Data Visualization Tools for Business Organisation: A Boon or Bane?

In today’s blog, we will discuss data visualization tools and whether it’s a boon or bane for business organizations.

The topics we will cover in this blog will include.

  1. Introduction Regarding Business Intelligence tools.
  2. Advantages and Disadvantages for Business Organisation.
  3. Uses of Business Intelligence Tools.

To begin, let’s start with data visualization tools. There are many data visualization tools in the market and we cannot cover each tool in this blog. Therefore, we will be discussing some limited and popular business intelligence (BI) tools.

Data visualization

Companies use BI software to analyze, transform, and retrieve data into useful business insights. BI tools include data visualization, dashboards, and reporting. As compared to competitive intelligence, BI software fetches from internal data that the business produces, even when outside sources exist.

Big Data has picked up a fast pace and similarly, the fame of BI programming is increasing. Organizations produce, track, and arrange business information at a scale never been seen before.

BI has traditionally taken the form of quarterly or yearly reports, but today’s software-backed BI tools work continuously at light speed. These insights can help a company choose a course of action in a matter of minutes.

BI makes data accessible

Advantage of Business Intelligence Tools

BI tools play a crucial role in business organizations. With the help of these tools, you can maximize the efficiency of your business. As a result, they reduce the cost by converting raw information into meaningful insights.

Below are some benefits of BI tools:

  • Accurate Reporting – The most important benefit of a BI tool is that they result in accurate reporting, which is very needful. However, wrong reports are dangerous to any organization/business.
  • Better Business Decision – As we all know, every business needs to maximize the profit of its organization and it can be done only when there are good decisions. Therefore, with the help of BI tools, an organization can make a better decision for its progress.
  • Better Operational Efficiency – If the operational efficiency of your business is good, then no one can stop you to earn a profit. That’s why operational efficiency plays a very important role in every business. This is possible only with the help of BI tools.
  • Reduced Cost – Every organization wants to minimize the cost of their organization to enjoy the profit. This can be possible only with the help of accurate reporting from BI tools.

Disadvantages of Business Intelligence Tools

Now, with the advantages out of the way, here are the disadvantages of using Business Intelligence Tools:

  • Individuals can see various ends from similar information

The investigation done by business knowledge applications is reliable. What business insight should counter is the irregularity that originates from the human basic leadership process. Various individuals will take a gander at the information umbrella and see two totally different results, which implies that an association must invest energy in discovering center ground.

  • It blends professional and personal boundaries

BI may require employees to use personal devices to access this information. The data collected on a targeted demographic may be considered private information by those who don’t want it to be used by an organization. Even when all care is taken, there is still a blending of boundaries within BI that can make some people quite uncomfortable.

  • Information security is sketchy

On the off chance that you’re utilizing versatile BI applications, at that point, the danger of hacking can put your restricted data in danger. Information hacks at Target, Home Depot, and different retailers demonstrate that different frameworks are not 100% safe either.

On the contrary, if your framework is totally detached from an online gateway, the risk of having a security rupture is something that should consistently be proactively considered.

Uses of Business Intelligence Tools

The motivation behind business insight in business is to support corporate administrators, business chiefs, and other operational laborers. On the other hand, organizations use these BI tools to reduce costs, open new business ideas, and to remove old business forms.

Some of the popular BI tools are shown below:

Microsoft Power Business Intelligence

How Power BI Retail Dashboards can improve your contextual marketingMicrosoft Power BI is one of the most popular BI tools. It’s well known for its quality. Power BI is a business investigation arrangement that lets you  visualize  your information and offer knowledge to your association. Associate with many information sources and breathe life into your information with live dashboards and reports.

Google Data Studio

Google Data StudioGoogle Data Studio gives the means to transform your customer’s investigation information into instructive, straightforward reports through information perception.

The reports are anything but difficult to read, simple to share, and even multipurpose to every one of your customers. You can choose how you need to introduce information such as visual diagrams, outlines, line charts, etc.

You can even change text styles, hues, and brand the reports with your logo. Best of all, this tool is completely free of cost therefore you can explore it anytime.


The Tableau logo

Meanwhile, the other well-known data visualization tool in the market is Tableau. It fundamentally has three areas to it — the worksheet, the dashboard, and the structure compartments. Scene dashboard is the hardened introduction to everything being equivalent.

Each worksheet contains recognition spilling out of different data sources or different kinds of data itself. Most importantly, these organization holders empower you to change the associations between dashboard portions moreover, for instance, outlines or diagrams.  You can organize these parts on a level plane or vertically.

In fact, the most critical part here is to create more than one worksheet in the Tableau. On the other hand, the main burden of using the scene is that its price is very high as compared to other tools.

Wrapping Things Up

Based on the discussion it can be said that data visualization tools are a boon for business organizations. Please share your feedback and comments in the section below.

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