Why AWS is Perfect for Magento?

“68% Canadian and the UK online buyers prefer product purchased from a foreign country”

“PayPal has 14 Billion US Dollars To Its Name for Overseas Payments”

“On an average, more than 68% of the UK audience went for online shopping after 6 P.M.”

These e-Commerce statistics will make any business numb, in case they have not complied with the change. But, with a simple e-Commerce website, you can easily unleash optimism in the competition. But, most of the businesses are not aware of all the complexities of an e-commerce website. For the e-commerce websites, every millisecond is essential to drive the conversion rates. As visitors want to invest little time on numerous websites. Hence, yours should be catchy.

Buying is not the only demand, rather, ease of stop-by and skim feature must be there at the store. Hence, your website should respond quickly during customer landing for better traffic.  A website rich with smart features will be the game changer for your business. Amazon Web Services does that for you. With their support, you can uplift visitors experience at your store.

Why Is Amazon Web Services A Must Have For Your Digital Promotion?

Amazon is known globally for its marketplace amazon.com. Another realm of Amazon is AWS or Amazon Web Services. Amazon Web Services is a unique web hosting solution. You can blend Magento and AWS for better customer experience. But, many stakeholders are not keen to integrate AWS in their operation because of non-awareness. This article pinpoints the major pros of using AWS with your Magento store.

  • Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2): With EC2, capacity server selection under pay-as-you-go is advantageous for store owners.  It means that you only need to pay for the capacity you are utilizing dynamically over a span of time.
  • Auto Scaling: You can use auto-scaling to automate the process of scaling up or down your EC2 storage capacity. You can define conditions like the rate of
    Magento AWS

    traffic to bring about a change in the capacity.

  • Elastic Load Balancing: It automatically distributes the incoming traffic to different instances of servers located worldwide. Hence,  lower latency and quick response times are the end results.
  •  CloudFront or (CDN): CDN shares content on a global level while keeping low latency.
  •  Relational Database Service (RDS): Amazon offers an RDBMS solution for scalability and database management. Therefore, it is a smart choice for a flourishing business to create an impression.
  •  Route 53: A DNS service of Amazon for security.
  •  Elastic-Cache: In memory cache improving mechanism to push store’s performance.
  •  Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3): Amazon S3 stores all web store components on the cloud.

Top Advantages of Amazon Web Services To Power-Up Your Marketing

These were some of the most vital aspects of AWS, now let’s see the major pros of using AWS as the hosting provider for your Magento Store.

  1. Flexible:  Amazon Web Services provides greater flexibility to the e-commerce store owner. Easy to install service model ensures a seamless experience for store owners and store visitors. AWS provides great APIs which can be used to do things like creating new instances of servers, load balancing (Traffic Optimization), external RDS support, and storage on demand. All these services are very well integrated with one-solution -package to prevent technical glitch. At the time of manipulating the Magento CP with AWS flexibility, the store owners can make necessary changes as per the demand.
  2. Deployment Speed: If you suddenly want additional storage, most hosting service providers will take up to 48 hours to comply with your requirement. However, that is not the case with AWS, as you can instantly upgrade your storage capacity on the server and test new Magento instances. AWS with Magento can have a drastic improvement in deployment speed. You can create a backup for a Magento instance with just the click of a button.

Why is AWS a Good Choice for Promotion

Reliability and Performance: Amazon pro-actively invests millions of dollars into upgrading and deploying new technologies to make AWS super quick. Even in rare situations of failure of an Amazon server, your website will be still up and running at reduced functionality.

For example, in an unfortunate event, Amazon data center in North Virginia which had the primary server farm for the USA went down completely due to electricity failure. Reddit.com and WordPress were major websites dependent on AWS. On account of their smart choice, even when the data station was non-operational, the websites worked. However, in a “Read-Only” mode. A different service provider and the scenario might have been different. But, Amazon Web Services have carved a niche because of such advantages.

AWS’s infrastructure has proper partitioning between processing and storage which will make sure that your website will never suffer from downtime. Your Magento Store will still remain online and reap revenue for you while Amazon quickly resolves the issues and make the data farms fully functional again.

3.Affordability: With Amazon Web Services, you only pay for the services you utilize. Therefore, the reach of customers increases due to custom-budgeting. You can tune in and optimize your server infrastructure according to traffic. For example, if you expect more traffic on a certain day or a point of time, you can crank up the server instances for the period for better performance of your Magento Store.

Is Amazon Web Services Secure For Your Digital Promotion?

Security is a key component for running a Magneto Store or any e-commerce website. Without proper security, you can face critical breaches like a fraud with your customer’s data by hackers, DNS leaks, and many other crucial attacks. AWS helps keep your Magneto Store secure by taking various security measures.

  • Physical Security: Amazon has designed its data centers with pure secrecy. Thus, maintaining high-end security. All the data centers across the globe are safeguarded with various security measures like Infrared Cameras and other motion detection sensors. Only the engineers can access the database site.
  • Secure Services: All the services are encrypted at the hardware level to restrict any unauthorized access without compromising the quality of the services. As a result, the demand for AWS is getting higher day-by-day.
  • Data Privacy: Amazon Web Services allows its users to encrypt their data within the cloud itself.
  • Data Transparency: AWS tells all of its customers how their data is being treated to create redundancy mechanisms and how the data flows throughout the web.

These were some of the major advantages of why you should use AWS with Magento to implement your own marketplace on the web. I hope you liked the article.

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