloud servers or with a local machine with medium level. It hosted on Import.io servers
IP Proxy It requires manual proxy and paid plans Yes, it requires paid plans
Scheduling Running Platform It supports premium Octoparse account It supports premium Import.io plan
Data Export CSV, AJAX, Excel, Text, Databases CSV, JSON, Google Sheets, and APIs
Smart Mode Yes Yes
Cloud Framework Yes Yes
Coding Requirement Octoparse does not need any programming language Import.io does not need any programming language
Support Community support and free professional support Professional support for paid users and community support.

Cost Comparision Difference

Brand OctoParse Import.io
Basic Standard Professional Essential Profession Enterprise
Yearly Plan rate ($) Free 90 190 300
Monthly Plan rate ($) Free 910 1896 2000 5000

Import.io pricing scenario

Octoparse pricing scenario

Note: The amazing speed from where you can extract information of data from different cloud servers. Octoparse contains infinite pages for all crawlers and infinite computer license for each version. On another hand, Import.io contains the number of queries per year or month and contains limited function like Image download and API. Import.io does not provide any free version anymore. You need to buy it.


I hope you enjoyed my article. No doubt that Octoparse won the race with Import.io in terms of amazing features, cloud service, End-user solutions, and Tool pricing. Because Octoparse provides a complete solution in a quick manner as compared with Import.io. So, I suggest you that buy premium Octoparse tool if you want to become a web scraper or want to scrap a dynamic website.

However, do write your suggestions or query to me in the comment section.
Thank You for reading!!!!

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